She was admittedly smug. All through her first couple classes, Rogue had this air about her, almost like confidence. It was a huge difference from the day before where she had tried really hard to fade into obscurity. It was impossible not to notice her, the way a smirk would occasionally cross her face. It brought further attention to the fading black eye and healing split lip.

"Hey are you okay?" Bobby asked after class.

"Yeah why?" she asked, confused.

"Because you got a shiner the size of a baseball," Pyro explained.

"Oh. Its still there?" Rogue muttered, poking it. There was a slight throb, but it quickly stilled once her finger stopped touching it.

"Who'd you get in a fight with?" Pyro asked looking around for another girl that was sporting injuries.

"No. I was training in the Danger Room with-" Quite suddenly, Rogue broke into giggles. The boys shared a wide eyed look.

"Shut it," Logan growled behind them. The boys jumped in surprised, both by his sudden appearance and from the very intimidating glare he was shooting them- or rather Rogue.

"Sorry sugah," Rogue managed with a smirk. Logan rolled his eyes before just grabbing her hand and removing her glove. They held hands for two... three seconds before Rogue pulled away, face completely healed, unable to keep the smirk off her face. Logan rolled his eyes once more before walking away.

"-with Logan," Rogue finished, turning back to them. John and Bobby were still quite surprised by how unafraid Rogue was of Logan.

"I thought he banned you from the DR?" Bobby questioned after a moment.

"Not anymore," Rogue said with a shrug. She wanted her appearance in defense class to be a surprise. Bobby and John were veterans around the mansion with some of the best control over their powers, and some of the oldest. Defense was a bit of a precursor to the X-Men and very few of the students were taking that class. Most took control classes, sorted by category by the type of power they had. It was why she had one on one sessions with Charles. Her power was unique; unheard of.

The thought, a couple weeks ago, would have sent her into a bit of a depression—a freak among freaks, but if Erik and Logan were good for anything, it was the over abundance of confidence in ones self. Logan understood, but he hated feeling sorry for himself and Erik thought her power was far too great for one to hate it.

So instead she merely smirked. Bobby and John, confused by the change in her personality, decided it was better to let the subject go, and they headed for class.

"Rogue?" Bobby questioned, eyes wide.

"Suhprise," Rogue said in her southern accent, glad to see the group of ten so surprised by her appearance. She'd technically only been at the school for two weeks after all. It was unheard of.

Just like Logan being there was weird.

"We'll be having Logan here help with class today," Scott explained. If it wasn't for the slight twitch of his eyebrow, she would have never known how much Logan's presence irritated him. It made her smirk. Catching Logan's smug look, Rogue flat out grinned when she caught his eye. They were all here in fact. Storm, Jean, Pyro, Jubilee, Kitty, Piotr, and even the Professor who was safely behind the controls.

"In light of what happened, we must learn to defend ourselves from other mutants," Storm stated. Rogue tried to pretend she didn't feel any eyes on her. "We shall spar without the use of our gifts and go from there."

Rogue was paired off with Kitty who could have been her worst match up considering her power to become intangible.

She could grow to be deadly, Erik murmured in her head. She winced at the image that was conjured. Phasing through the body, letting a hand become tangible in a vital organ, killing an unsuspecting opponent.

"I'll go easy on you," Kitty offered, misreading her wince. Rogue hated being up first, but she and Kitty were supposed to be the most docile of the group and generally the weakest. Rogue figured that they were being matched because they had the least amount of training or something.

Kitty ran forward and tried to sweep her with a low kick. Kitty didn't know how to control her body language yet so Rogue knew the move was coming long before Kitty actually performed it. All it took was a jump and a fist that slammed into Kitty's face with a force that hurt Rogue's arm. Thankfully, it only managed to daze her, but it was enough that Scott immediately called the fight. Rogue twisted her arm around, her body still unused to fighting.

There was a stunned silence that Erik found insulting.

"The girl underestimated me," Rogue said with a shrug. A blush managed it's way onto her face when Logan got that proud look on his face.

"Then let us proceed," Storm said after a moment.

Rogue went beside Logan who placed a hand on her head proudly. Rogue rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless. Erik had been quite the martial artist and had given her the experience she needed. Rogue had to adjust herself to match what he wanted. Once she got the hang of it, she could even land a hit on Logan.

Of course that was only possible when he took her seriously. After he had given her that shiner and split lip, she'd been motivated to focus that much harder and work with Erik. She couldn't use Logan's moves considering he knew them perfectly and no doubt waiting for them. Instead Rogue had used the knowledge to anticipate what he would do and counter.

The look of utter disbelief on his face when he realized that she had flipped him onto the ground had been so hilarious that she could not stop laughing. Not to even to give him the opportunity to heal her.

Rogue was getting better.