~ The Cupcake and The Jokester ~

Sarah Hyland

12 years old

District 3

The silver-bullet train going to the Capitol is really cool! The food here is great and I never had high-calorie foods in a long time. Especially a cupcake. I only get cupcakes once every two years. They are very expensive in District Three as well.

I approached a silver table which was filled with trays of delicious bakery goods.

There was cookies, cakes, gelatin, and... Cupcakes!

I picked a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting. It had rainbow sprinkles too! Before I could sink my teeth into this delicious treat, the automatic sliding doors open up. My supposed District Partner walked in looking a bit sad. My hungry/happy-ish grin fades away as well. Joey Pierson was a reminder of the Hunger Games. It reminds me that he will kill me in the arena. Will he?

He took a seat next to me on the desert bar. He pressed a green button and a holographic screen appeared in thin air. My jaw dropped along with my cupcake. That was the coolest thing I ever saw.

"What would you like to order?" a female robotic voice said.

"Strawberry ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream." Joey said.

After a few seconds, a hole appeared on the mahogany table and the strawberry ice-cream came as well. It was exactly what he wanted. The rainbow sprinkles and stuff.

He began digging in.

It was an awkward moment for me. I did not know what else to say. He just sat there, eating. I tried removing the thought of me killing him in the Hunger Games. I do kill people, but this guy might.

I noticed my cupcake lying on the floor.

"That's just great." I muttered.

"Do you want another one?" Joey suddenly asked.

"Nah. I think I will just have ice-cream." I said solemnly.

I pressed the green button and the transparent screen appeared once again. I decided to try strawberry and vanilla ice-cream with Christmas-colored sprinkles. Red, white, and green.

And that's what I told the robotic voice to do. But nothing happened.

I pressed the green button and no transparent screen showed up.

"Why isn't this thingy working? I'm hungry!" I whined.

"Technology can be a bitch sometimes. Like Mrs. Puke-as in music class." Joey grinned.

I giggled. He was very funny.

Could I somehow ally with him along with the other girls? I was very surprised with his strength when he pushed Zach to the ground. He was very strong. I also saw the picture of him on Instagram version 9.0. He was shooting a bow and arrow. I heard he is pretty good with weapons and stuff. I am also good with a bow I guess. I am a Girl Scout after all. I think I actually have a chance of winning.

But... I hope I don't have to kill any of my classmates in the process.

Joey Pierson

12 years old

District 3: Technology

After talking with Sarah, I have decided to go back to my room. I need to make some plans for the Games. Allies and shit. I knew that I could not kill my best friends Jeffrey and Karan. Especially all twelve girls. I only have like six people on my hit list.

John Haynes. This dude sit nexts to me in class and we are pretty cool. But he is really Career-like and is a huge threat.

Norman Sparks. Because he likes my crush and he is so annoying.

Colin Powers. Because he can't be trusted and is really sneaky. Like Foxface.

And I am pretty tired. I want to sleep. I want to prank. I want to have fun before dying.

As I step out of the room, I placed a bucket of vanilla frosted cupcakes on Sarah's bedroom door. I giggled and I swear she heard me. I can imagine her screaming too.

I quickly hid behind a plant and smirked.

"Anyone out there?" Sarah called out.

The bucket falls and I hear her screams. I poked my head out to find an angry Sarah glaring at me. Her head was covered in frosting from head to toe. Most of the sweet pastries lay on the floor.

A frosted sprinkled cupcake slid down the middle of her face.


I quickly threw another cupcake at her face. It hit straight in the middle of her eye. I quickly ran away into my room, locking the door.

I found myself grinning.