Just another little insight into a character in a wonderful Jane Austen novel.

Edward recieved her note, and left to meet her immediatly. She thanked him for it. The initial awkwardness of their reunion after the news of his engement getting out did not fade throughout the meeting, and both were pained by it.

'Colonel Brandon, offer me a living?' Edward could scarce belive that a man that he had a very limited aquaintace with would offer him such an opportunity. And so that he could marry Lucy Steele, the woman who no longer had his love, but out of honour, would become his wife. Did Eleanor feel for him what he felt for her? He suspected it, but she was so secretive in her feelings. Marrianne, he knew, felt that she did, as did Margaret, he was sure. But did she? He could see the effort it was taking her to present this offer to him, the pain in her eyes when she alluded to his upcoming nuptials...Dare he hope that she loved him? But no, he couldn't, shouldn't even try to know, not now.

When he told her that it was Robert, his brother, that Lucy had married, he saw. He knew then what he had hoped was true, was. The tears, showing her long pent-up emotion, finally spilling down, in the greatest show of emotion he had ever seen from her, this great outpouring showed him that she loved him. That she had loved him for a long, long time, and been unable to express it. She had not Marrianne's forwardness regarding affairs of the heart, but he didn't want that, nor did he need it now. He knew her heart, and she knew his. Eleanor was what he had wanted, he realised, since the first few days of their aquaintace, and now she was his, at last.

For all I know, this may be a load of drivvle. I hope however that it is not. I am, as some of you may be aware, a great fan of Jane Austen, and would not re-write any of her stuff, but this evening, I watched the 1995 film of S&S and I felt the urge to write something from Edwards point of view with regards to Eleanor. I hope that it was likeable :) Please let me know what you think. (And yes, I know the last few scenteces were cheesy...)