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Chapter 1

End of Fifth Year

Saturday afternoon Hermione Granger sat quietly in the back of her father's dark green Jaguar as her mother brought her up to date with all the family happenings since the holidays. The various goings on of her relatives never mattered to her before she'd gone off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Hermione was at a loss as to why it should matter now. Still every trip from the train station to home was spent with her mother prattling on about this aunt or that cousin even though the majority of them had abandoned England for various other commonwealth countries over the years. Once at home Hermione headed up to her room intending to shower off the grime of the train ride home before dressing for the normal welcoming home meal at a local restaurant.

Emma Granger was walking by her daughter's room when she heard the shower stop. Intending to have a short talk before they left. She entered Hermione's room with a short quiet knock on the door taking a seat next to that ridiculous perch Hermione had insisted on buying for the white owl that brought her mail. Hearing the bathroom door open she turned to see her daughter enter towel wrapped around her head.

"Mum," Hermione said calmly as she returned to her bedroom proper. Years of living with other girls in the Gryffindor dormitory had eliminated any body exposure issues Hermione might have had.

Emma stood in shock. The first thing that registered was the obviously more developed body her daughter now possessed while not fully mature her daughter was a lot closer than she expected her to be. The second was the large purple scar running diagonally down her daughter's front from shoulder to hip. "Hermione Jean Granger what happened to you?" Emma shrieked at full volume.

Unfortunately to everyone's embarrassment Dan had just finished changing for dinner when his wife shrieked. The distracted husband came running into the room the cricket bat he kept near his nightstand in hand. Stopping inside Hermione's room he scanned the room his eyes drawn to his nude daughter as he tried to figure out what made his wife scream.

Her father's almost strangled "Whaaat," brought Hermione's attention to what she wasn't wearing. She stopped herself before she made any move to cover up. She was sixteen soon to be seventeen and had fought adults. She was not going to panic like a little girl just because some man got a peek. Heck he'd changed her nappies for Merlin's sake. Summoning up previously unknown reserves of self-confidence she asked, "Have you both seen enough? I'd like to get dressed then we can discuss this."

"Yes," Emma said pushing her husband towards the door.

"Don't bother mum, I'm sure you have all the same equipment." Hermione said donning the undergarments she'd laid out on her bed before pulling on a pair of jeans and slipping on a blouse. Once done she'd turned her attention to her folks saying, "Alright let's discuss what's got mum so wound up."

"That hideous scar. If you don't get proper treatment you'll never be able to wear anything but high collared outfits."

'That's right mum focus on appearances.' Hermione thought disgustedly before saying, "I have a number of potions and salves to deal with this. It should disappear by the end of this month."

"Hermione we're taking you to the clinic. I can't believe they let you come home like that. You need professional help to deal with that," Her father said his voice one of conviction.

"I can't go to the clinic and Madam Pomfrey is fully trained healer."

"And why not young lady you are still sixteen and under our authority."

Hermione had been wondering when the confrontation between their two worlds would occur this year. "Daddy healing a curse scar is best done magically. I have no doubt the clinic would try and treat this and I'd end up having several cosmetic operations. Let me try the magical approach first as I've already started it. Mixing the two will not work. Madam Pomfrey, the school's resident healer, warned me about attempting to heal this both ways at the same time. It seems during the war they'd tried that approach and nearly killed a wizard. Let me continue at least until Madam Pomfrey says there is nothing more she can do."

"I have my doubts how well they can heal something that severe, Don't roll your eyes young lady we've seen the scar on the boy who kissed you goodbye at the train station head. If they can't heal that one what makes you so sure they can heal the one you have. However seeing as you are so adamant at continuing this I'll let you continue to treat it until I stop seeing improvement and I'll be checking you a couple of times a week to see how this is healing. Once the improvement stops, and mark my words it will stop, you're going straight to the clinic Hermione.." Emma said her tone firm and posture rigid.

"I don't like this one bit Hermione Jean. You are going to tell us how you got this and everything else about your years at that school. A girl doesn't get injured like this as the result of some minor mishap at school. You can start once we're in the car. It's Saturday night and we have reservations I don't intend to miss at a very nice restaurant." Dan said.

Emma looked her daughter over closely then said, "The blouse is alright but ditch the pants. Black skirt and holdups tonight young lady also ditch the necklace and button up your collar no sense drawing attention to that area just yet."

Hermione huffed but changed as her mother requested before joining her parents downstairs.


Harry Potter sat in Dudley's second bedroom surrounded by all Dudley's broken and otherwise discarded toys and games debating how he was going to survive this summer. There was something just off about the prophecy Dumbledore showed him and he just couldn't place his finger on it. Either way it was bad news. Harry was actually madder at Dumbledore than himself. If the headmaster had actually shared the prophecy earlier say years earlier his godfather would not have died this spring and Cedric Diggory might have survived the Tri-Wizard tournament. Harry knew he'd be in better shape and far more motivated to study. Then there was the meeting with 'Mad-eye' Moody and the others at Kings Cross Rail Station. If he was thinking very cynically about it he could see the headmaster's hand in it. First drive him into depression with the prophecy then cause his relatives to treat him even worse by threatening his uncle. If this regiment of abuse had been planned it Harry had to admit it was working, not as well as it could have after all he did kiss Hermione goodbye. That had taken every ounce of courage he had but it had been returned and just the thought brought a smile to his face.

His uncle's mood had darkened during the meeting with his minders but surprisingly but the man did appear to believe him when Harry protested he had done nothing to cause their actions and had actually requested they not bother his relatives.

Several hours after they'd arrived back at 4 Privet Drive the door to Dudley's second bedroom opened without a knock and Vernon Dursley stepped in. After looking over Harry for a moment as if sizing him up his uncle said, "Boy your aunt and I have had a long discussion about you after the events today. If you can agree to a few things I think we've come up with a workable plan for this summer."

Harry was shocked at this civil approach and cautious replied, "I'd like that uncle."

"Good now the yard needs to be taken care of. I'd like you to deal with that and any other outside things that come up. Your aunt has expressed her concern that you no longer cook for us and I have to agree with her on that issue. I've also re-read the letter that was with you when you were left on our stoop without even asking our agreement."

"Yes uncle?" Harry asked seeing as how his uncle had stopped for a moment.

"Don't rush me boy... Now where was I, oh yes your housing. Seeing as how your going to be doing all the outside work your aunt has graciously agreed to give up her garden shed for the summer. You will move your bed out of Dudley's second bedroom and into the garden shed tonight. I have already moved Dudley's old refrigerator out there so you will have a place to store your food."

"Uncle am I to live out there? What about a bathroom?" Harry asked confused.

"There's a bucket out there you can use. We'll allow you one five minute shower a day, you can dump your bucket at the same time."

Knowing there was no other acceptable answer Harry replied, "Yes Uncle."

"Good glad to see you agree. Now the only thing left if those bad people come around again you are to lead them away from us. It's you they want not any of us normal people so there's no need for us to be in danger just because of you. If the letter had allowed it I'd shipped you off to a summer camp but you haven't got the money to pay for it and Petunia suggested this would be just as good. Remember move out there after dark tonight and don't wake the neighbors with your moans or freakyness or you'll be in a world of hurt no matter what those freaks at the rail station said," Vernon Dursley stated a smile on his face at finally having moved his wife's nephew out of his house even if it was just to a shed in the backyard. Maybe next summer he could manage to send the boy totally away.

"Yes uncle." Harry said wondering how he was going to keep his nightmares at bay. Still after night fell he took his bed, school trunk, and Hedwig's cage to the small shed and moved things around to make room enough to stretch out. His bed ended up being just his old mattress now under the repotting table he'd used since he could remember with Hedwig's cage on top of the table with the adjacent window open slightly to allow Hedwig access when she showed up.

An oblivious Harry had unknowingly muttered "Dobby" as he rearranged things in the shed now that it was going to be his home for the summer. Dobby responded quickly traveling to Harry when the one person he considered his master uttered his name. After listening to Harry's sotto voce debate about how to control his nightmare-induced outbursts without being able to use magic to silence the building. Dobby stayed hidden and waited until Harry had fallen asleep to cast elfin silencing wards on the garden shed walls and cleaned out the bucket Harry used prior to going to bed all the while thinking 'These conditions were unacceptable for the great and noble Harry Potter'. He decided it was his responsibility to take care of his Harry Potter. Dobby returned to Hogwarts and told the headmaster he quit. When Dumbledore asked Dobby where he was going Dobby replied he'd found a position taking care of a wizarding family and their home.

Knowing he'd forced Dobby to swear an oath never to enter Harry's relatives house without an invitation as soon as Harry had left after confronting Lucius Malfoy and freeing Dobby in the process. Also knowing an elf would not describe Harry Potter's relatives as a 'wizarding family' Albus Dumbledore gave Dobby a smile and wished him well.

What Dumbledore did not foresee was to the elf in question Harry Potter was a wizarding family all his own. After all didn't he have a dwelling without anyone else living there?

The next morning Harry awoke to the smell of breakfast. Wondering how his dorm room smelled like the kitchen Harry opened his eyes to see the underside of the potting table as the previous day's conversation with his uncle played in his memory. He turned to see a familiar house elf standing beside a small table where breakfast awaited him. "Dobby what are you doing here?" Harry asked as he rolled out from under the potting table to bump into a chair situated at the small table.

"Dobby heard you worrying about causing trouble with neighbors last night. Dobby has been forbidden to enter Harry Potter's uncle's home but Harry Potter was not in his uncle's home so Dobby answered Harry Potter's call. Seeing Harry Potter living in his own place Dobby went to Headmaster this morning and quit."

Harry started to say something to correct the house elf but the smells combined with him not eating since breakfast at Hogwarts yesterday caused him to defer that discussion until after a breakfast which he quickly finished. When Dobby looked at the empty plates he stated, "Dobby didn't get enough food, Dobby will get more."

"No Dobby I am full. I wanted to ask you now that you've quit working at Hogwarts what will you be doing for work?" Harry asked.

The diminutive elf looked at the floor saying, "Dobby was hoping he could take care of Harry Potter now that he has his own place."

Harry started to object but the thought of the breakfast he'd just finished off caused him to change his reply to, "Alright Dobby I don't know what you'll be doing most of the time but if this is what you want it's okay with me. How much were you getting paid at Hogwarts?"

"Dobby was getting paid a galleon a month Harry Potter sir but Dobby be working for Harry Potter for nothing. It wouldn't be proper to be paid to take care of someone who freed Dobby."

"Nonsense Dobby, how about you get two galleons a month for taking care of me?" Harry asked starting a reverse bidding war that ended with Harry paying Dobby one Galleon and one Knut per month. That way Harry could say he was paying Dobby more than Hogwarts.

"Can Dobby make some suggestions?" the diminutive house elf asked.

"Of course Dobby but I might not agree or be able to do what you suggest."

"Dobby be thinking Harry Potter sir be needing a magical trunk like old master had for his special things. That way all of Harry Potter's books and things will be in one trunk and gives him more room."

"I can't leave here right now Dobby. Could you let me know what one costs if it isn't too much I might be able to buy one once I'm able to get to Diagon Alley." Harry replied pleased at the reasonable suggestion.

"Dobby be checking prices and if you want Dobby can be buying trunk for you and bringing it here."

"Excellent idea Dobby why don't you do that."

Two hours later Dobby and Harry were packing Harry's new trunk "sees Dobby got one with plenty of space for books and Harry Potter's things." Dobby said proud that he was able to help Harry Potter sir so quickly.

Harry agreed and with a house elf to help with the yard work Harry now had a lot more time to study. Causing Dobby to make frequent trips to Diagon Alley bookstores to pick up books on the various subjects.


Monday morning Dan and Emma Granger were in the Jaguar making their way to their practice. "Dan I don't know what to do. All those things Hermione's been involved with, all those times she's been hurt and we didn't know about any of them. I mean she was petrified for months and not a word from the school other than "Your daughter is doing well" when I sent that inquiry as to why she wasn't writing us."

"I know dear. What can we do? If we try to withdraw her and not pay the fee she told us they'd just withdraw it anyway and come for her as she is a witch first in their eyes."

"What about leaving England completely? I know we've talked about doing it over the years and decided to wait until Hermione was married to make any decision but what if we leave this summer and take her with us. If what she said about her best friend being a target of that Volde whose it. We've got to do something to keep her safe."

Dan Granger was silent for a few kilometers as he thought over what his wife proposed. It was do able but did he really want to give everything up. Then his mind turned to the goodbye kiss the boy in question had given his daughter. Even now he could see her reaction to it. Reaching a decision while pulling into their reserved parking spot Dan said, "We'll visit a few embassy's this week and see what we can arrange. Why don't you make a list of the one's we should contact this morning and at lunch we'll see about setting up appointments to visit them."

A beaming Emma Granger kissed her husband saying, "Thanks Dan I'll get right on it."

Emma had decided on an English speaking Commonwealth country as a basic requirement and quickly narrowed her preferences down to a few of those by 10 am and when her 10:30 didn't show she grabbed a phonebook and made several appointments for them over the next two afternoons before telling their receptionist to reschedule those afternoons.


Their meeting with the New Zealand representative was successful beyond all hope when they walked in and Dan greeted the man by name, it turned out he was an old public school friend of Dan's. The Grangers quickly decided and with his assistance their dental licenses for New Zealand were fast tracked for approval, as were their work permits and all other necessary paperwork including preliminary immigrant status.

By the time they returned home the Friday following Hermione's arrival home her parents were well on their way to becoming the newest dentists in New Zealand and they were looking for schools that would accept their daughter without a transcript for the last few years as she'd been 'taking classes at a very alternative school due to severe abuse at a British state school'.

As her folks went about the business of selling their practice to their junior partner, lining up a moving company, a real estate broker to sell their place, along with the myriad of other things need to move Hermione started to notice small changes like conversations stopping and restarting when she entered a room unexpectedly, mail quickly put out of sight, all this raised her suspicions but thanks to the compartmentation of their move by her parents and her own preoccupation with Harry Potter's mental state she didn't twig onto the entirety of their plans. She did however become concerned enough that one day she was sitting at her bedroom desk wondering how to best hid "Hogwarts a History" just incase something was in the works that didn't bode well for her magical side. She was bouncing the book lightly against her off hand mentally wishing she could just shrink it down. Suddenly the book in her hand shrunk down to dollhouse size. Worried she'd done under age magic she sat awaiting an owl from the ministry. When one didn't come after two hours she took another Hogwarts book in her hands. This one took a few minutes for her to work her wand-less magic on. By the time she'd shrunk all her prior years' books Hermione had the spell down pat and only need to hold the object for an instant. Unshrinking took a bit longer to master but by the time her folks returned home that evening she'd managed to hide all her Hogwarts related books in the dollhouse her father had made when she was just a year old.


Vernon Dursley, with Dobby's assistance, had done a remarkable job of improving Harry Potter's mental state without intending to. Harry now had rather comfortable accommodations and enough work to keep him busy for a good portion of each day. The lawn was mowed, raked, and trimmed every three days while the gardens were tended to every day. With Vernon's reluctant approval Harry turned a small patch next to the garden shed into a vegetable garden that would be supplying most of the vegetables for both the Dursley's and Harry's use in the late summer.

Two weeks after his exile to the garden shed Harry received an owl from Gringotts notifying him of his Godfather's will reading. Followed shortly there after by another owl this one bearing direction from Albus Dumbledore, the Hogwarts headmaster stating he would deal with the will while Harry grieved. Harry wrote back saying,

Dear Headmaster,

The will reading is for my Godfather who specifically requested my presence. I have discussed this with my relatives and I will be attending.

When we last met you asked me to keep you abreast of any pain I might be receiving from my scar. I am quite happy to tell you that it has reduced in size considerably becoming more like a single jagged line and it is blending in to my forehead to the extent it is barely noticeable now.

Also I have to tell you my ability to talk to serpents has also gone away. A garden snake I have been conversing with during my prior summer incarcerations is now unable to understand me and I cannot understand it.

A puzzled,


On the appointed day Harry put on his best school clothes and after tossing his best robe in a small bag slipped on his dad's invisibility cloak and carefully exited the shed door before walking to the Little Whinging railway station there in the men's room he removed the cloak putting it in his bag with best robe. He made his way by train to London arriving at Charing Cross rail station. Passing through the Leaky Cauldron Harry pulled his school robe from the small bag quickly donning it.

Walking down Diagon Alley towards Gringotts he noticed the crowds were less than he was used to during his school shopping trips but there was still a good bit of activity through out the alley. Entering Gringotts he identified himself and was escorted into a room were a number of people were gathered. He noticed Draco and a woman with him who could be his mother were in robes that screamed money were sitting side by side. Several seats down sat the Weasley clan their black mourning robes highlighting their red hair. Next to them was Headmaster Dumbledore in a subdued set of black and grey robes while the real 'Mad eye' Moody was on his other side with Remus Lupin sandwiched between him and the Headmaster. Behind them sat a woman in unadorned black robes that bore a strong resemblance to Draco's mother and a gentleman with rumpled robes and a briefcase sitting on the floor beside him. There was also a woman in the front who reminded him of his 'aunt' Marge wearing an unbelievably pink set of robes that made her look like a pink frosted cupcake sitting with Aurors on each side of her. When Dumbledore spotted him he started to rise only to stop as Harry's armed goblin escort lead Harry to a seat directly before the room's ornate desk and took protective positions around him.

A goblin entered made a point of consulting a list before him and it checking off before exiting looking around Harry noticed the woman in pink huffed at the departing goblin obviously inpatient for things to get started while both Mrs. Malfoy and Dumbledore were attempting their best serene expressions. It was only a few moments later a new goblin entered with the first following behind. "I am known as Garhook and I am head of the inheritance division of Gringotts." He said taking a position behind the desk opposite Harry.

"On behalf of the Minister of Magic I protest this will reading. Sirius Orion Black was a convicted criminal and as such his estate must be forfeited to the ministry." The woman in pink said in a high simpering voice.

"And you are?"

The woman looked affronted that she wasn't recognized. Drawing herself up she said, "I am Dolores Jane Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic."

"Mrs. Umbridge as Gringotts previously informed your office upon our receipt of your forfeiture request. Without formal documentation of conviction by trial we can not comply with your request." The goblin said calmly.

"I am a Miss goblin. And it is well known Sirius Black was an escaped convict at the time of his death." Umbridge obviously affronted stated with an obvious sneer in her voice now deeper and with the previous simpering quality noticeably absent replaced with a hard edge.

The goblin calmly turned to Albus Dumbledore asking, "Mr. Dumbledore you are Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot can you officially state if Sirius Orion Black was ever convicted of a crime."

Dumbledore looked at Miss Umbridge then fixed his gaze on Garhook saying, "While Sirius Black currently holds the record for receiving the most detentions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since I became headmaster I can officially state Sirius Orion Black has never appeared before the Wizengamot for any reason let alone the crimes rumor has him convicted of."

"Thank you Chief Warlock." The goblin said turning his attention to the papers on the table before him.

"Goblin I demand this will reading stop." Umbridge said loudly. When Garhook's attention remained on the paperwork she added, "Aurors put a stop..."

What precisely the Aurors were to stop remained a mystery as Garhook leaped over the table coming to rest in front of Dolores Jane Umbridge his hand on his partially drawn blade. "I would suggest you do not order your associates to do anything precipitous Miss Umbridge. As you should be aware by treaty drawing a wand in Gringotts allows us to punish you by our laws and drawing any wand against a goblin is not looked on kindly. The last person's head rested on a pike outside for a week. I believe in this case that would include the person giving the order."

"Y...Y... You wouldn't dare," Umbridge managed to stutter.

"Do not try me or any goblin for that matter Miss Dolores Jane Umbridge. I suggest you take your associates and leave Gringotts, None of you are involved in nor welcome at this will reading," Garhook said his eyes fixed on her.

The two Aurors glanced to each other and with a nod of agreement placed their hands in their laps insuring the Goblins could see them empty.

When Umbridge recovered enough to begin sputtering Dumbledore spoke up saying, "Aurors I believe it is in everyone's best interest if you insure the undersecretary's safe return to the ministry."

The Aurors knew a dismissal when they heard one. Each gingerly took an arm helping Umbridge to her feet. Her glare caused them to release her once she was on her feet but they stayed at her sides escorting Umbridge out of the room.

Garhook nodded towards Dumbledore somewhat grateful for his assistance in removing the troublesome woman. While the battle would have been enjoyable the fact a ministry official sparked it would have caused him considerable paperwork. Garhook paused letting everyone settle before calmly reaching over the desk and taking an envelope before passing it to Harry Potter saying, "Your godfather requested you read this before I begin the will reading. There is a side room where you can read this in private. I will return in five minutes to conduct the reading,"

Harry allowed the goblin to escort him to the small room. Once there he found a chair and side table where a glass of pumpkin juice awaited him.

Hey Kiddo,

Sorry I'm not there for you but I've done my best to insure your continued survival. If things are going to plan you are alone reading this if not get alone.

Now here's the short drill for the next thirty minutes or so:

1. If you do nothing else don't trust Dumbledore at all. You'll understand later.

2. Request that everyone not mentioned by name in the will be removed from the will reading. Cite "Black family private business." This will reduce those present to my relatives; Narcissa Black and her tribe, Possibly someone for Bellatrix, and hopefully Andromeda or someone representing her, They are only other people that should be left other than you are the Weasley twins and Remus Lupin.

3. The Goblin will ask if you wish to be emancipated. Say YES, I can't stress this enough you need to say YES for all I have planned to work out. If you don't there is a strong possibility that things will not work out as I want along with a number of other things that will make your life harder both long and short term.

4. The Head of House Black title along with 12 Grimmauld Place and the family vaults go to someone else. You will find out why shortly but I am prevented by family rules from saying more.

5. When you leave take the box of memory vials and notebooks, the pensive and my motorbike. I've spent most of my time since you returned to school creating those vials and notebooks. The pensive will allow you to view the memories; the method is described in the first notebook. The motorbike will allow you some freedom. If everything works out there should also be a wallet with everything you will need for a while in it.

6. I'm leaving Remus with a letter containing everything I've wanted to tell him but was afraid he'd run to Dumbledore with. Tell him to read it and think for himself.

7. I'm also leaving Andromeda Tonks a letter it contains family information and an apology that I couldn't do what I wished.

You've lost a lot and it's okay to feel sad on occasion, but find a good girl who will help you remember to live and love,


Harry just finished composing himself when the door opened. Harry walked back to his seat between his goblin guards as Garhook took his place behind the desk. "Are we ready to begin?" Garhook asked.

"Garhook, I ask that anyone not mentioned in the will be removed from this reading as it involves Black family private business." Harry said glancing down at the parchment in his hands. Looking up he could see a surprising nod of agreement from Draco's mother, a scowl on Dumbledore and Moody's faces and a look of curiosity on Remus's.

"Are there any objections?" Garhook asked looking over the group.

"I object," Dumbledore said.

"As you are not named in the will you have no say. Anyone else wish to object?" Garhook asked scanning the room.

"Very well, everyone but Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Andromeda Tonks, Fred and George Weasley, along with Remus Lupin should leave."

Mrs. Weasley looked at her twins in surprise. She'd started to rise knowing she had not received a summons to the will reading but her twin sons being requested to stay had her settling back into her seat causing the rest of her tribe to do like wise.

Garhook spoke up saying, "Fred and George Weasley need to stay the rest the family Weasley must leave now."

"But they are underage and as their parents Arthur and I need to stay." Molly Weasley objected unaware of how intently the two had been studying business since their problems of the previous year she was convinced her twin boys would be taken advantage of by the deceitful goblins unless she was there to protect them.

"Under Gringotts law they do not need representation as they will not be making any decisions and under the terms of this will reading no additional persons allowed. Solicitor as Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black has no male offspring the dismissal also applies to you." Garhook stated looking at the Wizard with the rumpled robes and briefcase as he added the last statement who nodded his understanding while rising and leaving the room.

Molly Weasley started to turn red as she watched the wizard leave fully intending to demand either to stay or have her twins leave with her but her husband noticed and for the first time in a number of years leaned over and spoke quietly to her before standing and offering her his hand. With a glare that could have frozen running water she took it and left her other children following along. Garhook waited until all and left and once the door was sealed again he continued. "Mr. Potter do you wish to be emancipated as your godfather requests?"

"Yes Garhook, I intend to honor all his requests."

"As Sirius Black was your Godfather by goblin ritual he declares you emancipated."

Draco smiled as he sat knowing that as head of House Potter Harry could not become Head of House Black Which opened the way for him to become regent of House Black until his second son became of age then his son would be come the Black of House Black.

Mr. Frederic Weasley and Mr. George Weasley you were both adopted by the Head of House Black using a blood ritual and Gringotts has done all the necessary checks required by the House Black charter..."

Narcissa Malfoy suddenly went pale as she realized what was coming and realizing with the ban on drawing wands in Gringotts she had no other option clamped a hand over her son's mouth as the goblin finished with, "to verify that you are both pure blooded wizards and determine the oldest. Mr. George Weasley you are the presumptive Head of House Black and your twin is the presumptive House Black Consigliore. You have until one month after your 17th birthday to accept or decline these positions. There are other options that we will go over in a separate meeting."

Seeing as his mother had the boy effectively silenced. Garhook continued, "Master Malfoy I caution you and your mother that any action against either the provisional Head or Consigliore of the Black family will result in you or any of your offspring being ruled ineligible to replace them should they die without issue. Now given the oaths governing this will all anyone can say on the matter of who is Head of House Black to anyone not in this room, without endangering their health, is "The Head of House Black is in limbo at the current time.""

After a strong whispered lecture from his mother she removed her hand and Draco stated, "I understand," obviously reciting the words his mother had imparted joining the rest still present in binding themselves to the restriction.

Mrs. Malfoy, Master Malfoy, I believe that concludes your business with us today." Garhook stated formally

"What about Potter?" Draco asked inelegantly causing his mother to shake her head.

Narcissa Black Malfoy looked down at her offspring thinking, 'A week of lessons from both my sister and I preparing the boy for this meeting and still he mucks it up. I'm sure Bella will deal with this when they return home. She so hates it when her lessons are not fully learned.'

"Mr. Potter has yet to receive his bequest from Sirius Black. Be assured all the Black Family items and money will remain in control of whomever claims the title of Head of House Black," Garhook replied.

Once the door was shut leaving Harry, Remus, Andromeda Tonks, and the Weasley twins still seated Garhook continued. "Very well Mr. Potter that takes care of all but Sirius's personal items. Sirius Black's instructions are for 100,000 galleons each to be deposited in Remus Lupin's and Andromeda Tonks personal accounts and for me to pass both of them a letter. Mr. Potter you receive 200,000 galleons and a few of his more personal items. The remainder, which is the majority of his personal wealth is split equally between Fred and George Weasley regardless of whether or not they accept the Black family positions."

Remus's eyes went wide as he said, "That's way too much."

"Remus, It was Sirius's wish honor him and accept it." Harry said quietly.

The Weasley twins sat in shock as the comprehended that 400,000 galleons was less then they were receiving. Or it could have been the thought of just how they were going to tell their mother they were becoming Blacks. After all as the fourth and fifth sons it was hardly likely they would ever become head of House Weasley and to be honest Head of House Black carried far more weight than Head of House Weasley now all then had to do was convince their father as head of House Weasley to expel them allowing them to assume their duties in House Black before they turn 17.

Turning to Garhook Harry said, "Sirius mentioned a few things in his letter that I was to take with me."

"We have a few other things to go over Mr. Potter. We can cover them now or later if you wish."

"Now is good if you have the time,"

"Then now it shall be. Mr. Lupin, Mrs. Tonks, Messrs. Weasley if you will excuse us this meeting is strictly for Mister Potter. Messrs Weasley you may wait in the adjacent room should you wish or you can contact Gringotts once you have made your decisions." Garhook said shaking his head slightly when Harry started to say something.

"We will wait." George said rising and leading his brother into the adjacent room. The Weasley twins had decided before arriving at the bank that nothing of what transpired would be communicated to any member of their family until it was past time for them to interfere. They had overheard bits and pieces of their mother's plans for Harry so were aware she wasn't all sugar sweet. Heck just hearing the fit she threw when their older brother Charlie went off to deal with Dragons had convinced them of that.

Their waiting left it to Remus to talk about any money he received. Harry and the twins still in the room obvious put the two youngest Weasleys out of joint telling their parents they wanted to leave and return home. A course of action that Dumbledore encouraged knowing his ace in controlling was Remus Lupin who would be staying to insure Harry returned to the Dursley's home.

Once they were alone Garhook said, "Mister Potter I believed it was in your best interest to be alone for this. Your Godfather's emancipation of you elevated you to Head of House Potter or more accurately Lord Potter."

"I'm a lord?" Harry asked wondering what his aunt and uncle would think about a lord sleeping in their garden shed using a bucket as a bathroom.

"Yes, now you can't do a lot with any of the family funds as they are age restricted but the restrictions do come off your trust vault."

"It was restricted?"

"Yes and I would suggest you do the same for any children you may have. It seems several individuals held your trust vault key since your parents have passed away and while a few minor purchases did slip through before one attempted a significant potions ingredient purchase while you were obviously too young to have made such a purchase. We rejected that charge against your account and were now aware of the problem. Since then there have been several other attempts to make major purchases they of course have all been rejected. Although why you've given your key out so much I have no idea."

"I've never been allowed possession of my key, it has always been kept by an adult. I just thought that was required."

"Not at all, your key should have been in your possession since starting Hogwarts at the minimum. The Potter family views that as a way to teach financial responsibility. Gringotts will issue you a new key and invalidate the old one for a fee of 50 galleons." Garhook stated.

After several back and forth arguments Garhook settled on a fee of 10 galleons before Harry agreed to the new key. They then spent half an hour going over the basics of his trust vault ending when Garhook presented Harry with a book on account management and a short summary of the Potter holdings. "Thank you Garhook I will study these and get in touch with... just who should I get in touch with concerning my accounts."

"That would be Pickflipper. He is aware of your status and should respond quickly. It will take a day or two to settle Sirius Black's finances. Once that is accomplished the funds should be available to you. The items he requested that you take with you are awaiting you over there," Garhook said motioning to a previously hidden table.

Harry walked over and saw a backpack, along with a small chest, a small pensive, and a model of a motorcycle along with a wallet resting on the table. Harry gathered it all placing them in the backpack, which expanded to hold everything. "While a shoulder bag would have been more appropriate in the wizarding world I felt a backpack would be less conspicuous in your world. The zippered compartment at the base has a permanent notice me not on it through the use of runes only you and any goblin will be able to see it," Garhook said as Harry packed.

"Thank you again Garhook you have been helpful today," Harry said wondering what the proper forms were to express what he felt.

"Good day Lord Potter," Garhook said turning and leaving Harry standing there as he went to hold his discussions with the Weasley twins who he suspected he would shortly be addressing as the Black twins.

Out in the lobby Harry was stopped by Remus Lupin who said, "Harry, Dumbledore wants..."

"Remus things between the Headmaster and myself are not good right now. He has sent me to 4 Privet Drive for the last time. I suggest you use some of your 100,000 galleons to take a summer vacation and read the letter Sirius left you then really think about what you want to do. I doubt it is to follow Dumbledore just like the Death Eaters follow Tom Riddle."

"Harry surely you don't mean..."

"I know what I said Remus. Take that vacation far from England and read Sirius's letter then think about everything," Harry said cutting Remus off as he slung the backpack over a shoulder and headed out.

"Harry..." Remus tried again only to stop when Harry held up his hand.

"Don't worry Remus I'm headed back to jail just like a good little prisoner," Harry said walking out the door heading straight through the Leaky Cauldron to muggle London ditching his robe in his new backpack before retracing his steps back to Little Whinging. Where over the next week the only change to Harry's routine was the nights spent reading Sirius's notebooks, viewing his pensive memories, and studying Sirius's hand written owners manual for his highly modified Norton Commando. The memories Sirius provided included a bit of house elf history. After verifying that only his friendship bond with Harry was keeping Dobby healthy and finally understanding what the benefits of a full bond would be Harry didn't feel guilty just nervous of Hermione's reaction when he acceded to Dobby's request to bond with him. —Runaways—

At the Weasley household the twins had cornered their father in his shed where his wife had exiled his collection of muggle items deeming them unsuitable for being in a proper wizarding home.

"So let me get this straight you two want to be expelled from the Weasley family so you can take up places in the Black family?"

"In a snitches egg that's it. Of course it's a bit more complicated than that, I don't think a Dragon's egg would hold all the reasons. As much as we love being Weasleys this is an opportunity we really don't want to pass up we've talked between us and we feel it would help both families. Fred and I will still be your children just with other last names. Kinda like we married into another family like Ginny will do some day." George said doing is best to get his father's agreement.

Arthur Weasley sat quietly in the recliner he'd recovered from a muggle household. Some wizard had charmed it to massage whomever sat in it. He was enjoying the massage feature while contemplating his sons' request. It would allow his twins access to more money than he had ever envisioned along with placing them above him in the social pecking order. The latter would not settle well with his wife but a bit more contemplation brought him to the what was for him the basic question was were his twins mature enough to handle being the Head of House Black and House Black Consigliore.

George and Fred Weasley sat quietly on the chairs his father had for visitors to his realm. They knew from being here on more than one occasion in the past the best thing for them to do was sit and silently wait for their father to either excuse them while he contemplated further or announced his decision.

"The three of us will travel to Gringotts tomorrow and if everything is as I've been told well then I have a decision to make." their father finally said.

"What about mum?" Fred asked before he let along George could stop himself.

"Your mother will be dead set against this no matter what so I suggest both of you say nothing and leave her to me. I don't plan on telling her anything until I've made my final decision."

"Okay dad it's your call." George said firmly as his twin nodded in agreement.

The next day after their visit to Gringotts Arthur called a family meeting with Bill and Charlie missing he stood and announced, "At their request I Arthur Septimus Weasley here by expel George Arthur Weasley and Frederick Arthur Weasley from the Weasley family."

As the other members present started to voice their protests Arthur held up his hand saying, "Go ahead George."

Holding his hand over his heart George said, "I George Arthur No-name accept the head of Black as my adoptive father desired."

The silence this proclamation caused was only broken by his mother's gasp as he drew the Head of House Black ring from his pocket placing it on his finger before saying, "I George Arthur Black accept into house Black Frederick Arthur No-name and designate Frederick Arthur Black as House Black Consigliore."

The silence that followed was broken by Molly Weasley erupting first at her husband, then her twin sons. Arthur bore his lambasting in silence stepping in when she started on their sons. "Molly Prewett Weasley. Your sons are not at fault. It was my decision and mine alone you will not speak ill of them in this matter or I will revoke the agreement I reached with them to live in this house until they turn 17."

Molly sputtered and glared at her husband and he realized he would be having a hard night possibly a hard week but he hoped it would not turn into a hard month or longer.

The now "Black" twins herded their siblings out of the living room and up to their rooms The siblings went along with it knowing from experience it was best to not be around their mother when she was in this mood.


The week before his birthday Harry started taking his godfather's Norton out after dark. A wand tap later to enlarge it and a rune press engaged the silence mode before he practiced riding it. First up and down Wisteria Walk then using the alleys between that and Magnolia Crescent doing loops through the neighborhood. When he was done for the night Harry made the correct series of wand taps to shrink the bike back to model size. All this riding combined with his Quidditch enhanced balance along with Sirius's charms on the bike had Harry a competent rider before his birthday. As Harry went to bed the night before his sixteenth birthday he knew the pieces were coming together. He had money and identification thanks to the wallet his godfather had arranged with the Goblins, a means to escape now that he'd mastered the motorcycle that sat on the potting table during the day and a house elf to keep him fed and safe.

Hermione's view of the days before Harry's birthday was totally different. When she'd awoken Monday the 28th of July and noticed her parents were still home they sat her down after breakfast telling her about the family's impending relocation to New Zealand on July 31st before forbidding her to contact anyone about the move.

Hermione exploded in anger saying, "But that's only three days away. How could you keep this from me? I'm staying here, my school is here, Harry's here."

"That's why we are moving Hermione. Your school is where you spent part of your second year petrified in the school's hospital. I mean we should have realized how dangerous your school was when that woman mentioned they have a hospital wing. Most boarding schools have a nurse on site to treat minor injuries and that's it, everything else goes to a real hospital. I know the school's... whatever you call her managed to heal your scar so it is not visible but that is not the point Hermione. You shouldn't have been hurt in the first place. Gallivanting all around the country when you should have been in school. Lord knows what you've been getting up to that we were not informed about. After all you told us about when we pressed you your first night home I'm not sure you've told us everything yet. Who knows you still might be holding something back afraid to worry us more. We inquired after your second year and were told we could not remove you from that school as we signed a release allowing you to attend. Well you're done with that world! Let's see them find you in New Zealand!" Emma Granger told her daughter firmly.

"Mum," Hermione said pleading tears in her eyes at the thought of leaving Harry alone.

"Hermione don't think your father and I haven't seen you practicing every morning with that laser pointer like it was that stick you carry. How long do you practice two hours isn't it? I know you dear; you wouldn't practice anything that long or hard if it didn't have great importance to you. Given your movements and carriage it isn't household spells you're practicing either. You are preparing for a fight. Well I won't have it!" Emma said her posture rigid and tone past firm bordering on furious.

Hermione was glad they hadn't noticed her other daily practice session. She was up to over four hours a day Still she did have one other parent to try unfortunately he answered even before she pleaded her case.

"No, your mother and I have decided Hermione. We've already sold our practice, a moving company is coming after we leave to pack what we leave, including the Jaguar and ship it to us. Crookshanks will be going to a veterinarian who will quarantine him then ship him to us once we have our own place instead of a hotel room. It has been decided Hermione. The Granger's are moving to New Zealand where you should be safe from this Volde whose it. Now we are going up to your room where I will place a lock on your school trunk and place it in our room to make sure you don't use any of the things in there to contact anyone. I'd burn it and everything in it but I tried to do just that after your second year and found out it won't burn. When we leave I'll deal with it then. As for you I suggest you start deciding what you are going to wear and pack the rest of your clothes in these suitcases. Anything you leave here will be boxed up and shipped to us by the movers. This backpack should hold one change of clothes along with any other items you simply can not do without." Dan Granger said leaving no doubt the discussion was closed and her parents' decisions were final. Entering her room he placed two suitcases and backpack he'd brought up with him down before grabbing her Hogwarts Trunk confiscating the fake wand, one she'd bought from the twins and placing it in her trunk which he locked with a good sized lock he'd had in a pocket.

"You should have a skirt and blouse in the backpack incase it's needed, and the other things your father mentioned are makeup and such. Also be sure you leave out a comfortable outfit to wear for the trip, possibly those loose black pants with a nice top dear. It is a long one, 29 hours in the air if I remember correctly," Emma said prompting her daughter.

Hermione was suddenly glad her magical books were shrunken and out of sight along with her well hidden wand. Resting her hand on the dollhouse she watched her parents leave her father carrying her now locked trunk. Once alone she removed the shrunken books from inside the doll house placing them along with her real wand in the bottom of her back pack covering them with her best unmentionables and other things she knew her parents wouldn't bother to dig through before crawling on to her reading bench and spending the rest of Monday alternating between crying at the thought of leaving Harry and going over every option she could think of without finding a solution to her current dilemma. Without an owl to contact anyone and given her current circumstances she strongly suspected her parents would monitor her use of regular mail and phone. She was isolated, cut off from anyone that could help her and her parents were doing their best to keep her that way.


Up at Hogwarts Dumbledore was smiling at the latest reports he'd received from Harry's watchers. There had been reports daily since Harry's first night home when he'd emerged from the house with his bedding taking it to the garden shed where he'd spent the night. The latest one was from Alastor Moody as Dumbledore had requested he'd done a scan of the shed while Harry was busy gardening noting his muggle relatives had gone to the extent of placing food storage containers in the all ready cramped shed so he wouldn't have to come in the house for meals while noting several new additions which agreed with Dumbledore's pensive memories as being hidden on a table during Sirius's will reading. Additionally all of Harry's guardians from the Order of the Phoenix remarked on Harry using the motorcycle like a toy as if he didn't realize it was a real bike shrunken down. It always sat on the shed's one table. Mundungus Fletcher, Harry's night time guard, even commented he could hear Harry making motor sounds on and off during the nights as he rolled it around the table since the will reading. If this kept up Harry would be putty in his hands when he went to pick him up for that little visit to convince Slughorn to return as potions professor. Just the thought of what Harry's face would look like when he realized Severus would be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts brought glee to Dumbledore.