Three years later-

"Good afternoon Bright Smile," The receptionist said into her headset.

"Yes, I'd like to have one of the Grangers call me. My name is Hermione Potter and my number is 234-555-2323."

"Is there any additional message".

"No that should be enough," Hermione said hanging up.

Several minutes passed before Dan Granger stuck his head in the receptionist's office asking, "Any thing I should know?"

"No cancellations today but I did receive a strange phone call."


"Yes a Harmony Potter called and said she wanted one of you to call her."

"Potter?" Dan replied a bit puzzled.

Emma had wandered over and overheard the last exchange. "Could she have said Hermione Potter?"

"Cour your right that is what she called herself."

"What's the number?" Emma said reaching for the paper with enough urgency to worry the receptionist

"Here's the paper I wrote it down on."

"Emma you don't think after all this time..." Dan asked as his brain caught up to his wife's.

"I don't know but I do intend to find out."

After her current patient was dealt with Emma picked up the office phone and called the number Hermione had left.


"Can a Hermione Potter be reached at this number?" Emma asked thinking she recognized the voice but wanted to be sure.

Hermione recognized the voice on her end choosing to reply, "Hello mum, Harry and I were in the area and thought we'd say hello."

"Hermione dear where are you. Can you come see us?"

"Tomorrow would be the earliest we could visit. We have some business to attend to first."

"Where are you? Can we visit you today?" Emma asked only to hear the mummer of a short muffled conversation.

"Harry said that should be no problem the customs inspectors just came aboard but we should be able to set up a room where we can meet. We are moored at the Evans Bay Marina. Do you know where that is?"

"We'll find it now how will we find you? I know there's plenty of boats there we even have a few clients who are live-a-boards."

"Oh I don't think it will be that hard. Just tell them you're looking for Lily's Gift."

"Lily's Gift, got it we should be there once we've finished up for the day."

Dan noted how stressed his wife was and realized it wouldn't do for her or him, if he was honest with himself, to be working in someone's mouth given their emotional state. Turning to their receptionist saying, "Cancel the rest of our appointments for today. We've got a family emergency to deal with. I'll call when I know more."

They quickly changed out of their work clothes and with a bit of haste were soon on their way to the waterfront area of town.

As Dan turned their Jaguar from Wellington Road on to Evans Bay Parade Emma finally got a good look at the boats tied up at the Marina. "Dan how are we ever going to find them among all those boats."

"Like Hermione said we'll just have to ask around. Having parked he decided the best place to start was the longest pier which had the biggest yacht in the marina situated at the end. They'd just started onto the pier when an individual in a deck chair who Dan had assumed was just one of the boat owners sitting on the pier looked up at them asking, "Where might you be heading?"

"Our daughter said she was here on a boat called Lily's Gift. We were paying her a visit." Dan said a bit of annoyance in his voice.

"Your names?" the man asked reaching for a radio beside him.

Not sure what was going on Dan looked at the man carefully and realized he wasn't a boat owner his attitude was all wrong. "Doctors Dan and Emma Granger," He replied to hear the man repeat it into his radio.

Whatever the reply was Dan didn't hear it. "You're looking for the yacht at the end. Someone will greet you at the ramp," the guard replied relaxing back in his chair.

Hermione was waiting on the yacht side of the ramp and was quickly embraced by her mother as Harry stood off to one side. Watching the two females as tears and apologizes quickly flowed among the women.

"Bit different than that motorcycle you sprinted her away on." Dan said looking at Harry.

"Yes sir,"

"Good to see you finally made it for a visit,"

"Hermione decided it was time and with the new century coming up we decided this was the best place to watch it arrive." Harry replied.

Emma had heard Harry's reply and looked at her daughter asking, "So you're staying for a bit?"

"Yes if everything goes right. We weren't sure about our welcome given how we parted so that's one reason we just didn't show up on your doorstep." Hermione explained.

What about that, what did you call him dear "Dark Lord" that was after Harry?" Emma asked her concern for her daughter's well being obvious.

"That was taken care of by the British Military a few years back. They're a surprisingly quick acting group once they figured out what was actually going on."

"What, I thought keeping the two groups separate was one of your top rules?" Dan asked a bit confused.

"That went out the window when Voldemort's death eaters attacked what he thought was a family home in an out of the way town. Turns out there was a base nearby and Prince Philip was traveling down the adjacent road when they attacked. The fighting spread into the roadway and He was injured along with a number of solders killed. The death eaters were driven off but as her consort was injured in the attack the Queen got involved along with the normal government."

" Oh that must have been the reason they didn't say what happened when he was in the hospital a few years ago. That also explains the military's reaction then."

"Yup the magical government found out the normal government was even more effective than they feared. Within 48 hours the British military had some magicals in custody and they were getting answers. We learned about this after the fact as we have been traveling since we were married."

"So what happened? You need to finish the story Harry."

"What I was told is our old Headmaster walked into a meeting and told them that only I could eliminate Voldemort and it was imperative they find me and allow him to train me. Before he could react one of the guards in the room had him out cold using a taser and they doused him with truth potion. Once they had emptied him of everything he knew they did something to put him out for a while. I was summoned by the Queen and was there as the SAS circled Voldemort's hideout, took out the death eaters that came out firing spells they opened up with something called mini-guns. Then they blew up the manor old Volde was hiding in. The only one still alive was Voldemort although he wasn't alive by much. In order to comply with the prophecy I put a few rounds in him to finish him off from a gun I found. The SAS threw a party, we stayed for a bit to help get the two governments talking to each other after that Hermione and I split returning to Lily's Gift. Haven't been back to jolly old England since, well other than when the Queen asks us to visit for a few days." Harry said adding that last bit when Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Did any of his death eaters survive?" Dan hesitated to ask but knew he had to.

"The ones they'd captured prior to the final attack are in jail the rest are dead. They just didn't understand what they were up against and their pureblooded superior than thou attitude prevented them realizing their mistake."

"I'm glad that dreadful business is over with! So what are your plans for here surely you've given them some thought Hermione." Her mother asked in full mother mode while leaning forward in anticipation and hope of good news from her perspective.

"Harry and I were thinking of buying a place near you or having one built."

"Oh, there's this little bungalow right down the street that would be great for the two of you." Emma gushed thrilled it was very good news indeed.

"We're actually looking for something a bit bigger," Harry replied then after an encouraging nod from Hermione added, "We're going to need something big enough for five to start with if the doctor was right." Harry finished watching his in laws closely for their reactions. As Hermione predicted her mother was the first to react.

Looking at her daughter Emma squealed, "You're pregnant?" drawing a nod of confirmation from Hermione. Her "with triplets?" drew a second nod as Emma appeared to apparate to her daughter enveloping her in a hug.

Harry & Hermione didn't get a chance to reply to Dan's comment of "You just turned twenty," before a hugging Emma countered with "Yes and she's been married for the last three of those years." Before returning to blubbering "my baby is going to have babies," all the while alternating between hugging and holding Hermione at arms length to look at her as if to reassure herself Hermione was really in her arms after being absence for three years.

Dan took a moment to process his wife's reply before deciding it was time to man up. Approaching Harry he held out his hand saying, "Welcome to the family Harry."

Harry's "Thank you sir," was quickly countered when Dan said, "Seeing as you are my son in law why not give Dan a try. It will take me a while to get used to grandfather which is apparently in my near future.