Once upon a time there were two beautiful girls. But one was insane. That one was me.

I've had years of therapy at the Preserve. They know what my parents say I did. What I did do. How I killed my sister.

Maria, my nurse at the Preserve, tells me to remember my past but not have it make it weigh me down.

So do I really have to do this?

My thoughts are muddled as I open the car door. "Let's go, bitches!" I cry, and start the ignition. They all talk excitedly. Our first Poconos trip since seventh grade. My first trip with them, ever.

The note is in my back pocket. Melissa's in the trunk. Do I have to do this? But I don't see how there's any going back now.

I remember the feeling of Emily's lips on mine. Spencer's laugh as we danced at the club. Hana's gloating smile when she realized she was queen bee again, with me. How if I do this, I'll kill my last sister. Because Spencer's my sister too. My half sister, anyways. These girls, even Aria, could be my best friends.

They rescued me from the fire I created, without even knowing who I was. They've foiled all of my other plans...what if they foil this one, too? If I confess now- that I killed my sister in 7th grade, I'll probably be in jail for the rest of my life. Maybe I could continue living this lie. It would work. But not with thinking I knew who killed Ian and Jenna. That I think she's on the loose, completely unhinged and insane, like I would be if I did this. Insane people don't worry about being insane. Right?

We pull up in the driveway. My twin's face flashes in front of my face. Her words echo in my mind. "The only thing I've ever wanted is a sister." I cut the engine and burst into tears. Aria pears over the seat. "Ali? What's wrong?"

"Courtney. It's just..we went here all the time when we were kids." I lie.

"Oh, Ali," Emily reaches over and grabs my hand. "Maybe we shouldn't have our sleepover here. It does bring up too many sad memories."

The other girls nod earnestly. "Yeah," I say. "Maybe your barn, Spence? We could have the sleepover we never had."

Maria told me to confront the ghosts of my past. This time, when we have our sleepover, no one's going to die.

And if anyone does, I'm turning myself in. These girls have became too much to me. I can't kill them. It's not their fault. It was just fate. Maybe it was a test.