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Chapter 9: The Strange Couple?

7:30 A.M

Lawrence's POV

I groaned as my alarm clock went off, really pissing me off I might add, as I began to fumble around with it, hitting the button on the top. I wiped my face as I groaned once more.

I slowly got up as I started to get ready for the day. I noticed that for some reason, I was really drained this morning.

"Maybe some coffee will help." I muttered to myself, stepping into my regular cold shower. As I was scrubbing my hair, I finally realized why I was so tired.

"Oh shit." I whispered, dropping my shampoo bottle. I quickly finished my shower and ran to my closet.

I grabbed one of the new shirts the girls were kind enough to buy me, and also pulled on my shorts as I raced out into the hall.

Only to bump into Ellie who was about to knock on my door.

"Whoa, easy there!" Eliie muttered, rubbing her head in pain as she sat up on the floor.

"Sorry, are you okay!?" I asked, crouching over her and checking the back of her head to make sure she wasn't hurt too bad.

"I-I'm fine…" Ellie muttered, her voice shy and quiet. I looked down at her face, after checking her head, confused as to why she was talking so quietly.

"Are you sure? You should probably put ice on it." I suggested, offering her my hand, which she gladly accepted.

Ellie whispered a quick decline as she was brushing herself off handing me a shorter than usual chore list. "That's all we need you to do today, you don't need to do anything else apart from breakfast."

I grinned slightly and looked at the list. It read: Do the dishes, Mow the yard, Clean the pool, Trim the hedges, Plant the flowers from Lisa's greenhouse, Assist in modeling with Veronica, Flare, and Julie, Clean Lisa's Room, And make a nice Italian dinner.

I looked back at Ellie and asked her a quick question which was, "Why me for modeling?"

Ellie just gave me a knowing smirk, and bumped me with her hips as she walked by me. "Get to it~!"

I just frowned in response, but sighed as I tucked the list in my back pocket.

I made my way downstairs, heading straight for the kitchen. As I began to prep for this morning's breakfast of eggs, ham, fruit, and milk, with a side of some oatmeal with oran berry mixed in, my thoughts returned back to yesterday's events.

'I really did it with her…well, if I was back in Blackthorn, I would be considered a god if they knew it was a beauty like her." I thought randomly. I shook my head of Blackthorn, the memories always would put me on edge, the constant pain and endurance I had to deal with everyday.

I was interrupted out of my thoughts as the timer next to me ringed, signaling that everything needs to be plated.

I scrambled to the cabinet with the plates, already pouring the milk into the glasses as well as putting equal amounts of oatmeal into the bowls.

As I placed them all on a tray, and began to carry them to the table, I had to weave my way out of Grace who was sleepily making her way to her seat.

I quickly placed everything for everyone, who began to occupy the seats at the table as they probably smelled the food's aroma.

I sat down at my spot at the end of the table, the girls already chowing down on my miniature feast bestowed to them.

Except for Lisa. As everyone gave me compliments, which I thanked them, I kept an eye on Lisa as we were eating.

She glanced over at me, and my eyes met hers, but she quickly turned away, picking up her fork and slowly eating her food, a smile on her face as she savored the taste.

I still wasn't convinced, but I didn't voice anything, instead turning my attention to Ellie, who was calling to me.

I looked at her and blushed slightly as I realized that they were talking to me. "Um, sorry could you repeat that?"

Ellie huffed and cleared her throat. "We are going to have guests over later, so we will need to know if you have anything to do before we kick you out."

I cocked my head slightly. "Is this why I'm making Italian tonight?"


I began to think about what I could possibly do. I could probably go explore the city a bit, seeing how I have hardly gone anywhere on my own since I got here, or I could go to a movie.

Deciding that it would be better for me to know my surroundings, I nodded to her. "Yeah, I got a few things in mind."

Ellie sighed in relief. "Good, you can take a vehicle from the garage out back. I'm thinking that they will be gone at 11, so try and come back around 11:30, just in case they are delayed." She said, pulling out her phone.

"Alright, any specific things I should make? I might need to go shopping." I asked, directing the question to everyone, pulling out a pen and my notepad.

"Chicken Alfredo is their favorite, but maybe some ravioli's?" Julie asked, everyone nodding in agreement with her.

I scribbled down the orders neatly, putting down a Krabby ravioli, as well as a spinach and cheese ravioli. I looked at everyone else and asked what else I should make.

"Caesar salad!" Lisa demanded.

"Maybe some gelato for desert?" Grace asked, smiling at me shyly.

"Alright, anything else?" I asked once more, this time receiving head shakes.

"That will be all we need to entertain our guest." Ujaya replied, standing up from the table and walking out of the room. The other girls thanked me for the food and left, leaving me to deal with the now empty plates and other tableware.

I gathered everything on the tray, and walked back into the kitchen, already beginning my day.


10:00 P.M

Lawrence's POV

I walked downstairs, tucking the pictures of Veronica, Flare, and Julie into my wallet that they gave to me earlier, for helping them fit into their designer's clothing. It came as quite a shock to find out that they were some of Unova's top models, but I could almost instantly understand how they were. Their fur was always glistening beautifully, and their figure was nothing but perfect. These girls were definitely model material, especially because of how the designer's clothes were almost a perfect match for them.

Shaking those thoughts out of my head, I went into the kitchen, and began to turn on the various appliances I would need to make tonight's dinner.

A quiet cough caught my attention, and there was Ellie at the door frame, wearing a party dress that really complimented her hourglass figure. But she didn't seem to satisfied with me still being here.

"May I help you Ellie?" I asked as friendly as I could manage, getting a quick tap of her red heels in response. I checked the clock and saw that I had passed the time that I should've left.

"Oh shi-" I began before Ellie smacked my wrist.

"No cussing in my house! Anyway, we need you to leave now! She's around the corner as we speak!" She hissed, already pushing me to a door I was not too familiar with.

"But the pasta is in the oven!" I protested, Ellie struggling to keep moving me. Her sharp gaze penetrated my own and I quickly submitted to her wishes.

"Text or call me if you need anything!" I reminded her as she shoved me through the door into a beautiful garage full of cars!

I whistled as I took in all of these amazing machines. There were Classics, Muscles, Luxuries, Sports, even stock cars! They had everything! Even a section for bikes!

"Keys are in the cars, but none of us know how to drive…I assume you can drive?" Ellie asked.

"I've flown planes, navigated warships, drove tanks…I think I'm good." I replied, Ellies face turning to pure amusement.

"I guess you're a petrol head like daddy huh?"

"A bit… So I just take one and drive?" I asked timidly, lightly tracing my finger on a 1960 Chevy Bel air.

"Yep, but hurry and choose one, and try not to wreck it! I've got to go make sure everything's okay with the others. Be safe Lawrence!" Ellie replied, closing the door to the fancy garage.

I turned and looked through at the sheer mass of cars laid out. I didn't want to stick out too much, and I wanted to take something fast and flashy at the same time, but not something that made me look like a celebrity.

Deciding to stay away from the supercars and luxury cars, I turned to the muscle cars, where I became stuck on my decision.

'There's a 69' Camaro…oh but there's also a Charger…' I thought to myself, before I saw a red car that was tucked behind all the others. As I rounded the corner, my mouth literally gaped at the sight.

"A 1970 Boss!" I nearly shouted, immediately peering through the dash to see the interior.

Absolute Perfection.

I opened the door and swung myself into the driver seat, buckling myself in and opening the garage door. I turned the key and the engine roared louder than an Exploud at a death metal concert. This…was going to be a hell of a ride.

I eased myself into the driveway, and turned the corner, where I stopped for a second. I turned to see the thing that caught my eye in the back seat. A nice leather jacket, but not too fancy. Just my style.

I smirked to myself as I entered the downtown streets. The cherry red 302 Mustang was doing exactly what I wanted, some attention here and there when it was quiet, but when I made it roar…eyes would pop.

Arriving at a parking lot, I parked and made my way towards the many shops lined down the street. To say the place was packed was an appropriate statement. Lights were flashing, people conversing with another, it was madness. I was actually surprised when I was grabbed by what appeared to be a couple around my age, especially because I didn't know anyone around here.

It was a male that grabbed me, a Combusken, who handed me a small phone with the camera function engaged.

"Hey do you think you can get a picture of me and this pretty lil' thing over here?" He asked, obviously not taking no for an answer.

The girl was smiling and blushing standing next to him, and playfully smacked his arm. "Don't say something sooo embarrassing like that to someone whom you just met!" She told him, before he wrapped his arms around her.

"Sorry, but I just want to tell the world how amazing and beautiful you are Ashley!"

"Oh, William Harte you are sooo sweet."

'Oh brother…'

They seemed to have forgotten that I was there, so I quietly took the picture and handed it back to the male, Will.

"Oh, thank you very much…err?" He began, growing confused as he realized he didn't know my name.

"Lawrence. Lawrence Garde." I introduce myself, extending my hand out politely.

"I'm William Harte, but you can just call me Will." He greeted friendly, accepting my handshake. "He gestured to his date who stared at me with a polite smile. "This here is the most amazing, wonderful, talented, undeniably beautiful, extroardin-" He continued before getting elbowed in his side, "This is Ashley." He wheezed.

"Nice to meet you Ashley." I said, giving her a small smile. Her smile grew as she said a quick greeting.

"Now that I think of it, you go to school with us! We have a lot of the same classes together don't we?" Will said excited.

I vaguely remembered seeing the two of them closer to the front of my classes, never separated.

"I do believe so. I just transferred in this year." I responded, their faces lighting up even further than before.

"That's right, you were the boy who went up and turned in the test so quickly!" Ashley stated, her face obviously ecstatic with joy from the new prospect of a friend.

'New friends? They are kind of weird though…' I thought to myself as they began to sing and dance together. I sweatdropped. 'Scratch that, they are definitely weird…'

My phone buzzed and I received a message from an unknown number that read.

"Where are u!? Ur supposed to be home now! :C -Ellie"

"Oh shit." I muttered as I looked at the time. 11:46

"Something the matter Lawrence?" Ashley asked me, Will and her both dancing still.

"Yeah, I got to go back home, my mas- my family, needs me back now. Hehehe…" I replied, nearly revealing that I was practically an indentured servant.

"Oh, well before you go, here's our numbers!" Will replied, taking my phone and expertly adding both him and Ashley to my contacts.

"Man, you need some more contacts, it's just us in there along with the preloaded numbers… Well, We will see you at school." Will said, handing me back my phone.

"Yeah, you two have a goodnight." I replied, bidding them a farewell as I returned back to the car. I put into gear and began the drive back, some rock and roll on the radio. I was smiling, I had made two new friends, got to drive an awesome car, and just be…

"Just be normal for a night." I laughed, pulling up to the garage. As I opened the garage door, I was greeted with the sight of Ellie, obviously pissed off that I was late.

I parked the car, left the keys on the dash, and got out of the driver side door with a sheepish grin.

"Have fun?" Ellie asked with a strained voice.

"Yes ma'am!" I replied, feeling like I was about to be punished.

There was a small moment of silence between us before she sighed. "Dinner was wonderful Lawrence, but it is now time for us to retire. You are to go to bed and rest. Good night." Ellie muttered, giving me a quick peck on the cheek before she went back inside.

I sighed in relief as I made it to my room and plopped down on my bed.

'Today was a great day.' I thought as I smiled to myself, before I was gently whisked away to the world of sleep.

Before I end this chapter, I just want to quickly say that a friend's friend has been bullied due to the fact that she read this story. Apparently some kids found out about it, and the word spread and the taunting began. So when I was told this, I felt hurt and angry. Some punks had a girl crying, just because of my story. Now when someone f**ks with someone that I am involved with, they are going to get messed with. So, I hope you will all share your experiences with bullying in reviews or PMs, and please enjoy this little rap I wrote just for them!

Oh boy, look it's Joel, Jenny, Brittany, and Roy, the three little ugly piglets and their little toy!
I guess I will have start the verse with the guy hangin' out with these bitches, thinking that he's so fly on a day-to-day basis!
So he goes by the name of Roy Todly, probably thinks that he's so fucking godly, picking on some girl and making her cry, just what the hell is wrong with this guy!?
I heard that you have your own girl who's pretty much a slut, accepting a few dollars so boys can get a squeeze of her butt!
I hope that she will never put herself out for you, and that your small ass balls shrivel up and turn blue!
I also know that you are the quietest of your crew, probably because you go around and let them walk on and order you!
You're acting like a big and strong tough guy, but we all know you are just so plain and empty inside!
Roy, I have to let you know, you are totally being used, and you're going to get cut off; You might as well accept you fate and lay your ugly ass head on the chopping block.

Then we have the not-so-lovely sisters, just saying their names give me blisters!
Jenny, you are so vile and bitter, and no boy in their right mind would want to be with you or your sister!
First, let me ask just one question really quick, why did you turn to your sister instead of your own dick!?
Probably because your family is so poor, you had turn to incest to get off; you stupid whore, how did you think you would never get caught?!
And now, I normally put asterisks if I don't want to be blunt, but all of you put the "u" back in cunt!
And hey, look It's Brittany bitch! Why don't you go take your weak words back you ugly witch!
None of your words can touch my girl Ashley! She will soar above your petty excuses of insults like Dave did in 2001: A Space Odyssey!
And just a quick shout out to our great friend Will, good friends are hard to find, you've got balls kid, more than all these pussies combined!
And don't think I'm a discriminator for stomping on some group of hateful teenagers, I've been doing this shit since I was a 7th grader!
And before I end my rap, I just wanted to say, that no one who reads my stories should deal with the pain like Ashley!
Tell me who it is that's a messin', and I will get to reppin you, and all my fans with glory, who were just enjoying my story!

Oh wait! Before I go, don't think I've forgotten you Joel, This rhyme was designed to send you straight to hell!
You used to be pretty sweet, but you went and got together with these freaks, and it pulls at my heartstrings just a bit, but now my words are going to have to make you eat shit!
You fire your insults like an M16, with a lot of force behind them, just trying to be mean!
But you know that I got Ashley's back, I'll be her bullet-proof vest, this girl's pride is untouchable, do I have to say the rest!?
You've been dumped more than a trash can, rats wouldn't even touch you; dumped more than a drunk Lindsay Lohan, don't you get what I'm saying man!?
If you think that Ashley is "A dirty can't get a boyfriend fanfic reading slut", I will tell you what! Ashley's got Will by her side, and SL with his crew to back her up!
If you mess with this girl one more time, I will erupt, and spew my hatred for the likes of you! And spread my lyrics with a crushing blow to your entire crew!
So who cares if it's a choice, who cares if it's not!? It's none of your business anyway, so you can step the fuck off!
Just try and screw with me and my fans, I will beat you to a bloody pulp and walk home in my crimson-stained Vans!
I'm out!

^Pretty much shit lol^

And with that off of my chest, I am curious as to what you guys think about it. I normally don't write anything rap, especially my own, but I think that this was pretty good! I would also like to know if you guys have had any experience with bullying, and what you guys did to help or deal with it! Fav, Review and all that stuff, SL is signing off!