The following morning was early as they rose to prepare for the long journey ahead of them. Agron had Eirik who could finally walk, even if with great care, and Rohan helping him make sure all had their supplies of water in pouches, all belongings and spare burning wood was gathered. Kai was diligently at his husbands side, helping him with tasks that required a bit more coordination, as Rohan was learning to adjust with lack of perception of depth. The redhead found it frustrating at moments but did not let feeling consume him, instead focused his one healthy eye on the beautiful face of his bub and knew he could do it if he put his mind into his limbs. "Gratitude for helping.." he said softly as they sat the last of supplies packed onto the small carriage.

"if we are set upon, remember your promise, and do not fight," he said "help me with the women and children,"

Rohan nodded. "I have such orders from Agrun as well. He has me doing strategy but no fighting until I handle arms better." he said and touched the bandage a moment before getting back to properly closing the cart door. "Agrun!" he called to the Great German who looked up and nodded at seeing work done.

"We are ready to travel?" Nasir asked, ever at his husbands side, Yakub glued to his hip. After they had lost so many, their son clung to them and somewhat Nasir especially clung back.

Agron nodded. "All that we have and need is packed. The other cart with three injured and unable to walk is loaded as well. I have Eirik walking today at least part way to stretch legs a little. Gizzy will be looking after him. And Khai and Rohan will be with the children. I have three fighting men guarding the supplies..." he trailed of looking over everyone in motion, making sure he did not forget anything. "Husband, would you take our son for at least part of the way and walk with Gannicus? I shall have to walk at the rear and protect us from any Roman scouts."

He nodded and reluctantly kissed his lover and headed to his posting, offering Gannicus with Agneis in his arms a small smile.

Agron checked formation and spoke with those guarding the front of their entourage. He stood upon rock to be best seen, to speak with the people. "Everyone! We shall travel the whole day at a moderate pace to suit all. We will take only one break for meal when sun is high, and no more before we find shelter to settle camp." he said clearly to all. "If anyone needs a moment's rest for feet, or a child is too tired, they may ride on the cart part of way. But we have to find shelter before the sun sets. Keep eyes open for any Roman scouts and always let one of the fighting men know if you do see them. We shall be safe soon." he smiled at them and motioned to those at the head of the line of people to begin walking before jumping down to take position at the rear.

Naisr itched to be back with his lover, but he stayed by Gannicus' side, "if scouts are spotted we must pass chidlren to nearby women and aid out fighting men, for they are few in numbers."

Gannicus did not look up from daughter's resting face but nodded. "I know.." was all he said. The little girl had her mother's eyes. Eyes he would only see in coming years as she grew and learnt, but never again from her was no use, he missed Saxa dearly and only hoped she awaited him in the afterlife in peace.

"she would not want you to be sad," Nasir said softly, "She'd want the loud, proud, often barely standing Gannicus she knew and loved,"

Gannicus shook his head. "I have to look after daughter now. I am all she has left in this world. A drunken mad fuck and no mother."

" may not be unable to stand, but you can be loud and make us all laugh," he encouraged

"Do you want to laugh at such a time?" the Celt asked, knowing how deeply wounded Nasir had been by Spartacus' death and the many injuries he had to treat upon friends.

"I think when we have nothing left, things can only get better. Look at the child in your arms, that is Saxa's gift to you,"

Gannicus contemplated the Syrian's words for a moment before a small smile graced lips. "You know I heard this joke when we were yet at camp.."

Agron smiled, hearing his lover's soft laughter a few rows ahead of him. It looked like they were all healing even if the road to safety was yet travelled long and hard their journey slowed by thick woods. Nasir set the women to work foraging along the way. Agron had all fighting men surround their entourage carefully and Kai directing gathering of roots. They paused midday and continued further north until they came upon a large lake. The water looked clean and fresh and brought great hope that they could finally wash grime from skin and get great supplies. "Alright everyone!" Agron assembled them once more. "Sit down and take rest. Crixus and Rohan, stand guard with a few more fighting men. Gannicus, look after the women from the south of the clearing. Jan, Woolf, we shall scout nearby for best place to set camp. In the meantime, Nasir and Kai shall direct collection of water. No one wash themselves before we have water clean for drinking!" he reminded them before everyone begun moving to go about their orders.

All filled skeins and casks with water, giving them enough for a few days before everyone was swimming and even beginning to laugh as some splashed water at one another. Agron and the two young men returned to the lake after scouting and smiled at the sight of men and women of all sizes and shapes shamelessly enjoying the cooling and clean water lapping and caressing their nude bodies. The Great German dropped cloth and leather from body before joining his lover who was scrubbing their son was squirming and wiggling making the task difficult.

Agron chuckled and winked at his lover, pulling the boy close into his chest. "Now, we shall play diving game!" he tickled their son, entertaining him and making cleaning easier. "Close nose with fingers, and we go down into the water in 3...2...1..." they both took a deep breath and submerged to wash a bit of the dust from skin, emerging a few moments later for more oils.

Nasir was just lounging in the water, relaxing his aching muscles. When Yakub was clean, he swam away to play with Belle and help mama who was trying to clean her uncooperative man. Agron took cloth and pulled his husband close to begin caressing skin and cleaning him dilligently.

"mhm careful of shoulders, they ache from carrying child..."

Agron massaged them gently to ease strain before pressing soothing kisses to both. "Better, my love?" he asked gently.

"A little yes. I think I strained it in battle, it has been hurting a long while, but I cannot waste an arm right now in sling,"

"You may. We have found safe place to set up camp for a week or two while most heal and we replenish our supplies." Agron smiled.

"But there is plenty to do," he said

"Yes, there is. but we shall all take time to heal. You will have a few days to rest body while your husband works." Agron replied.

"I will help you husband," he said firmly

"You would help me greatly by resting and looking after children when sun passes highest peak and they take nap. If they are out of way, we may work without fear of stepping on them." he chuckled.

He nodded and yawned "how many hours has it been since we slept?"

"Slept well enough to feel rested? A week..." Agron chuckled humorless. "Tonight we shall rest properly. I will raise tent in a moment." he promised.

He nodded "i will help you with task"

"Gratitude, my only." he said softly and kissed his lover gently.

"He smiled "then i shall rest arm in sling for rest of day,"

"I am most glad my husband." Agron finished washing them both and they wrapped cloth around hips as they went out of the water. Everyone seemed much more content to be washed and refreshed. "Everyone! I need a few men to stand guard while we create camp and put up tents!" he called, nodding to Rohan to help him.

Nasir rubbed his shoulder a little, preparing it for hard labour of setting up camp. Agron shook his head. "Would you guard the children and injured? I will set up camp with others. But I trust no one like you to care for these people." Agron said as he wrapped further cloth around hips and placed sword and and axe around back.

Nasir frowned, "there are few healthy men, I shall do my part and aid with camp,"

"And those few healthy men I will need to set up camp. If you and Gannicus tend to guarding, our forces will be evenly spread." Agron kissed his frown.

He pouted but did not comment, heading to his post. Agron nodded and gathered those able to set up camp. It did not take them too long to pull up tents before they begun gathering more dry wood for everyone to have fires for night. It was not cold and the season was warm but fire would aid. "We are ready. Get everyone to take up tent, spread out. Commanders in the center of the camp, the other fighting men around on the perimeter. Rohan, set up guarding times with them." he ordered and they all begun to move about their duties.

Nasir had warmed a paste on the fire and was rubbing it in to his skin with a soft groan. Agron helped those who were still recovering settling in one medical tent and made sure Kai had pouches and all other equipment ready. Everyone seemed to be settling in and he joined his lover's side, helping him rub paste into skin with gentle fingers.

"i need help tying sling," he said, resting the palm of his left hand on his right shoulder where it would need to be placed to restrict movement of the joint,.

Agron took cloth and made sure to be gently but bound it tightly to not let the arm slip. "Is this well enough my love?"

"yes it is," he smiled with a little wince.

"Good. Come, our tent is set up for us." Agron helped him stand and picked their son up, relieving Naevia's arms from holding both children. "Gratitude. Let us know if you need anything." he said, looking at the unresponsive Crixus.

Nasir followed Agron into the tent, grateful to see a fur to lay upon. Agron had brought in their belongings and set up furs for them to rest after the long days of tending to others. "I have prepared all for you. Kai shall be shortly with some tea." he smiled.

"you are too kind...I am not sure if eyes will stay open for long enough..."

"Then rest your head, I shall join you shortly." he promised, rubbing Yakub's back. The boy fell asleep after the excitement of the bath was over.

He smiled and nodded, curling up. Agron drank tea from Kai who promised to wake him if he was needed. He then laid down with his husband and they finally fell into a deep restful sleep. They slept for several hours before needing to wake for their duties. It was no where near enough sleep, but it was better than nothing. Agron rubbed face with water and placed axe firmly at hip, immediately found by Rohan who had several things for him to sort.

Nasir's shoulder was throbbing but he got up to set to work. Kai tried to help him best he could, tailing him and helping with the injured before helping organise foraging. Nasir made sure everyone had evening rations for the eve, before turning to his husband. "We should reduce the amount of fire we burn, we do not want smoke to attract wrong attention,"

Agron nodded. "I shall see to tents sharing fire so we save wood. We need more furs as well in preparation for autumn. I shall go hunt with one other man tomorrow."

He nodded, "I do not think we should stay here for too long, I still feel we are too close to Roman territory..."

"We have guards settled. Do not worry, Roman territory is not far but far enough for us to remain a week here. We need the supplies and recuperation my love." Agron tried to reassure him.

Nasir scratched his arm nervously "Still...I feel I've been in Roman lands far too long..."

Agron pressed a kiss to his forehead. "A few more days..then we shall be in Slavic lands and have traveling Celts and nomads help us if we need. But Eirik is still weak, we need supplies and the water, just to be safe." he promised. They set about tents sharing fires and making sure everyone was settled for the night while their work as commanders continued. Nasir nodded but was still uneasy.


Eirik stayed still while is wife's hands cleaned his healing back gently. "How does it..look?" he managed to grit out

"kinda...pretty..." She admitted "like a tattoo..."

Eirik raise a brow at her words, indicating his utter amusement at the way she described it. "At least...I shall still...desire me..." he chuckled.

She smiled "I always would,"

Eirik paused her hand to nuzzle her palm and press a kiss to the center of it, as he often would in affection. "As I always shall desire my wife.."

She smiled softly, "now stay still so I can finish"

Eirik nodded and closed eyes, letting the gentle touch of the woman soothe him. He was overjoyed to know his wife was safe, that they have both survived the war and were to start their new lives together. "Any signs of a child within you, my precious blossom?" he asked gently.

She paused in her ministrations "" she said sadly.

Eirik lifted hand and gently rubbed her thigh. "The Gods don't wish to give you child yet while I heal most likely, apologies." he said, letting her know he would never blame her.

She nodded but did not seem too looked at her. "We have a custom, in my land. A sacrifice for the Goddess of fertility, Freyja. Would you like to try?" he asked gently.

Gizzy nodded keenly, wanting to try anything to conceive. Eirik smiled. "Then bring me four thin pieces of wood, and gather sage and nettle for burning. Choose something small of your own that you wish to offer the Goddess that we shall burn." he guided. She nodded and scurried off.


In the tent only a few paces away, Rohan was resting while his lover helped with the injured. Heavy thoughts and contemplation filled mind, as he carefully unbound the cloth around his eye and pulled out cloth from empty socket. After a moment of preparation, he took a deep breath and picked up the looking glass to see self without one eye for first time...

"You shouldn't do that husband..." Kai said sadly "it would be bad if it got infected,"

Rohan looked up at his young husband, not expecting him to be back so soon. He did not lower gaze, wondering whether Kai would not dislike his appearance this way. Kai didn't seem to mind at all. "Come, let us get it rebound husband."

Rohan pulled him into his and nuzzled his cheek. "You do not shy away from the sight of me like this?" he asked.

"I do not." he said simply

Rohan nodded. "When shall I have patch to stop winking at you?" he chuckled, trying to stay in good spirits and grateful that it was only an eye.

"When we next reach market, I shall make one for you," he smiled

Rohan took his hands and kissed each finger gently before placing the most ardent one below the gold band he had given his lover upon their wedding. "My diligent wife. I shall wear it most proudly if it is made with these very hands."

Kai flushed deeply, the way that only Rohan could make him so do. The redhead cupped his warm cheek and pulled him into a gentle yet deep kiss, making sure his beautiful young wife always felt his affections.

He smiled softly "i really need to bandage it now..."

Rohan nodded. "Do so, and then I would not have my wife leave arms.." he said softly yet his remaining eye burning with love and passion for the young blond.

He flushed deeply and set to work making sure the wound was clean and bandaged. Rohan held still, gritting teeth when cloth was pressed tightly into socket but did not say a word until his wife was done. Then he let the blond wash his hands and pulled him into arms beneath the furs. "Tell me of your day, wife." he said gently, as he often would.

"there is not of much to speak" he chuckled "I've been by side most of day"

"And by side I would have you remain...or beneath me if you were so inclined." he winked, which was comical considering he only did have one eye...

Kai chuckled "we need to save our energy..."

Rohan sighed and pulled him closer. "I know...yet you feel so good in arms, I would not have you leave them at all if I could. Soon, we shall settle and then rest and spend a day in bed.."

"As you wish husband..."


Crixus stared at roof of tent, eyes as blank as his mind. Every once in a while he would flex shoulders, but only feel one arm responding. Only one...

"how do you feel my love..." Naevia asked softly.

Crixus shrugged, not having words to describe state of mind or body. How does one describe such?

"Please speak to me..." she pleaded sadly.

Crixus turned his head to look at her, yet eyes remained blank as did his mind. "Speak of what?" he finally rasped, voice hoarse from disuse. Even one sentence a day from the man was a miracle.

"Speak to your're breaking her heart," she said very softly.

It seemed however that Crixus had spoken all he wished for the day and closed his eyes, turning head away. He understood words coming from his woman's lips, yet could not comprehend them.

"Crixus...please..." she begged

Crixus opened his eyes once more and looked at the woman but did not speak. Yet his eyes were no longer empty. They were filled with remorse, shame and pain. And with such he openly looked at his woman for the first time. It was but a moment before he closed his eyes again, but long enough for Naevia to witness.

" to me, and listen. Like I listened to you when you saved me from the mines..."

Crixus remained silent a long moment again but responded nonetheless. "You had both arms.." was all he said.

"But I had had monstrous things done to me..."

" had..." was all he said, not knowing how to express wound was both of body and mind for him.

"But I trusted in you, and now you must trust in me..."

"What can you do?" he asked.

"I can show you that not all is lost, you might not have forearm or hand but arm can still be of use.." she encouraged.

Crixus closed his eyes and did not appear he would reply, but then he nodded almost imperceptibly.

"You are still perfect to me Crixus, and still a gladiator and fierce warrior."

"I am no such thing without a fighting hand." this time Crixus replied immediately and sharply, his eyes opening. That was one of the reasons he could not face the woman who loved him so. For she believed him to be as he was not.

"And yet Agron fought with *no* hands, and he is still a warrior, even though he cannot grip sword, and you have hand to grip sword" she said more firmly now.

"A hand unlike my fighting hand..." Crixus replied stubbornly

"You can learn to fight with your other. Nasir can fight with both, he shall teach you, and Agron will teach you how best to use other arm," She encouraged, more firmly as she did when Belle was bad.

Crixus huffed but for the first time his woman's words were coming through when he lifted gaze and looked at her firmly.

"And you shall fight with me with fire in our veins," She then leaned in and whispered "remember the sex we had..."

Crixus' eyes darkened with pleasurable memory and he reached the arm he had to curl it around her waist and press her soft curves into his hard body. "You would fight me..."

She grinned knowing she had his attention. "I would fight you...and *when* i win...I'd fuck you..."

"*If* you win.." Crixus corrected her, the fire in her eyes making his own rise, the numbness of the past days retreating at least for a moment. "How would you fuck me..."

She straddled him, placing her hand on his throat and applying gentle pressure. "Like this..."

Crixus reached hands to her thighs, to hold her, to feel her...but only one hand reached it's destination, making eyes fall down to what was left of his arm again.

She instead distracted him moving his hand to between her legs, "Feel what you do to me," She breathed.

The moisture that instantly soaked his fingers made him groan, sufficiently distracted by the feel of his woman. He could not help but slip two of the thick digits inside the heat of his woman, pleasuring her with deep touch. She gasped, sucking in a breath and letting it out in a soft moan.

Crixus could not hold her or pull her closer since his one remaining hand was busy with her pleasure. "Come closer woman...I would taste lips as I feel you..."

She leaned down with that sweet blush of hers and kissed him passionately. Crixus met her half way and fed on her passion until the fire in his veins pushed away the fog he had been in for the past week and soon his tongue was fucking her mouth just as his fingers pleasured her heat.

Naevia near frantically tore at Crixu's subligaria, freeing his cock and palming it gently. Crixus hissed, his flesh hard and pulsing after two weeks of not being touched at all. " Naevia..." he whispered, finally letting her know she was fully on mind.

Naevia removed her lover's fingers and slowly sank down upon his cock. Crixus immediately grasped her hip to make her pause once they were fully joined and just held her close a moment, fingers holding soft flesh passionately. She gasped softly, leaning down to place their foreheads close together. Crixus placed what was left of his right arm just above her knee to hold her closer, while his hand supported her while he trust his hips deeply within her. She felt so good... so warm and welcoming. It was as if he were coming home. Now he knew the feeling Spartacus had spoken of when memory of Sura resurfaced.

Se gasped "Gently my love, for sake of baby.." She said, hoping the man had remembered her words amidst his sulking

Crixus paused, looking into her eyes. "You are with child child..." he whispered, his hand caressing over her belly.

"Yes...yes my love..." she encouraged

"A son...or another warrior princess?" he whispered.

"I do not know, my love..."

"But you are both well..." he said gently, reaching up to caress her cheek.

"We are now you have returned to us..."

Crixus looked into her eyes and realised this past week has been suffering for them both. "My love... I will learn how to provide for you.." he promised, feeling protectiveness and adoration swell up in breast for this magnificent woman.

"Then provide me with pleasure to shake body" she breathed.

Crixus pulled her down for a kiss filled with passion that would shake a mountain, while his hand slipped between them and teased at her button of joy while his hips thrust gently within her heat to not hurt the child. She moaned softly, moving with her lover as they kissed heatedly. Crixus wished he could move her for different angle but arm was still tender and healed, so instead lifted knees and dug heels into bed to get better leverage to hold her close and thrust more firmly yet shallowly, to both please her and protect the life within her. Naevia moaned once more, her gown sliding of one shoulder to reveal a perfectly formed voluptuous breast. Crixus left her lips to pleasure the soft skin of her neck and shoulder before gently sucking and teasing at the beautiful breast before him, burying his face in its softness. She groaned deeply knitting her hands in his hair, pulling her lover up to sit. Crixus slipped hand around her to hold her close, enjoying how her body dipped beneath the assault of his lips upon tender flesh. He helped her shapely hips rise and grind upon his loins as he connected their lips again. "Touch self.." he whispered against her lips, wanting to see her pleasure.

She flushed and did as commanded, knowing the things sight did to her lover. Crixus' eyes were aflame with passion and love for the beautiful woman in his arms, and thrust faster yet still shallowly within her to bring her to peak. Naevia whimpered and could no longer hold back as she came, clenching tightly around her lover. Crixus groaned as he felt her quake around him so strongly and could not hold back either as he spilled his hot seed within her, their lips connected with the last remains of their pleasure. A few moments later Naevia flopped down atop him, adoringly stroking her lover's bearded cheek "my love has returned to me..." she whispered softly.

"Have I been gone too long?" he asked softly, laying back to rest with her in arms.

"If you were gone for only a moment it would be to long" she said, kissing over his neck and shoulder affectionately.

Crixus gently separated their bodies to slip dress from her completely. They were both now without cloth and he could feel her soft curves and full breasts press into his firm chest, rejoicing at such connection. He covered them with furs and nuzzled her. "My Naevia.." he said gently and affectionately.

"My crixus.." she whispered in return.


"My god!" Nasir groaned as Agron pressed his back against a tree. They were supposed to be scouting the land but it was clear his lover had other ideas.

Agron's lips devoured the tender flesh of his neck hungrily. "It has been so long my love...I need you.." he whispered.

"We shouldnt..." he gasped "we have a duty..."

"Fuck...I don't know how long I can wait, husband..." Agron growled, his hands squeezing the Syrian's pert cheeks passionately.

"We...must be quick then" he gasped, pressing against his lover's strong body "And be mindful of shoulder, you German shit" he said, knowing now he was in for the fucking of his life. His husband's quick temper was good for some things it seemed.

Agron kissed his passionately, devouring his lover as if he were the last of winter food supplies, before turning him around and all but ripping the trousers from him to reveal the one place he wished to be in more than anything. Nasir growled at his lover. if he ripped the seam it would be hell repairing them. Agron however merely nipped his neck in silent apology before two of his fingers pressed into his lover impatiently but with gentleness, mindful of his lover's body.

Nasir groaned pushing back against them "just fuck me" he growled demandingly, not realising how pent up he'd been.

"Fuck, I need you so much..." he growled and stretched the Syrian only a moment but at least a little bit before pulling vial of oil from pocket and pouring some over his cock. He pulled the Syrian's hips closer, bending his back a little more to get a better angle, and pressed steadily into his husband's tight depth.

Nasir groaned softly, reaching back a hand on his lover's gorgeously pert ass, pushing him a little deeper inside. Agron growled at feeling his lover so close after more than two weeks of not being one. He stayed deep inside his lover a moment to just relish their connection before gently pulling out and thrust back almost harshly right against his lover's most tender spot. He reacquainted with it like he had not been from his lover's depth for a moment. Nasir grunted, finding purchase on the tree trunk. Agron lost all sense of gentleness as he grasped the Syrian's hips as firmly as hands would allow and let his hips join them over and over with deep, hard thrusts, each time pressing against the most tender of spots within his lover to bring him the pleasure they both craved. Nasir could only grunt and groan as each breath was pulled from him by Agron's thrusts. The German felt his lover tightening around him and slipped hand around hips to pull on his cock and pleasure him until he peaked. Nasir came quickly after, with a soft cry as his legs near giving out on him. Agron held him close and thrust deeply within him a few more times before spilling his own seed and flooding his lover's channel with a deep pleasured groan.

Nasir hissed softly as his lover released inside him "fuck.." he breathed

Agron pressed his forehead against the Syrian's shoulder as he rested a moment. "Let us...not long...without being one...again..." he panted softly.

Nasir chuckled as he looked at the release on the tree "at least... we left... a tracking signal.."

Agron chuckled against his back and gently pulled out of his lover, tearing a piece of cloth from his own already torn sleeve and cleaned the Syrian up. "Can you walk or shall I carry you husband?" he teased but the adoration in his eyes was clear.

Nasir grinned "you may carry me upon back until we near camp,"

Agron chuckled and turned around, waiting for his lover's lean legs to wrap around waist. Nair grinned and jumped at his back, knowing the man could take his sudden weight. Agron carried him comfortably as he walked, looking around. "Salvia." he pointed out to the nearby herb. "Kai said he could use some more for salves." he said and let his lover down.

Nasir smiled and collected them, as well as some other herbs "You are doing well my love. How fares your arabic?" he asked "I hear yakub has been teaching you,"

"He has." Agron chuckled. "I try my best to listen when I have a free moment, but admittedly there have been very few of those while making sure all are faring well. How fare you with medicine, and young Kai? Is he good help?" he asked, picking a few mushrooms.

"Yes," He smiled "Well then, speak me some luscious arabic."

Agron pulled him into arms and whispered gently the words of being filled with joy each morning upon waking beside him. It was a special request for his son, but he assured him that was how to say the words in arabic.

"Pretty close," he smiled happily, swaying in his lover's arms.

"I tried. Arabic does not come easy on my tongue." he nuzzled the Syrian and pressed a most tender kiss to his lips.

"As the labours of German feel heavy upon mine," he smiled

"Let us use tongue in ways common to us both." Agron winked and kissed his husband deeply, letting their tongues intertwine playfully.

"yes but wo knows where we'll settle. We need numerous words upon tongues."

Agron nodded. "Do not worry, we shall see how we progress in journey." he pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Come, before Yakub becomes impatient with with our absence."

"He will become a fine warrior one day," Nasir beamed proudly.

Agron shook his head. "He will know how to fight, but he is too much like you my own. That will not be the life he will want."

He smiled "i doubt such,"

"how so, my only?" Agron asked gently.

"I just have a feeling of greatness about our son"

"Hmm we shall have to wait and see what our starfish grows up to be." Agron released his inner poet for a moment before picking his husband up again and carrying him.

Nasir nuzzled his lover's neck, "I love you" he whispered.

"As I you. my only..." Agron said gently and carried him until camp was in sight before setting him down. Rohan was just carrying their son on his shoulders, both wet from the fresh water in the lake, when they noticed them.
"VAAALAAAA!" Yakub squealed, happy to see his parents and squirmed until Rohan let him climb down and run towards them.

Nasir jumped downa nd scooped his son in to his arms, "hello my darling boy..."

"Vaalaa...where did you gooo with vaatii?" he asked curiously while Rohan snickered in the background. From where he stood, it was clear that the tension that had been present in Agron's shoulders for the past weeks was gone altogether. And there was only one way the German released that amount of tension...

"We went to get some herbs," Nasir smiled, showing the boy a nestercion flower, "Eat it, it is yummy."

Yakub looked at it curiously, holding it in his little hand and sniffing it distrustfully before slowly putting it in his mouth and chewing. "Hmmmmm..." he beamed at his wala. "It isssss!"

He smiled happy "Vati, would you like one?"

"Only if Yakub helps me eat it." he took their son upon hip and let him curl into his warmth. "Will you share the flower with me, little warrior?"

Yakub held it in his mouth with the flower sticking out of his mouth. Agron chuckled and leaned it, biting off half of the flower, chewing it and pulling faces of uncertainty at his son before beaming as well. "It is yummy! Shall we thank vala for giving us yummy?" he suggested.

He grinned "want more!"

Agron nuzzled him and handed him back to Nasir. "Why don't you go with vala to see Kai and share some more flowers with them, while vati goes talk to Rohan?"

Nasir smiled "Come on them you," he said and headed off feeding the greedy boy some flowers on their short walk.

Agron headed over to Rohan, rolling his eyes at the grin that seemed to never slip from his lips these days. "Not only do you wink, you also grin. Why don't you use your time more productively and tell me how everyone seems to be settling." he said as they begun walking around the camp.

"Well, only three have died, and they were the worst injured, it was only a matter of time. Moral however is high,"

Agron smiled. "Most are in good spirits even though they grieve?" he asked, nodding to the fighting men they past as all inclined their heads in respect.

"They are and looking forward to their freedoms."

"We have a long way ahead of us yet and we will need all the fighting men to be on their best guard. Did you make sure they receive the best meat and plenty of herbal tea to keep mind clear?" he asked, looking to his second in command for support.

He nodded, "we are training up some of the lesser recruits, and trying to make everyone healthy as fast as possible."

"Good, gratitude for your aid. I wish to see all our fighting men on the training grounds as soon as possible, we have words to break and positions to assign. May I ask you to bring them all there?" he asked. "I will gather Crixus and Gannicus."

"No need," said Crixus "for what is left of him is here."

Agron looked at the Gaul and clapped his shoulder. "You are returned to us then." he welcomed him with a smile.

Crixus winced, "Attempt other shoulder next time, you stupid German shit,"

"Nah, don't tell me you can't handle a bit of pain, you simple fuck from Galia?" he grinned, the exchange of insults perfectly natural, but he did leave his arm alone. "Are you prepared to join us and take mantle of commander again?" he asked.

"I will do my best," he nodded,

"Good. Now, let us join others on training grounds. We have plenty to discuss." the German said and they made their way to training grounds. Rohan was swift and soon had all fighting men present and waiting for words from their commanders. "Would you like to begin?" Agron suggested to the Gaul.

He shook his head, "I shall observe," He said not feeling so confident in the lime light.

Agron nodded and stepped before the men. "Listen all," he waited a moment until all quieted, "we have plenty of work to do. We are still close to Roman territory, but this position should protect us at least for a few days from being followed. The forest is thick and our fires are few so we do not attract attention. That does not mean we do not need wood, berries and herbs for ointments. Many are still healing and there is no way of knowing whether we shall find another source of water and food as this on our further journey." he emphasized. "Those who are yet weaker and need training will remain under watchul gaze of Crixus, Rohan and myself. The rest of you will divide in pairs and groups. Two will stand on each side of camp as guard, to switch positions every eve and early morn. You will accompany the women and young men who collect herbs for their protection. And every day, skeins and barrels will be filled with more fresh water to collect supply. Any questions?" he asked.

There were none and everyone quickly started to fall in to line under Agron's command.

"You do not know the effect it has upon me, seeing you in control," Nasir who had just returned to over see the sparring, whispered to his lover.

Agron smiled and turned around to capture the man in his arms. "You seem to have an appetite this day, my love.." he whispered back in his ear and subtly moved the hand upon cheek to his neck, squeezing unobtrusively.

Nasir visibly shuddered "I cannot help such when you are being so...domineering.."

"Hmm...we shall go to out tent then where you shall *show* me the effect it has on you..." he whispered, but this time as a more of a command.
He turned around and nodded to Rohan, signaling he was leaving him in charge for an hour or so before taking his lover's hand and leading them to their tent.