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This is the story of Beast Boy as Slades apprentice Khimera. If you have read my one shot The Bird and The Beast this is the story leading up to a beyond that. Also if you don't know Logan is Beast Boys name well technically its Garfield but in my story he goes by his last name Logan.

Another thing the Cover picture for this story was made by dou-hong and its called BB's Walk on the wild Side look it up on deviantart its a great picture!

Chapter 1

He sat fiddling with his weapons sharpening his throwing knives, cleaning his gun, another words completely bored out of his mind. The gears around him clicked and rumbled as he sat behind a tall intimidating man bored.

He glanced at Slade who had watching a video of the Titans intently. Slade has been replaying for hours Logan could only guess something about the Titans interested the man. He then continued cleaning, and sharpening.

"Logan" Slade's voice pierced the silence. He had been with Slade long enough to understand his unsaid commands.

He stood up calmly placing his weapons down and went to the mans side. Slade placed a hand on his shoulder as they stood side by side.

Slade gestured to the screens "What do you see?"

Logan watched the film intently. To be honest he didn't know what Slade was referring to. He just saw a bunch of teenage hero wannabes, fighting some villain wannabes.

Slade probably could read his confusion he can always pick up on his slight emotions.

"Apprentice what do you think of Robin?" the man was giving Logan a hint it seemed, plus he always called him apprentice when he is trying to show him something.

Logan watched the boy fight now that he watched the kid closely he did have some potential, but his technique isn't perfect.

"He has potential, but his technique could be improved" Logan replied coolly Slade squeezed his shoulder in approval. The large man then crossed his hands behind his back.

"How would you like to have a ... companion?" Slade glanced at his apprentice when he asked this.

Logan's heart leaped in his chest he would love it! He hardly got to talk to anyone his age he never had a friend to talk to not that he needed friends, when he has Slade, and Wintergreen, but he couldn't help thinking of having someone to train with and do heists, and jobs with! Maybe he would like video games to!

He tried to hide all his thoughts on the matter when he replied "I would enjoy that very much".

Slade still saw the almost completely hidden joy on the green boys face. He thought briefly that he'd have to work with Logan more on hiding, and controlling his emotions. He then turned his head back to the screens.

"Good, now I have assignment for you, you have until tomorrow night to prepare" he gestured to the manilla file folder on the table next to him.

Logan bowed, and then eagerly grabbed the folder. He briskly walked over to his weapons strapped them to his belt and then quickly went to his room to prepare.

He watched his target through his scope. He then when he had the target in his sights, started to go over what he had studied the night before in his mind, preparing his mind, sex: male, age: 51, height: 5'11 weight: about 180 pounds, occupation: professor of Chinese myths and mythology, course of elimination: quick but lethal, main goal: he glanced at the book the man held as the target walked down the deserted street.

He slowed down his breathing, and held his breath. He waited ignoring his need for air he took aim slowly, then quickly his finger pulled the trigger, the dart cleanly killing his target, with expert accuracy. He watched his target fall apathetic. He then descended from his perch.

He coldly examined his target, not human in his eyes anymore like Slade taught him your target is never human, and they must never be human in your eyes or you will go insane. He grabbed up the book, and placed it in the duffel bag he brought.

Now came the dirty part making it look like a mugging.

No one can know he was here, no one can know the truth behind this mans death, and if someone does find out they won't be around very long.

Leave no loose ends, leave no trail to follow, complete every mission cleanly and efficiently. That is what Slade taught him.

He sighed, and drug the target to the back of a dark alley to begin his work.

Its his job it doesn't make him evil, every thing that he does that seems 'bad' to outsiders is for the greater good. Just a job, like a construction worker who builds, like a teacher who teaches, or an accountant who does others taxes, he kills because it's what he was born to do, and trained to do almost perfectly.

Plus working for Slade and killing, and stealing, for him is better than what 'they' his 'Keepers' made him do when he was younger. Before Slade when he was just their little 'monster', but that is a story for another time.

"Here's your book" he tossed it on the table that Slade was working on. Slade stopped writing and picked up the book flipping through it.

"No one saw you did they?" Slade asked coolly. He probably already knew the answer, in fact Logan already basically knew that Slade watched him work each time he did a job, even so he answered anyways.

"Of course not" he replied, glancing off to the side trying to hide the fact he wanted Slade's approval.

Slade stood up, put the papers he was working on under his arm, and walked over to him. He placed his hand on Logan's' head.

"Good Job Logan you may have tomorrow off" he then calmly walked past him and left.

Logan's heart surged with pride, and joy. Half because he got his father figures approval and half because he got a day off.

Slade must be in a good mood if he was giving him a day off! He rarely does that.

The changeling already started planning what to do, then his stomach growled. Oh yeah he forgot to have dinner. He'd just find Wintergreen and hit him up for some grub.

Beast Boy might seem OOC but he was raised by Slade he will act differently. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter please review and tell me what you think.