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Now Before people start asking Beast Boy why he is eating eggs, he is not a vegetarian in this story. He kills people OK I doubt he would care if he's eating an animal, plus I figure Slade wouldn't allow his apprentice to be squeamish toward eating animal products.

Chapter 2

He stretched as he awoke, then scratched his face, and jumped out of bed. He glanced at the clock 7 am, he almost had a heart attack!

Two hours late! He is so dead, Slade would be so mad... then it hit him, oh yeah he had the day off. He let out a sigh releasing all his tension, and jumped into bed again, quickly falling asleep.

4 hours later

He yawned and stretched He glanced at the clock 11 am. He smiled and started his normal routine, but at a slower pace than usual.

He first took a loooonnnggg relaxing hot shower he spent much longer than he would normally would. He let his muscles unwind and relax, the water cascaded over the aches, and bruises from training,

Steam billowed out when he exited. He quickly turned into a dog and shook himself, water flying in all directions. Then swiftly turned back into a human.

He then opened his closet door, pushed past his apprentice uniforms to the back of his closet, and started to pick through his sparse casual clothes, until he decided on a purple T-shirt, black jacket, and blue jeans. He put on his black boxers before slipping on the rest of his clothes, including some black sneakers.

He then went back to the bathroom and started to style his hair. When he was satisfied he walked over to his drawer, and rifled through it until he found what he was looking for he pulled out a box and removed two silver bracelets. He slipped them on, one on each wrist.

His normally emerald skin turned to tanned Caucasian, his dark green hair now pale blonde, and his normally black eyes turned a bright green. All due to the metal bracelets attached to his wrists. Slade had made them for him years ago he used them for thefts, assassinations, undercover work, or simply outings like the one he planned to go on today.

He placed the box back in the drawer, grabbed his wallet, and then closed the shelf, before he grabbed his orange communicator, and stuffed it into his jean pocket.

He left his room and walked down the empty hall toward the kitchen. They never really ate in the dinning room it being reserved for business meetings.

Logan walked into the kitchen, and as expected there Wintergreen stood making lunch. As soon as he sat down at the small counter Wintergreen set a plate with a giant steaming omelet on it in front of Logan. He probably knew he would sleep in, and want an omelet. Sometimes he thought Wintergreen knew him better than Slade.

"Thanks Wintergreen" he smiled at the butler. The butler nodded at him, not even acknowledging his change of appearance, he then turned around and continued making lunch no doubt for himself and Slade.

Logan started eating his omelet in his opinion Wintergreen makes the best omelets in the world!

"Are you going out today sir?" Wintergreen asked from the stove still cooking. Wintergreen probably already knew, just a conversation starter.

"Yeah, Slade gave me the day off" he answered then stuffed more omelet in his mouth. He then swallowed, and continued the conversation.

"Don't worry I remembered my communicator this time" Logan pulled it out and set it on the counter, he saw Wintergreen briefly glance at it then return to cooking. He had forgotten it a few times and Slade had to send a robot to find him, boy was Slade pissed at him.

He took the last bite, and finally finished his omelet, and got up.

"Tell Slade I'll be out OK" he then started to go out the door.

"Sir your communicator." Wintergreen said from the stove not even turning around.

Logan froze, and turned around "Eh heh" Logan scratched the back of his head embarrassed, and went to the counter and picked it up.

He stuck his hands in his pockets strolling down the street among the 'normal' people none of them, had any idea what they where walking next to. He imagined them all screaming in fear at the infamous thief, and 'villain', the green demon made up of a thousand animals Khimera. Maybe even a few corrupt business men would know his main occupation.

Then he sighed and ran his hand through his fake blonde hair.

Whatever not like he cared. Their opinions don't matter Slade had taught him that. What most think is 'evil' can be good with the right perspective, the same way the majority's 'good' can be evil. Good and evil don't exist, and people who say otherwise like 'heroes' are idealistic fools.

If anything he the 'villain' does more for society then them. They only save people that they bother to pay attention to. They support corrupt governments, protect people who don't deserve protecting, 'heroes' are hypocrites. At least he destroys some of those corrupt people instead of letting the live.

He continued to walk down the street blending in perfectly. His dark thoughts submerged within himself.

Logan then started to wonder where he should go exactly. He doesn't really know much about Jump City heck he has hardly left the Haunt for anything, but thefts and jobs.

Sometimes he would go out with Slade to meetings with other villains, mobsters, or business men at restaurants, or their mansions, but those are not really places he enjoys. Way to high-strung, and he has to use that dreadful etiquette that was forced down his throat.

Who cares what fork you use first anyways?

He suddenly remembered when he had to learn ballroom dancing it was torture, But it is useful he has to be able to blend in no matter how high-class a society. Also Slade probably doesn't want his apprentice dancing like a retarded chicken, and eating his food like a pig. Just because he can turn into animals doesn't mean he should act like one.

Damn seriously he needed to think of something to do! Maybe the movies? Nah that's boring, he could just go get some delicious pizza, nah not hungry. Then he saw the giant T in the distance, and he suddenly knew what he wanted to do.

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