Star trek a whole new world

Chapter 1- Spock

Shi'kahr Vulcan star date: 2230

It all began here the eldest of the great legends that would pilot the enterprise was born. His mother Amanda when she saw him come out smiled and cried tears of joy. The Vulcan Doctor and nurse didn't understand but knew she was human and thought it was normal but illogical to do. Then the great Sarek of Vulcan came home and went to his wife and newly born son. "Sarek dear what should we name him?" Amanda asked rocking him in her arms "Spock how about Spock?" Sarek whispered nuzzling her softly. The next morning he was called to the council again but some of them didn't look happy then again they never did. "Sarek we heard you had a son but is he full Vulcan or not" stalivick asked staring down at him "No sir Spock is of half me and half of his human mother but he looks a normal Vulcan his emotions will be the hardest to control" Sarek answered looking to the cold stoic faces he always saw "if Spock is subjected to ridicule we can't intervene I hope you understand that he must become full Vulcan or full Human he will have to decide" Stalivick said

Meanwhile at homeā€¦

Amanda didn't care what the others thought of her she knew she was home because Sarek loved her and that's all that mattered. Even though she missed her family and life on earth as a school teacher she wouldn't have her life any other way because she had a husband that loved her like no other Vulcan could and now a son that she could call her own. Spock was the most beautiful sight she ever saw what surprised her was the child never ever cried he giggled when she tickled him and he slept soundly but his way of telling her what he needed was through a bond that Sarek gave him so he had no reason to cry really. Spock was learning new things everyday but the thing he knew most was his mama was right with him and she would protect him and love him unconditionally. He knew who she was but wasn't all that sure about his dad. Little did they both know that Spock would have a hard life ahead.