A whole new world
chapter 3: Scottie

In a province in Scotland the same year…

Scotty was the biggest baby his mother ever did see he had all the luck in the world behind him and maybe he would be a protégé someday like his big brother shamus. Something his family learned quick about the laddie was that he liked to take apart things and put them back together at a young age that was an incredible feat. Only 6 months after his birth did Scotty start doing these peculiar things. " Aye Linda the Lad is met for greatness look at the things he has done and he's only half a year old" his father said patting him on the head.

Many in his family nicknamed Scotty Monty why? Because his first name was Montgomery after his great grandfather a brave warrior in the war of Damascus. Scotty though would like to wander around the house and once played hide and not seek with his big sister nina. "Monty come out I want ta dress ya up like me dolls" She pleaded. "Rebecca Scott leaves ya little brother alone is that clear lassie?" their mother said finding poor Monty under the table shivering. "Aw mum I ave no one else ta play wit on such a drastic day" She squealed. "No now leave him alone go on" their mother said picking up Scotty off the cold floor and wrapping him in a blanket. Scottie knew that there would be more where that came from because he knew his sister was so persistent.