first lover

"Marshall if you hurt Fionna you will wish you never layed eyes on her"

"hey guys what you talkin about" giving Marshall a kiss on the head

"oh we were just talking about... what the colour red tastes like,"

"okay, well cake me and Marshall are going out for abit"

"WHA, erm i mean oh okay you two be good now" giving Marshall a sly look

Marshall and Fionna chased each over through the forest Marshall winging most of the time because he could trick her by going invisible,

they ran into a big field with long grass as they fell on the long soft grass the little fairy's of weeds flew in the air after a long pause of they just looking into each overs eyes Fionna finally said something

"what were you and cake really talking about?"

"oh nothing she's just worried about you" pointing at his teeth

"she knows you wouldent do that"

"i know she means in feelings way" with a with a little smile on his face

"you know i wouldent hurt you right?"

"oh cause i do!" looking into his shinny black eyes. she suddenly stud up come on lets do something

"okay i have an idea" with a creepy smile on his face. he suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her on top of him Fionna's heart pounded faster

"erm not here Marshall" with a unsure look on her face

"it's okay no ones around" smiling at her

"erm" with a quick look around "okay"

she stood up "i thought you said okay" she just smiled.

she put her hands behind her head and took her hat of and long locks of blond her came pouring out she slipped her fingers through her hair then scrunched it forward then gave Marshall a foxy look then turned around so her back was to Marshall and she bent down with her legs still straight she smiled then tightly closed her eyes then flicked her hair back up she had a glance at Marshall and he was licking his lips she smurked and bit her lip " you like this honey" Marshall dident answer but the thing his pants told a different story. she shacked her hips side to side as she slowly took her top up and threw it on the floor next to her then bent forward and shacked her sholder's then stood back straight and brushed her hair back with her hands. she zipped down her skirt down and kicked it to the side then slid her hands down her body.

"i love you so much" Marshall said wit a smile on his face Fionna giggled. she jumped on him and kissed him passionately he grabbed her but cheeks and spred them apart then moved his hands up her back he undone her bra and it fell on him he moved it off his chest and took his red and black shirt off and moved it next to him Fionna suddenly slid down his chest to his pants and pulled them down showing his long penis stiff as a bone she slowly lent down and licked the top of Marshall's dick Marshall bit his lip and lay back she slowly slid it in her mouth and moved faster and faster Marshall grabbed her hair and pushed her head down more making her gag she pulled away and spat on his dick she slowly slid her nickers down " dont tease me Fionna" she laughed and slowly slid down on his dick moaning as doing so. he suddenly pushed her of him she was confused but then he lay her on her back and spred her legs open wide and started licking the inside of her pussy and she screamed in joy and breathed heavly "im gonna, im gonna, ahhhhhhhhhh" Fionna orgasmed all over Marshall then Marshall shoved his dick in her mouth then moved back and fourth she sruggled for breaths then Marshall cumed in her mouth they lay there sweaty and out of breath

"that, that was fun"

"yep" Marshall and Fionna struggling to talk

"i 3 you so much Marshall"

"i 3 you too"