Well thanks to the comments of "Gamergirl247" i got happy and decided to write another story of "the penguins of Madagascar" it's about how Blowhole recovered his memory, well…it doesn´t has nothing to do with the spirit guide or Doris…. It's a Little rare but i like it so please review


S: Kowalski did you finish analyzing the mad dolphins memory from the mid-jacker?

K: Just now. I guess i can return it to the safe vault.

P: Skippah do you think that Blowhole is ever going to get his memory back?

S: Well for the good of the world i hope not


Flippy (Blowhole) was doing tricks for the humans to get in exchange just a tiny fish.

He was so mad about this fact…. Well for this and because the human that gave him the fish and forced him to make tricks was also really cruel, he hurted him with metal sick.

So that night he was thinking….

B: Why should i do tricks for this people? Why? There is nothing else in the world for me?

No! I refuse to belive that this isa ll that the world has for me

I can't remember if i ever had a family or how did i arrived here but…if i could remember i am sure that i would know there is something else in the world for me…..

The next morning Flippy was doing the same routine that allways, he was about to try to jump the ring of fre like allways (and i say try 'cause he had never make it)

But this time was diferent he refused to jump, at seeing this his coach aproached to the tanck and began pocking him with the metal stick; Flippy mede a sad noise but still he refused to jump

The coach got much more angry and finally pocked him so hard that made him drop a Little of blod, Flippy screamed in pain but he didn´t jump the humans at watching this just said:

"What a silly animal!" "Let's go seeing something less boring"

The people just left leaving him with the pain.

Flippy really angry get down the wáter and at night he was thinking again…. Then he whipered to himself:

"Stupid humans!... but…. I will have my revenge…..i hate them!...and they shall pay….. from no won i'll never do any trick for any human EVER AGAIN!"…. I"ll have MY REVENGE

Hope you like it please comment even for my grammar mistakes

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