Hey there! Well as I promiss yesterday here is the last charper in wich we know why Blowhole left the pen-guui-ns scape and what does being arch enemys means


S: Here we are Kowalski can you tell us now why did you return to Blowhole his memory? And why didn't he killed us?

K: Yes! But first i need the tape of his memories

P: But you said that you didn't find anything strange

S: Yeah Kowalski explain yourself

K: No Skipper i said i didn't find anything usefull and thats true but i did find what does he thinks about us….

R: Wha'?

S: Kowalski….why would we care about what he thinks about us?

K: Because that's the reason why he didn't attacked us

Every body stared at him with a confused look and then Kowalski rolled his eyes and put a tape in the T.V. and just say: "Aghh….just look at the screen…."

In the screen it appered two animals one was a dolphin with a bionic eye (obiously Blowhole) and the other one was a lobster; they were both working on a ray but suddenly the lobster interrupted the silence:

-Hey doc, why are you putting and unlock button on the trap for the penguins?

-For giving them the chance to stop me- (he said looking at his minion with an angry look)

-But doc….- He continued- wouldn't it be better not giving them that opportunity?

- What fun would it be on that red one?

- Fun doc?

-Yeah what would be the fun of all this if they didn't get the chance of stop me?

Skipper suddenly interrupted: "Fun?! Is that what he thinks this is FUN?!"

K: shh keep watching" they turned around to see the screan again

-But i tough they where your arch-enemies doc….sooo… why do you do this?

-Aghh listen red one i do this because they are my arch-enemies

-I-I think i don't get it

-Of course you don't i haven't explain it yet….

"I give them the chance of scape so i can battle them to show them my suppirior force….because if i am going to defeat them in any moment I want it to be in an epic battle mostly with Skipper…Why do you think i plan my revenge on months and why do i give a big effort on the presentation?

-Because you like the attention?

- Well…..yeah but not only because of that is for…for…..well is hard to say but… is for impresing them to catch their attention…. You see thats how you can identify a super villain from a villain….

- How?

-A super villain is always going to do a great presentation to surprise the hero and a new villain will just want to destroy all with out any good presentation

-So you are saying that a super villian wiil always try to surprise his anemies?

-No…..just his arch-enemy, why surprising the others?

For example if i didn't had any arch-anemy or they were not my arch-enemies i will simply go with my plan not looking for them or just kill them with out fighting

Red one made an expresion like if he was thinking

-You still not get it right?

-Not really doc….

-If you manage to have an arch-enemy you will get it but meanwhile lets get back to work

The video ended an a all the penguins (exept Kowalski) stayed in shock for what they just Heard

O thaks for Reading, this is the end of the story; i'll think in more toppics for the next one but if you have any i'll be more than happy to hear them soo….please review and Happy Evil Dreams :D