So, Are You?

A/N: My DEEPEST apologies for ignoring "Too Late"...I swear it is almost done. I just. School. Grr. So please settle for this one-shot for the time-being! more to come!

A duo of siblings take in the scene before them skeptically. A pair of adults playing house while their father is away at work. They look at each other, feeling a familiar warmth fill the room. The kind of warmth the children have not felt since their mother passed. Two weeks prior. The younger of the two, a boy, looks at his sister with uncertainty. Yes or No? He tries to ask through hopeful brother-sister telepathy.

Two pairs of brown eyes continue to watch the agents working cheerfully, but silently, together to make cocoa. The girl arches her right eyebrow, taking everything in. Her brother nudges her and she holds in a sigh. Feelings of love have been pretty much devoid from the house-she has a theory her father seldom feels at all anymore. She looks back at her brother. You, she mouths.

He groans, stopping himself too late. The man and woman look up from the stove. "Is everything alright?" Her voice (complete with an accent) fills the room and her partner looks at the kids wearily. Children have never been his strong point-the opposite of Ziva.

"S-so, are you two like... going out?" The boy asks, his voice small and hesitant. His sister leans forward, awaiting the answer.

The agents stay silent for a moment. Before bursting into nervous laughter. "N-not at all!" The Israeli chokes on her words, tightening her ponytail in hopes of being nonchalant.

"We're just coworkers," Tony explains. "Just coworkers." His mind reels. Where on earth would they get that idea? He ponders, trying to loosen the collar on his shirt.

But the kids aren't buying it. "Doesn't seem like it to me," the young girl murmurs as she squints at the duo in front of her.

Ziva makes no move to answer before turning back to the stove and turning off the now warmed drink. "Would you mind taking out the cups for me? The cocoa is done." The two siblings are deviant, in her opinion. Is that the concept the teach in schools now?

Reluctantly stalking to the cupboard, the girl glances back at her brother again. Finally, as the cocoa is being served the boy speaks up again. "Neither of you rejected her claim."

Smart boy, Tony thinks as he begrudgingly hands the siblings their cocoa cups. "What are your guys' favorite movie?"

Still never answered, they think, looking at each other. "Jaws," they respond in unison.

"Now we're getting somewhere." Tony says gleefully. He wraps his arm around Ziva's shoulders. "Because we now have the pleasure of having Miss David here to watch this delightful film."

Ziva shoots him a look. "You guys couldn't have said The Sound of Music, huh?" She groans, settling into Tony's embrace.

The kids laugh, their cups in hand. Totally are, the girl mouths to her brother who just nods in confirmation.