Our Sacrifice

A/N: As of yet, I am totally in love with the words JenesisX has provided these past few weeks!

Hours upon hours of work. No sleep.

The public eye can never appreciate the hard work put in by our team. People hardly even know we exist. Damn you, Fornell. I really do blame you just as you blame me for everything wrong. Which makes sense to us. But again, not to the public eye.

My team does not mind though. It is amazing to see everybody work together, in sync. A sync that can only affect the closest of people. We are a family, making up for each of our own dysfunctional family lives before beginning to work here.

Tony and his father. His father's ever so erratic and sporadic moves across the country. His father's ability to make the worst seem like the best.

Ziva and her father. Mossad be damned for the hell they put her through. She did not deserve the scars, despite what the think.

McGee and his father (Anybody noticing a pattern?). God knows what happened there. A family in shame of a "geeky" son. Yes, he is a geek. But he is a damn good one.

Abby. Dead adoptive parents. And possibly living birth parents. Inside, she's a mess. And we all love her for it. She can make a day brighter with candy skulls and hugs.

Ducky and Palmer. Well, I like to say they are the two sane, normal people on team. They keep everything together. And they do love to talk with us about our problems.

And me. I might be the worst out of everybody. But that is not my point. The point is how we are as individuals doesn't affect our work.

We sacrifice everything for our job. Our lives. Our time.

And it is all okay because we love our sacrifice.