Birthday Wish

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His eyes are luminous with delight as he reads whatever happens to be on his computer screen. I wonder what makes him so cheerful; I wish it could be me. My eyes widen involuntarily. I hadn't really thought of Tony in this way since, well, since before I met Ray in Florida way back when. I actually thought Ray was going to be the one but it turns out he was just using me. Now instead of focusing on him, I could do my work… or at least try to without being distracted by love. It just turns out; my mind keeps on going back to Tony. I wish I could just kiss h-. "Earth to Ziva…is anybody home?" Tony asked as he looked over my shoulder. "Whatchya doin?" He asks with arched eyebrows as he finally notices there was no work on my desktop.

I jump back, startled. "Wha- oh…thinking. I was just thinking-I think." I stumble over my words, hoping he doesn't discern the blush that was creeping onto my cheekbones.

"'Thinking-I think' she says." Tony laughs. I really wish he wouldn't make fun of me like that. Then again his humor is a benign presence in this grim line of work. "So, what does probationary agent Ziva David want for her birthday?" Tony asks with a sly smile.

I bring my head to my hand. With everything that has been happening, the last thing on my mind is my birthday. Images of roses and ornate jewelry suddenly flash through my head, but I simply shake them off. "Nothing," I manage to squeak then I clear my throat. "Nothing, the rule is no presents. It's always been that way."

"And do I ever listen to that rule?" He asks me and I smile. Last year I received a Star of David necklace to replace the one I lost in Somalia.

"Right, you do have a flair for breaking rules." I laugh. I contemplate his question to its full extent. "How about a….a kiss?" I gasp at the risqué thought that came out of my mouth.

Tony's eyes fill with a vivacious light at the thought of giving me a kiss. He was just about to execute the act when something awful occurred. An elevator door opened with a ding and a silver headed man walked out. What I thought was an infallible plan to start a relationship had just hit rock bottom.

Gibbs walks into the bullpen where Tony and I were thisclose to each other, just about to kiss for real. His eyes just about pop out of his head when he exclaims: "What the hell are you two doing?"

This story was based on the sexual tension between Tony and Ziva in the hit drama NCIS

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