Man that was nasty last chapter. But things are just heating up in this crazy crazy world! –RowdyRocker

Now you didn't think that what happened to Jack would do nothing? No no no, unknown to our heroes, Soul Man's *cough cough* "rocket skates" have created their first rival battle!

"Oh god, oh god, oh dear sweet god" Vixen said. Sadly she had been covered by Jack's sick.

"Please tell it isn't what I think it is!" She begged

"If you're thinking it's the flying barf machine's throw up…then yeah, yeah your right on the money" said Combine (pronounced com-bine, like the guys from Half Life 2).

Sect belted out in a fit of laughter "HAHAHAHAHAHA"

"Sect don't be an ass." Dragger said snickering between his words

"Hey you're no better then him Dragger," Vixen shot back, "Let's get that flying sack of barf! Let's make him pay!"

"Vixen calm down, although we haven't had much of a battle since taking over Pharaoh Park, let's go challenge his gang" Voxel said.

They were speaking while riding around on the roller coaster, enjoying it, well until a certain someone came along because another certain someone thinks he is Doc Brown and can invent shit using some of the worlds dumbest methods. Anyway let's get on with the regular 4th wall breaking introductions.

First up we have Vixen! She wears a black and white knee high socks, a blue frilled skirt and a normal blue top with a green lightining bolt design going from her left shoulder diagonally across down to her hip. Personality wise she's loud, obnoxious and quick to anger almost like a spoiled princess in that regard. Some say she has a sweet side but no one's ever seen it.

Then we got Combine. He's a straight up robot, or at least his in game character is, a large gas mask like face excluding the barrels they normally have, he was the largest of the group, about 5 foot 3 inches. His upper body dwarfed his legs. His body was made of a black metal that didn't even shine. His only non robot parts, or rather part was a large gold chain with the yen symbol on it.

Now on to Sect. He doesn't speak much but when he does it's either helpful advice or devastating comeback. But he's not scary to be around, he always has a huge smile across his face.

Then there was Dragger. A true joker if there ever was one. I'm not talking Batman's joker. He's daily routine is wake up, play a practical joke, brush his teeth, play a practical joke, shower, play a pract- you know what I think you get it.

Voxel, The kind, fearless leader of this band of misfits. You really got to admire how he managed to create such a strongly connected gang of friends when everyone was so different.

Looks like things are beginning to start rolling. LET'S GET ROWDY