Yay! This is my first fan fiction. I hope you like it. I really don't know what i'm doing exactly but if you have any pointers for me the let me know. I don't own any of the characters only the plot. Oh and its kinda rated T so... ENJOY!


Hikari was walking home after a long day of school, Akira and Tadashi were fighting like the usual and Kei spent most of the day in the library studying. She liked how peaceful her school life was. She enjoyed being with every one of her friends.

When she got home Hikari noticed that her front door was wide open. What's going on?

Hikari walked into her house "I'm home," there was no answer. She looked around the living room, "is anyone here?"

Hikari checked all of the rooms and found no sign of them anywhere. "I guess they all went out."

She sat down at her desk and started studying for her next exam. "I'll be Kei this time for sure."

An hour had already passed and Hikari struggled to keep her eyes open. She had only been home for around 3 hours and not one of her family members had come home yet. That's really strange.

Hikari heard footsteps outside of her bedroom door. They were quiet footsteps. Why would onii-chan be sneaking around? Everything was dead silent as she tried to identify the footsteps.

The door was slammed open, a strange guy she had never seen before was standing there. Hikari was startled. he had brownish blond hair and he only wore the bottom half of his outfit. his tan flesh only mad his six pack pop uot like sandy mounds. Hikari was fozen from his looks for a moment, but quickly returned when she noticed that there was a glint of lust behind his gray eyes. Who the hell is this guy?

"So you were in here, huh," his voice swished as he spoke every word. "Your only making this easier for me you know" he shut the door behind him slowly.

"What- Who are you. G-Get out of here!" she tried to hid the fear in her voice. I hope I can take him if he puts up a fight. "You have to have permission before entering this house!"

"You shouldn't have to worry about that," he started to walk closer, "I won't be staying here very long."

Hikari stood up, ready to punch at any given moment. The man drove towards her, she lunged a punch at his face. He grabbed her wrist before it could hit his nose. Fast. His grip was solid and painful, Hikari swung her empty hand below his face. Her hand was caught by his other. He's too fast!

He leaned forward causing the twosome to fall over on the ground. Her head struck the wooden floor. Pain vibrated through her body. The world was spinning but she had to get free. She opened her eyes to see the man pinning her hard onto the ground; he climbed over her.

Hikari was kicking and screaming, "Get off me!" she couldn't control her shivers of fear anymore, Kei help me.

His pervy hands snuck themselves underneath her clothes. Piece by piece they came off.

Hikari struggles didn't make a difference under the stranger's body weight. Every time she moved he would dig deeper in to her flesh. She could feel the bruising. Sharp pangs drove pain up her body from between her legs. She wanted to scream, but his weight on her chest pushed out every ounce of breath she had left. Stop, please stop!

The stranger stopped, they could hear the door from the living room open and close. My family; Thank God their home.

The stranger bolted up onto his feet. He ran over to the window and opened it as fast and as silently as possible.

"That was fun Hanazono," he jumped onto the ledge, "let's do it again sometime." He sprang off of the window pane and into the garden, he was gone.

Hikari lay there, gasping for her breath, naked, bloodied and bruised. She lay in shock, still feeling the weight of the man on her. I'm weak, The weakest of all the people in the world. And I call myself Kei's equal.

Clothes, I need to put on my clothes. She moved unconsciously. She grabbed her shirt that was thrown to the side and sliped it over her torso. Every movement made her wince in pain. She has never been in so much pain before; mentally and physically. Her mind was racing, whats going to happen to me now.

Her father opened the door to her room. He saw his daughter lying on the ground in pain.

"Hikari!" he dove to her side,"whats wrong."

She couldn't speak, how could she? How could she go to school, how could she show her face to her friends, how could she get a job, how could she get married after what had just happened to her. How could her hard work help her now, I'm The Weak.

"Are you sick, do you have a fever!" her father asked full of love and concern.

How could she tell her family that she had just been raped.

Will Hikari Tell anyone? How will Kei react to this? Find out in the next chapter and tanks again for reading :D