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Kei had his head down on the coffee table. It has been an entire week since the last time he had seen Hikari, let alone her being in the greenhouse. He was constantly playing over in his head the time he went to visit her. Something's not right here.

"Kei looks terrible," Jun whisper to the other S-A members. They were all huddled up football style, constantly looking back at Kei's current position.

Megumi held up a sketch book, it read I bet it's because of Hikari.

"I wonder why Kei told us not to go visit her, " Ryuu said to the huddle, "I wonder what kind of sickness she has that would keep her out for so long."

The room was dead silent as they looked over at Kei, he looked very disturbed.

The door to the greenhouse opened. Everyone looked in that direction, wondering who the visitor was. Kei recovered quickly from his sadness and jolted up like a new born puppy. The person, who walked into the room, was Hikari. To everyone she looked as good as new.

"Hikari!" kei stood up as Hikari started walking over to the table.

"Good morning everyone," Hikari said as she sat down in the chair next to kei.

Kei sat down, he was happy and surprised to see that his Hikari was back, but something seemed off about her

They all returned to their seats to see what Hikari would say. "Hey Hikari, how are you feeling." Tadashi asked, eating a sandwich like a hobo.

Akira twisted the skin on the back of his hands. "Eat slower, dang it, don't you have any manners."

"Oh, I'm feeling a lot better, thank you all for worrying about me." for some reason she was avoiding eye contact with Kei, but he was glad to see her smiling face. That smile lit up Kei's depression. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, he felt like he needed to make up for the week he had missed without her.

"So miss two," he could sense Hikari stiffening as he said those words.

"Don't call me that!" she stood up, ready to challenge him at any moment.

"You missed the semester exam." He folded his arms and turned away from her, "are you trying to lose."

"Oh crap!" Hikari dashed for the exit, "I have to go retake it, and I'll be back in a second."

Kei smiled, now there's the Hikari that I remember. I'm glad to see her back.

"Oh dear," Akira said with a chibi pout on her face, "my Hikari finally came back and now she's gone again."

Kei just sat there, thinking and waiting for when she would return to the greenhouse.

It was only a few hours that had passed when Hikari came back. "Alright, I'm all caught up."

Something instantly started to burn in Kei's mind. He thought back to the day he visited her at her house again. He agreed that she didn't look sick, but she did look disturbed about something. This only troubled him more.

"Hikari, want a bite of my lemon cake," Akira asked her with a huge grin.

"No, but thanks for offering Akira."

"You sure you're not hungry at all, I haven't seen you eat at all today."

"Oh." she turned away from her, "I was focusing more on completing all my makeup work. I didn't really feel that hungry."

That can't be true Hikari; you're probably starving out of your mind. Kei wanted to know what was wrong so badly. Why won't you tell me Hikari?

He stood up from his chair and walked over to her, if she won't tell me, then I'll just have to find out.


"Yes Takashima"

"I want you to come to my house tomorrow," he crossed his arms. He could read her face like a book, that's a terrible idea, it said.

"I missed you," he wrapped his arms around her, caressing her deeper into his chest. "I want to spend more time with you, Hikari."

She returned his embrace, face filled with concern she said, "ok, I understand."

He released her so he could gaze into her beautiful dark blue eyes, "I can't wait"

What will happen at Kei's house? Will things get worse; more than they already are? Find out in the next chapter…