My first fanfic this there will have some lemon in later chapters. This chapter starts before Wuya gets her body back… for the second time. Excuse any grammar errors my spelling sucks. I own nothing but any character I might make up. Xiaolin Showdown belongs to Warner Bros. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: My master

Chase Young's lair

Chase walked the long corridor of his lair until reaching his throne room. "Wuya!" Chase yelled and sure enough the old witch phased through the wall to Chases side.

"Yes Chase", she said with a fan-girl tone. Chase groaned irritably before asked his question. "Has a new wu activated yet"?

"Well yes a few minutes ago" she said.

"And you failed to inform me because?" Chase asked with a hint of malice in his throat.

Wuya was confused. Chase has never shown any interest in shen gong wu before. "But I didn't think it was important to tell you since you don't care about wu".

Chase growled at the witch, "I will decided what's important or not!" He would have killed her right there if she wasn't already dead. Chase breathed and quickly regained his composure and continued to ask Wuya, "Where is this shen gong wu"?

"It's in America, a place call Yellowstone National Park" Wuya said now with caution.

"Very well, I believe its time she got acquainted with the young xiaolin monks", Chase said with a devilish smirk.

At Yellowstone

Dojo flew over the snow peeked mountains. The monks marveled at the beautiful sight of park. "This place is most tranquil" the young bald headed monk, Omi said. "I'll say, but this place is huge how are going to find that wu…what's it called again" asked the Japanese girl. "The prism of justice. The light refracted can create spears of light" Dojo explained.

While flying close to a lake Raimundo squinted as a light was starting to blind the Brazilian boy. "Hey I think I see something down there."

Dojo flew down and landed next to the lake. As the monks dismounted and Dojo returned to normal size as if on queue, a pathetically annoying evil laughter pieced the sky.

On his helipad Jack Spicer flew down with his usual array of Jackbots. "Back off Xiaolin losers that wu's mine!"

"Wrong, insect."

Everyone looked up the tall pine tree and saw Chase Young with jungle cat in the surrounding trees branches.

Omi look at Chase with disbelief "Chase Young. Since when have you ever cared about shen gong wu?"

Chase chuckled "I don't but someone else does. Toru!"

From the distance a shadow jumped from the trees, and lands in front of the monks. A girl, probably about 18 or so. She has caramel skin, piercing green eyes, and is wearing a dark red and black out fit with heavy black combat booths. Toru unsheathes her double-edge sword.

The only 2 words she said hit the monks like ice "Yes master." No question could be found in her voice.

"Toru, handle the insect, the monks, and retrieve the shen gong wu." His commanding voice reached Toru instantly.

She said the same words she said earlier but this time with a delighted tone, "Yes master".

Like lighting she jumped up and in mid-air she swung her sword slicing a Jackbot in 2. Another Jackbot shot out a chain aimed at Toru's head, she bend backwards enough so the chain barley misses her. But this was on purpose, Toru loved having a little danger in her life, I mean, come on, she had the evil Chase Young as her teacher. Toru grabbed the chain and twirled the robot until it collided with another Jackbot. The monks looked in awe of this girl who was taking out Jack's robots, so much so that no one thought to get the prism of justice while this new adversary was preoccupied. Sure they've done the same thing dozens of times before but they've never done it with such speed, and on top of that she was doing this while not even touching the ground.

Jack flew of scared…at least he started to. He had made it to the other side of the large lake before Toru jumped in front of him.


"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Jack let out a girly scream then turned around trying to escape but Toru yanked of his helipad. Jack fell into the bush screaming like a girl again.

The next thing the monks saw was Chase's apprentice in front them.

For a spit second Kimiko found herself face-to-face with Toru before she punched Kimiko knocking her out cold.

Toru look at the Japanese girl's body before turning her attention to the other monks. "I'll deal with you later".

"Well what are you waiting for-an invitation? Show me your powers xiaolin 'warriors'" te tone she put on 'warriors' was enough to get Clay adamant.

"Fist of Tebigong, earth!" Clay, the Texan monk, hit the ground with devastating force causing a mini earthquake. But at all Toru did was effortlessly jumps from bolder to bolder, and kick Clay in the stomach yanking of his wu at the same time.

She virtually did the same thing to Omi and Raimundo and disarmed them.

"Lets see how well you fair without your toys." Toru said this with a grin almost as devilish as Chase

"Damn she's too quick" Raimundo cursed.

"Perhaps but only one at a time if we attack as one then we can overwhelm her" Omi's idea sound the best so far so they all took a side and rushed at Toru.

"Ooh, this should me fun" Toru thought to herself

Toru jumped up as Clay swinged, she cartwheeled of his back then punched him. Kicked Omi, dodge Raimundo's punch, and punched him in the face knocking him back. Simultaneously Omi, Clay, and Raimundo resumed their attack. Outnumbered Toru had no problem blocking their attacks.

Chase looked upon his apprentice with pride he had trained her well.

'She's fairing quite well'

'Of course she is, we trained her after all'

'What the hell are you doing out'

'Simply checking up on the girl we so carefully nurtured. Taking out the monks is an easy enough task considering she did kill her own parents.'

Chase looked down and saw the dragon of fire starting to stir

'She's taking too long.'

'Let her indulge herself it is the first time she's left the lair in years'

'We cannot have this shen gong wu lost to us if combined with its sister wu than it can destroy us!' As much Chase was enjoying the show these particular wu were to important, and far too dangerous to monks get their hands on it or that idiot Jack Spicer.

"Toru retrieve the wu, now!"

"Yes master." Toru ducked complying with her master's orders as Clay accidently punched Raimundo and she jumped up and simultaneously punched Raimundo, and kicked Clay, ran over to Omi and slashed at him with her sword knocking him into a tree, denting it.

Kimiko was climbing the tree, in a dazed and confused, but determined.

Chase would never forgive Toru if she failed her mission, 'cause that would surely lead to punishment and she didn't need new scars.

Toru took a quick glace back to make sure the other monks we out of the way, then with superhuman speed started to scale the trees. There's a reason why she saved Kimiko for last.

The female warriors made it to the top of the pine tree were there prized laid and touched the shen gong wu at the same time and it started to glow…

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