Licking your fingers, you pulled back to look at the efforts of your day's labours. Your counter was covered in the baking you had been doing, dishes and bowls full of pastries and sweets. Tomorrow was Durin's day and you had been asked to help with the feast. You hadn't had anything else to do so you had readily agreed. Unfortunately, you had had to lock your doors as soon as you'd started because you'd had too many dwarves already trying to get into your house to sample some of your desserts.

Keeping dwarves out of a kitchen full of sweets was no easy task but somehow you had managed. Of course, it had almost driven you insane because you had a sweet tooth like all the others and you had been trapped inside with all the smells. Somehow you'd resisted sampling the treats but it was wearing your control down. You needed a distraction before you lost it.

Hearing a knock at your door, you called, "Go away! I've already said I'm not sharing!"

"That's too bad to hear because I enjoy sharing," a voice you knew called back.

Rolling your eyes, you crossed the room to the door leading outside. You pulled it open slightly and lifted a brow at the dwarf standing there. "You still can't have any," you told him, keeping a tight grip on the door.

He smiled at you, the same smile that usually made you give in to whatever he was wanting.

"Fíli, no," you said. "Your mother asked me to help with the celebration and I'm not going to let her son ruin that!"

"Easy, lass," he said, laughing and taking a small step back. "I know what Mother asked you to do and I'm not here to eat any of it."

You eyed him warily, not believing him.

Fíli held up his hands, his smile still in place. "I promise."

"Why are you here?" you asked, keeping your grip on the door.

"Since when am I not allowed to visit you? I always visit you after I work in the forge for the day."

"Aye and you usually want me to feed you," you said honestly.

"Working in the forge is hard, lass," he pointed out. "Normally you don't mind."

"I normally don't have enough food in my house to feed the village."

His head tipped to the side, studying you. "You're really not going to let me in?"

You shook your head. "I don't trust you. You've devoured my kitchen before."

"Alright, lass," he said, giving you a bow. "I'll leave you alone for today, but tomorrow you're mine."

You shivered slightly as he started to walk away. You were looking forward to tomorrow, to the feasts and dancing and celebrations that lasted all day. But you also looked forward to him visiting you. "Fíli, wait," you called.

He paused, looking over his shoulder at you.

Your fingers drummed against the door for a second before you stepped back, opening it. "Get back here," you said, waving him on.

"But your precious desserts," he protested mildly.

"I'll defend them from you and don't think that I won't," you threatened as he walked back to your door. "I've been working hard on this all day."

He nodded and stepped into your kitchen. "Mahal, lass," he muttered, looking around. "You did all this?"

"Aye. Don't," you said sharply when he reached out for something on a plate.

"There's enough here that no one will miss it tomorrow," he protested, still reaching out.

You hurried over and smacked his hand. "I said no, Fíli!"

He shook his hand out before walking to the table. "You look like you've baked for an army, lass. You don't think that you over did it at all?"

"Have you seen how much the lot of you eat?" you demanded, looking around and wondering what you could feed him. You had used most of your food to make the desserts since there would be no need for you to make your own meals tomorrow.

"We surely can't eat all of this."

You laughed. "Give me a moment and I'll find you something to eat."

He sighed and you heard him slump in the chair. Glancing back at him, you saw that he had his head tipped back, his eyes closed as he rested. He looked exhausted.

"Long day?" you asked, searching your cupboards for something to give him.

"Always is before Durin's day," he sighed. "Everyone knows nothing's going to get done tomorrow so they all showed up to have the most ridiculous things to fix."

And of course they wouldn't be turned away because the heirs of Durin always got their job done no matter what was brought to them. Pursing your lips, you planted your hands on your hips and tried not to be frustrated. You knew he was tired and needed to eat and there was nothing to give him.

"Having issues?"

"Hush," you muttered, looking at the counter. There was no helping it. Scooping up a plate of desserts, you walked over to the table and set it down.

Fíli's eyes opened as he heard the porcelain on the wood before he looked at you. "What are you doing?" he asked curiously.

Walking back to the counter, you pulled a drawer open and took out a fork. "No!" you said when you turned to see him reaching for one of the berry tarts on the plate.

"Lass, you don't mean to torment me by putting that in front of me and not letting me eat it," he groaned.

"I'm not that mean," you chided, coming back to him. Looping your arm around his neck, you settled on his lap, shaking your head when a smile curled his lips.

"Sometimes you are," he pointed out, shifting in the chair so he could hold you properly.

"Teasing is fun and you should know since you do it so often," you muttered, leaning in to brush your lips against his.

A low chuckle left him and one hand lifted to keep you where you were, prolonging the kiss. Sighing softly, you melted against him, your fingers curling into his hair. You felt his own hand curl around your hip, his grasp possessive and firm. "I missed you today," he said softly against your lips.

"Me or the lunch I usually bring?"

"There you go being mean again," he growled, pulling back to give you a look.

You batted your lashes at him. "We've already had this discussion. Now are you hungry or not?"

"Are you going to feed me?"

Picking up the fork, you cut a piece of the small tart and lifted it up. "I had considered it," you said, smiling.

His lips quirked up again and he took the bite. A groan left him, his eyes closing as he chewed. "How do you do that?" he muttered, leaning back in the chair. "How are you so damn good at that?"

"Practise," you murmured. You had had plenty of practise cooking for most of the warriors that lived in the area. You didn't normally make this kind of thing, but you had taken to it easy enough.

He made a pleased noise and chewed another bite. "You're spoiling me," he sighed.

"Well, if you think it's going to make you fat, I can stop."

Blue eyes cracked open to glare at you. "Lass, don't you dare. If you stop, I'm going to sabotage everything in this kitchen."

"You wouldn't."

He lifted a brow at you but before you could figure out what he was about, he started tickling you. A startled gasp left you before you started giggling. When you tried to get out of his lap, his arm wrapped tighter around you and kept you in his lap.

"Fíli, stop!" you gasped, pushing at him and trying to squirm away from him.

He didn't. If anything he tickled you harder. It wasn't until you were gasping for air and collapsed against him that he finally stopped. "You know better than to tempt me," he murmured, his lips brushing your ear.

You smacked his chest lightly, shivering as the long braids of his mustache tickled your ear. You heard him pick up the fork, but didn't move yet. You still needed to catch your breath and being wrapped up in his arms wasn't something you were going to complain about. Closing your eyes for a moment, you let the strong scent of leather and the muskiness of male dwarf calm you.

"You're purring," he said quietly and you could hear the smile in his voice.

Rolling your eyes, you pushed away from him to give him a look. "I'm not allowed to enjoy your company?"

"Never said that," he murmured, lifting a piece of tart to your lips.

"I'm not hungry."

"And I'm sharing."

You took the bite when he didn't move. "You are the most stubborn dwarf I have ever met."

Fíli laughed, his fingers flexing on your hip. "And you love me for it."

Sometimes. Sometimes you wanted to hit him over the head with a pot. You had to bite your tongue to keep from scolding him again when he started on a second tart.

"Lass, you need to stop wearing your emotions on your face," he chuckled. "You've made more than enough for tomorrow. One plate of tarts isn't going to be missed."

"Says you."

"Yes, says me and since I'm supposed to be a prince, I have final say."

A snort left you and you pushed out of his lap. You knew he was teasing about the prince thing, but it still made you roll your eyes. The only time the prince card came out was usually when he and his brother had gotten into some kind of trouble. Leaving him to the tarts, you walked back to your baking, thinking about covering and storing it for the night.

Before you could start, two hands came down on either side of you and a hard body pressed to your back, pinning you to the counter. "Where do you think you're going?" he rumbled in your ear.

"My work day isn't over yet," you said quietly.

"It is for a little bit." He turned you to face him before gripping your hips and lifting you up onto the counter.

"Because you say so?"

He smirked. "Exactly so."

You couldn't help laughing but before you could wrap your arms around his neck, he moved away. "Fíli, what-"

"I know you and I know you probably worked all day making all of this and didn't take any for yourself."

"I'll eat it tomorrow with everyone else."

It was his turn to snort. "No, you won't. You never do."

No, you didn't, but that wasn't the point. Bracing yourself to hop off the counter, you froze when he growled at you. "Fíli."

He scooped up a bowl of puff pastries and turned back to you. "I also know these are your favourites," he said, putting the bowl down beside you.

"Are not."

"No?" he said slowly, dipping a puff in heavy cream and lifting it to his own lips. "More for me then."

Reacting without thinking, you leaned forward and nipped it from his fingers. Licking your lips to catch the cream, you nearly did purr as the taste filled your mouth. When Fíli chuckled at you, you gave him a mock glare. "You can't just tease a girl with desserts and expect her to sit idly by."

Fíli popped one of the puffs in his mouth and grinned at you.

"You can't act like an adult for long, can you?"

"Why do I need to when I'm with you?" he asked, leaning forward to rest his forehead on yours. "When I'm with everyone else, I have to be Fíli, son of Dís and heir of Thorin Oakenshield. When I'm with you, I'm just Fíli."

"And just Fíli is a childish dwarf who has no control when it comes to sweets?" you asked teasingly.

He huffed at you. "No, he's a dwarf who has no control when it comes to a sweet dwarf with a sharp tongue."

Pulling him back when he moved away, you threaded your fingers in his hair and kissed him. "Normally, you like my tongue," you murmured.

"Do not tempt me," he grumbled. "I can't stay here tonight to teach you the lesson you deserve."

You tried not to laugh as you let him pull away and instead, picked up another puff. Dunking it in the cream, you offered it to him. Your breath caught when he leaned forward and took it from you, his tongue flicking the cream off of your fingers. "You're horrible," you whispered.

His lips twitched up and he caught your hand. Kissing the pads of your fingers, he smiled fully when you shivered. "As much as I want to stay," he said regretfully, "I should get home before Mother or Uncle sends Kíli looking for me."

You nearly blanched at the thought of Kíli in your kitchen. Fíli would tease at eating everything; his brother would actually eat all of it.

"I'll be back tomorrow to help you get all of this to the main hall," he promised, leaning back in to kiss you quickly.

"You don't have to," you protested, smiling when he kissed you again.

"Aye, I do. Mother's orders."

You laughed softly. Dís had said that she would send help to move the food. She hadn't mentioned that it was going to be her sons. "Well, I suppose I can't argue with that," you murmured.

He tugged you to the edge of the counter suddenly, pressing fully against you. "And tomorrow, I'm not letting you out of my sight," he purred.

Shivering at the promise in his words, you nodded and laughed when he gave you another quick kiss. He helped you off the counter before heading to the door.

"Make sure you lock this," he told you as he opened it. "I'd hate to see all your hard work go to waste."

"Keep your brother away and I can handle the rest," you teased.

Fíli chuckled and stole one more kiss from you before leaving.

A/N: If I thought writing smut could be difficult at times, it's got nothing on fluff. I feel like I'm failing at writing when there isn't some kind of sex involved, but I suppose that is the definition of fluff. So yes. I got a request on tumblr for some Fili fluff because there isn't enough of it and since I'm happy to write, here it is! Hope you all enjoyed and thank you for reading!