In this time of night in Japan, I was about to meet with my dealer. Her name is Vermouth, and she is with the Black Organization. Anyway, I got a business debt with her at this moment. I went to the docks to have that deal. As I approach her, she is wearing all black. That's nice of her. Too bad she doesn't even know what my true intention is.

"You got the money?" she asked in a sinister way.

"Yes, I have it, Vermouth," I replied, showing my briefcase full of money. I open it to show her how much money I got. It's $20,000,000. As she look at it, she seems to have a smile on her face as she takes it.

"Are you followed?" she asked in a suspicious manner.

"No, I'm not," I replied, but she doesn't know I lied. "Anyway, Vermouth, where would I meet the boss of the Organization?"

"My, aren't you in a hurry to meet him," Vermouth is trying to flirt with me. "Here you go, Kawamoto, he is at his mansion at this address."

As she gives me a card, this really confirms it. Anyway, as for being called Kawamoto, that is the name of my lookalike brother who was killed by General Minch. I'm going to show Vermouth my real name. I gave her a smile on her face.

"What?" she asked.

"Thank you," I replied sinisterly.

"For what?"

"For being pathetic," I gave out a signal that cops are behind me. It looks like she gets into an ambush. As she saw that, she looks really angry.

"You traitor!" Vermouth pulls out her gun at me, but I calmly grab her wrist and put her hand to the side, then I kicked her in the gut. As she gets up, she pulls out a knife next, but I stopped that again and I punch her in the face, putting her to the ground.

"Who are you?" Vermouth said as she struggles to get up.

Now this the moment I've been waiting for. At least the cops are not going to hear this.

"My name is Kawamoto Tamanojo, but my real name is Yuki Michio," I replied in a cold way. As I look at her, she is filled with shock. I think she knows who I am.

"Yuki?" she asked before I step her head, knocking her out. Anyway, she'll wake up in a prison cell. I turn to the police. "Get her to jail."

Now that little miss blondie is out of the way, it's time for me to take down the Black Organization. I decided to put my Kabuki skills to the test; I decided to enter the place as Vermouth. Good thing I got her appearance on tape; I secretly have it so record a video of her. Now I know how I can look like her. I got a long blonde wig and the exact image of her black outfit. I put it on and I construct a Thompson submachine gun. I also bought some clips. As I drive to the mansion, it is time.

I approach the front door as my mission begins. Two men came to me as they greet me.

"Ah, hello there, Ms. Vermouth," one said. Then I pull out my pistol as I shot their heads off. I burst in with the submachine gun as I saw there are many goons around. Well, this would be fun so I take potshots out of them. I killed every last of them as they would try to take me out. As I walk to the stairs so I can get to the boss, some guy attempts to shoot me from behind, but I took care of that. Also with the sides. Anyway, before I could advance to the boss' office, I was confronted by two men in black; one is wearing a black hat and has a long blonde hair while the other is wearing a hat and sunglasses. They are Gin and Vodka respectively, and they're pointing their guns at me.

"Well, if it isn't Yuki Michio. Nice disguise. Must your Kabuki lineage," Gin complimented.

"How did you...?" I was surprised when figured it out.

"Figure it out? It's simple. We know that Vermouth is incapable of turning against the organization so we figure out that the one who is capable of doing this is a man. When it a woman, we figured a crossdresser like you would be doing something like this. To top it off, I've been reading newspaper articles about how you tried to take down the corrupt government officials that are involved in the MW gas," Gin explained with a smug look.

"Well, since that you're here, can we have your autograph?" Vodka pulls out a pen and paper, and so does his partner.

"Well, sure," I replied happily as I write down my name on their papers. As soon as I'm done, they're not going to make an attack on me. "Um, aren't you going to attack me?"

"In this condition? No, we're not," Gin replied calmly.

"Besides, with that kind of planning, you're going to take down this organization," Vodka also replied calmly.

"So how about letting us go and we promise we won't do anymore harm ever again?" the blonde hair guy is making a deal with me. How interesting it is.

I pulled out a coin to decide if I should do this or not.

"Heads, I'll let you two go; tails, I'll blow your heads off," I flipped the coin. The outcome is tails. "I'm sorry, but it says 'tails' so..."

"No problem, Yuki," Gin said, smiling. "At least we got the chance of meeting you."

"Yeah, so kill us if you want. We accept our fate," Vodka added.

I pulled out a pistol on them as I point it on their foreheads. I took the shot, killing them. Too bad, I kinda like them. Now for the boss.

"Aah, so you're really Yuki, the brother of Kawamoto Tamanojo. Nice to meet you," he is going for the gun, but I shot it out of his hand. It looks like he doesn't have much of a fighting skill. "You know what, Yuki? Kill me if you want."

"No, I decided to put you in jail," I retorted as some police officers that are with me early on come by. "Gentlemen, take this man away."

With Vermouth and her boss arrested, as well as all of the men in black are dead including Gin and Vodka, the Black Organization is history. Now it's time for me to rest this matter.