AN: This story doesn't have a plot (so far). It's just a series of KakuHida-drabbles that I wrote some time ago. Hidan's a bit OCC but don't expect him to become an uber kawaii uke boy.

If you find any mistakes or phrases that sound strange, feel free to inform me. English isn't my native language. I'm not only writing in English because it sounds way better than German, but also to improve my skills. Have fun reading

Hidan stopped typing and looked over his shoulder to Kakuzu. His best friend lay on his bed, legs crossed, his head resting on one arm while reading a book.

Hidan smiled as he watched him read. He and Kakuzu had been friends for… well forever. He couldn't remember a time when he didn't know the stitched man. Though the stitches hadn't always been on his body. He shook his head slightly to stop himself from remembering, how Kakuzu got the scars. But ever since, he spent most of his time with the albino. Hidan couldn't complain. Well… he could, but he didn't (Actually he did. A lot). Kakuzu could be an asshole too and his greediness sometimes could drive him insane. But secretly Hidan liked all of Kakuzu's characteristics even if they sometimes made him curse and scream and want to beat the stitched man up.

"What are you looking at?"

"… huh?"

Kakuzu raised an eyebrow. He let the book sink to his chest and looked to Hidan. "You are staring at me, idiot", he mumbled while sitting up. He lifted his arms and stretched himself, letting his bones crack quietly.

Hidan blushed. "I'm not staring at you. Why would I want to stare at your ugly ass? You simply happened to be in the way." Pouting he turned around and concentrated on the computer in front of him. He heard Kakuzu shift and stand up.

"Maybe because of your suppressed homosexual feelings?" Kakuzu mused and walked over to Hidan. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at the screen.

"What?! I'm not gay, for the last fucking time!"

"Keep telling yourself that" Kakuzu mused. Hidan simply glared at him, hoping he would drop dead.

"Whatever, bitch. I'm bored. Let's do something."

Sighing Hidan leaned back and forced himself to calm down. "What do you have in mind?"

Kakuzu shrugged. "I don't know. Wanna go grab something to eat?"

"Sure. You up for pizza?"

Kakuzu nodded. "Let's go."

Hidan got up and grabbed his jacket and the keys. He followed Kakuzu out of his room and down the stairs to the front door. Before he left the house Kakuzu snatched the keys from his pocket and walked up to the car. "I'm driving."

"Whatever, asshole." Smirking Hidan got in the car. Kakuzu followed him a few seconds later, started the motor and pulled out of the driveway. After Kakuzu started driving, Hidan snatched his phone from his pocket and started playing Angry Birds while his friend concentrated on the road.

"Hey, Hidan?"


"How come you don't have a girlfriend?"

Confused Hidan paused the game and looked up to him. The stitched man didn't take his eyes from the road.

"Dunno… I guess I don't really like the girls I know so far."

Kakuzu raised an eyebrow. "What girls do you know? Except for Konan?"

Hidan blushed. "Why are you asking me shit like that?"

"I'm just curious." Kakuzu smirked. Hidan tilted his head to his side and examined his friend bewildered.

"How come you don't have a girlfriend?"

"You know, unlike you I already had a few."

Hidan snorted. "Yeah… They were bitches."

"Says the bitch."

"Stop calling me that, asshole!"

Hidan punched Kakuzu's shoulder before pouting sinking back in his seat. "You never had a relationship that lasted longer than two months… how come?"

Kakuzu shrugged. "At some point all they wanted was my money."

Hidan turned his head and leaned it on the window. "To me it seemed like you were pushing them away."

Kakuzu furrowed his brows. "What makes you think so?"

"… At some point you hung out with me instead of them."

Kakuzu didn't reply. Hidan was right but he didn't want to admit that. He'd rather drive straight into one of the trees next to the street than agreeing with his idiot friend. Silently he kept driving until they reached the pizzeria. Kakuzu drove the car to a parking lot and stopped the engine. Without another word he left the car and walked towards the entrance. Hidan followed him bewildered. Did he piss him off again?

All of a sudden Kakuzu stopped, which caused Hidan to run straight into him. "What the fuck, man? Why did you stop?"

Annoyed he looked up to his friend, who had turned around. Kakuzu looked down to him with an unreadable expression.

"What the fuck are you staring at, you old fu-"

Before he could continue cursing, Kakuzu leaned down to him and pressed his lips to Hidans. His violet eyes widened in shock. He couldn't help but like the feeling of his lips on his own. Neither could he fight the blush creeping to his face.

After a few seconds Kakuzu pulled away. He looked at the silver haired man like he was expecting a response. The blush on Hidan's face deepened under his stare. "Wha… What the fuck are you staring at!?"

Kakuzu, taken aback by Hidan's response blushed hardly noticeable. "Nothing…"

"Well, fine. Let's go inside, I'm fucking starving!" Hidan turned around and stomped inside the building, followed by a bewildered looking Kakuzu.

A few minutes later they sat on their table, two glasses of coke in front of them. Kakuzu stared at Hidan with furrowed brows and a frown on his face. Hidan on the other hand, sipped at his drink and refused to take his gaze from the table.



Kakuzu sighed and leaned back. Maybe it had been a bad idea, kissing him. After all, he did tell him not long ago that he wasn't gay. But the way he always looked at him told him otherwise. At least he thought so.

"Do you… want to talk about it?"


Kakuzu raised an eyebrow. "No reason to get cocky, you know?"

Hidan raised his head and glared at his friend. "Shut the fuck up! I'm thinking!" His gaze returned to the table.

Kakuzu bit his lower lip. They remained silent, even after the servant put the pizza on the table. They ate it in complete silence, which by now unsettled Kakuzu. It was a bad sign not hearing anything from his friend. It usually meant, that he was either about to cry or really pissed.

After they finished their pizza, Hidan ordered a sundae and was now slowly licking the ice from the spoon. He almost vanished behind the huge amount of ice cream.

Kakuzu watched him eat with disgust. "You do realize you're eating a heart attack?"

Hidan raised his head and looked at him emotionless.

"Do it again."

"You're eating a heart attack."

Hidan scowled. "Not that, asshole. It. Do it again", he demanded with red cheeks.

Kakuzu hesitated for a moment but the other leaned towards him and looked at him with an expecting gaze. For once he did what the albino wanted and leaned down to him. He waited a few seconds before pressing his lips gently to Hidan's.

This time, he returned the kiss shyly and inexperienced but it was gentle and felt nice. After a few seconds Hidan slowly closed his eyes. Kakuzu watched his expression change from determined to soft. He also noticed his cheeks turning slightly red which made him smirk. He was actually annoyingly cute.

The kiss lasted longer than the one they had shared before. Kakuzu took advantage of it and deepened it slightly. He gently nibbled at Hidan's lips, which made the other have to hold back a content sigh.

After a while Hidan leaned back again. His eyes remained closed for a few seconds, before he looked up at Kakuzu with red cheeks. "…thanks", he mumbled quietly before returning to eating his sundae.

Kakuzu couldn't help but smirk. Hidan was cute, there was no doubting it. He leaned back and watched his friend finish his sundae.

"What does that make us?" Hidan looked up from his food. He felt anger boil in his stomach, when Kakuzu simply shrugged.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You fucking kiss me out of fucking nowhere and now you just fucking shrug it off, you fuckface?"

"Calm the fuck down, Hidan."

"No! I won't fucking calm down, asswipe!"

Kakuzu sighed and sat up straight. "Hidan… I don't even know myself what that makes us. I don't know if we're still friends or if it makes us more than that."

Hidan's eyebrow twitched. "Seriously? Of course we'll stay friends, asshole", he muttered while brutally cutting up the ice cream with his spoon.

"Maybe we're friends with benefits?" Kakuzu mused. Hidan glared at him and forcefully pointed the spoon at him, causing some drops of ice cream flying across the table and landing on Kakuzu's face.

"You really shouldn't fuck with me right now, asshole. And I'm not going to fucking sleep with you!"

"Hmmm… Whatever…"

Hidan glared daggers at him. Kakuzu raised an eyebrow, when the silver haired blushed and lowered his gaze. "How about we just… uhm… you know… just fucking see where this is going?"

"… Are you sure?"

"No… but I think it's a good idea. Or don't you want to? I swear Kakuzu, if you just fucking kissed my for fun, I'm going to cut your dick off in your sleep."

The stitched man chuckled. "Don't get carried away, asshole. I'm fine with that."

"Good… but if you touch my ass without my permission I'll make you eat your own fucking balls, understood?"