Hidan shifted on his bed and took a long, satisfying drag on his cigarette. He rocked one of his feet in the tact of the music that was running annoyingly quiet in the background. Stupid Kakuzu was way to eager to study for the oncoming chemistry test. Hidan eyed his boyfriend's back for a while before sitting up. "Hey, Kakuzu?"


"What do you want to do after graduation?"

Kakuzu raised his head and looked over his shoulder to the albino, who sat cross-legged on the bed, looking rather curious. He tilted his head while thinking about the question.

"College I guess", he mumbled after a moment of silence that was only disturbed by Hidan's favorite singer shouting out obscenities.

Hidan shook his head. "That's not what I meant. What do you wanna do to earn money? Like, in the future."

"Well… I was thinking about becoming a lawyer."

Hidan furrowed his brows. The cigarette landed in the ashtray on his bedside table when he got up and walked up to Kakuzu. The tan man smiled, when he felt the albino's arms around his neck. "Sounds boring. Except for when you get to deal with homicide cases."

"I don't care… as long as I get enough money, I'd deal with any case."

Hidan smirked. "You're such a money whore."

Kakuzu leaned his head back and kissed the albino's chin. "So what? What do you want to do after graduation?"

"Heh… I'm going to be a rockstar." He pouted and let go of Kakuzu, when the tan man snorted.

"Sure… say, how are your guitar lessons going? Oh wait. Stupid me. I completely forgot you smashed your guitar after the third lesson."

"Shut up, asshole. There's more to being a rockstar than just playing the guitar."

"Like what?" Kakuzu turned the chair around to have a better view at Hidan, who was now sitting on his bed and crossing his arms.

"You know… Looking hot and stuff."

Kakuzu raised one brow. "You might as well become a stripper when you talk like that." He got up as well and sat down beside Hidan, leaning against his side. He furrowed his brows, when the albino took another cigarette out of his pocket.

"Don't you think you've had enough tobacco for today?"


"Idiot…" He quickly snatched the cigarette from Hidan's hand and threw it in the trash can, ignoring his protests. He put his arms around the albino's waist, when he tried to get up and reach the trash can.

"Kakuzu? What the fuck?"

"Shut up. I'm only making sure you won't die in the next few years." He sank down on his back, pulling Hidan with him. The albino shifted around a little and ended up lying on Kakuzu's chest with crossed arms, his chin resting on his hands.

Hidan suddenly started smirking. "You won't become a lawyer."

"What makes you think so?" Kakuzu raised his arms and crossed them behind his head. He tiredly narrowed his eyes.

Hidan grinned and tugged on his shirt. "You're way too caring… You'll become a doctor."

Kakuzu snorted. "Nah… way too much work… plus I'd have to study for years before actually being able to work."

Hidan shrugged. "So what? I know you'd love it. And don't think I'll buy your bullshit about too much work. Like that ever stopped you from doing something." He got up and walked to up to the table. Kakuzu watched him bent down and scribble something on a sheet of paper, before ripping it off and returning to the bed.

"What's that?"

Hidan grinned and held the little piece of paper in front of his boyfriend's face. "This, my sweet buttercup", he purred (ignoring Kakuzu's grumpy "don't call me that"), "is a coupon for a whole day of me being your sex slave. You can redeem it the day, you perform your very first operation." He folded the paper and slid it into Kakuzu's pocket. "I expect you to keep it."

Kakuzu raised one brow. Without saying a word he bent forward and kissed Hidan. The albino raised his arms and put them on his boyfriend's neck, deepening the kiss gently. The next few minutes passed in silence, only disturbed by the quiet kissing sounds.

"Kakuzu?" Hidan mumbled against his lips.


"We should travel a bit. After graduation, I mean."

Kakuzu opened his eyes and looked up to his boyfriend's smiling face. "Do you think we can afford that?"

Hidan shrugged. If we both save some money, we'll sure be able to make it. And it's not like we have to stay in super expensive hotels, right? If necessary, we'll just sleep on the fucking ground."

Kakuzu snorted. "I'm not sleeping on the ground, idiot."

Hidan rolled his eyes. "Fine. Then I'll sleep on the ground and you'll sleep on me." He bent forwards and kissed the tip of Kakuzu's nose. "I just want to get away for once…"

Kakuzu was silent for a minute. He then raised one hand and stroked Hidan's silvery hair. "Alright… but don't forget your offer of letting me sleep on top of you."

"Stop bitching and do something useful with your mouth, asshole."