Chapter 1

Missing Child

Follows Silent Hill 1 with Sly characters. I own Grace, who is both an OC and the genderbent version of Harry Mason. Also, I've wrote this before "Thieves in Time" and I can't get the game because I don't have a PS3.

I do not own Silent Hill or Sly Cooper.

On a lonely Maine road...

"Ha-ha! Did you see Carmelita's face when she saw that the sack I had those jewels in was empty? Priceless!" Sly Cooper, the Master Thief, laughed as he and his friends drove down an American highway after their latest heist, which resulted with a sack full of jewels for them and a humiliating prank on Inspector Carmelita Fox.

After the Cooper Vault job, Sly faked amnesia so that he could get close to Carmelita without the hassles of their careers and pasts in the way. But of course, you can't keep a thief from being a thief for long.

After a few months, the old heisting itch proved too much for Sly and, after an elaborate plan by Bentley, Sly pretended to have gotten hit on the head and 'remembered' who he was. Of course, that didn't go well for Inspector Fox. So after a harrowing escape, Sly was finally at home with the Cooper family business and after gathering up Murray and finding an additional member in former forger Dimitri, it was like old times.

This time, however, there was a change in the wind. A terrifying change.

Sly's POV

As Murray drove us down the lonely Maine road, I spotted something in the distance. I couldn't tell what it was at first, but as we got closer, we could clearly see that it was a Jeep in the ditch. And according to the steam the engine was giving off, it was a fresh crash.

"Pull over, Murray." I said.

Murray obeyed, he and Bentley agreeing with me. Once the van had stopped, I was the first to get out and head across the road to examine the wreckage. I was relieved that the Jeep had hit a tree and the driver unconscious. But…there was something familiar about the driver. I couldn't tell because of the shadows other than the fact that it was a woman.

Murray pulled the door open while I carefully pulled the woman out and carefully setting her on the ground. That was when I saw what she looked like. She was a rare kind of creature: a human. Short, brunette hair dimmed her pale skin. She wore a white shirt under a brown jacket, had on blue jeans and black shoes. As I carried her over to Bentley to examine her, Murray called out.

"Sly! This door's already open!"

After I had left the woman in Bentley's care, I hurried over to the other side of the Jeep to see if Murray was telling the truth. The passenger side door was wide open and exposed the interior to the elements.

But why was the door open? Was there another passenger that went to get help? I took a look around the Jeep and found little damage, so the possibility was great that there was another passenger in the vehicle. Question was: where were they? I left Murray to the Jeep while I checked on Bentley. Through his thick glasses, I could see that his eyes were wide in shock.

"Is everything ok, Bentley?" I asked.

Bentley answered, not taking his eyes off the woman.

"Sly. Do you know who this woman is?"

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"An unconscious woman from an automobile accident?"

"I'm serious, Sly! We know her! It's Grace Mason!"

At the name 'Grace Mason,' I was able to remember why I felt that the woman was familiar. Grace grew up in the same orphanage as us back in Paris and she was teased a lot because she was the only human in a twenty-mile radius and as I had mentioned before, humans were quite rare.

The guys and I befriended Grace shortly after I had come into the orphanage. We were her only friends during those years and when she ran away once she turned seventeen, we were devastated. It was our original plan to find her once the guys and I had graduated, but no such luck. Now, when even I had begun to feel that finding her was a lost cause, here she was, unconscious from an auto accident.

So I was just as surprised when Bentley told me who this woman was. He then told me that she had suffered a minor concussion, but no other injuries were present. I was about to ask Bentley a few more questions when a groan escaped from Grace's lips. It took a bit for her chocolate eyes to open and focus in the waking world.

"Easy, Grace. Easy." I told her.

Once she was able to see me and Bentley, she managed to speak in the sweet yet serious voice we hadn't heard in seven years.

"S-Sly? Bentley? A-am I dreaming…or am I dead?"

I gave a laugh at Grace's joke.

"No. It's us, Grace. Long time, no see."

As Bentley and I helped set her up, Grace spoke again.

"What are you doing here in America? Is Murray with you?"

"He is, Grace. He's taking a look at your Jeep right now."

As if on cue, Murray came from the other side of the Jeep and happily gave Grace one of his classic Hippo Hugs. Of course Bentley and I had to make sure that he didn't crush her with his great strength.

"Grace! Where the heck have you been? Me and the guys have been trying to look for ya since graduation. What have ya been doin' these last seven years?"

Grace was about to answer when a look of horror came to her face and halted her answer. I saw that her gaze was fixated on the Jeep, so I had Murray set her down.

Frantic, Grace ran over to the Jeep and began to inspect the interior. I knew Grace and I knew for certain that she wasn't a car fanatic. She was searching for something inside the Jeep. But what? After a few moments of looking into the car, Grace turned to us with a worried look.

The kind a mother would use.

"Did any of you see a little girl about seven in here? Dark hair, blue checkered jumper and pink blouse?"

The guys and I looked at each other with confusion before shaking our heads. Apparently, that made things only worse for Grace.

"What are you talking about? You were the only one in the Jeep when we found you." I answered.

Grace's ivory skin became pale as snow at my response. It was Bentley who asked the next question.

"Who is this child you're talking about?"

What she said next surprised me.

"She's my daughter, Cheryl. She was in the Jeep with me when the accident happened."

Grace then pulled out her wallet from one of her pockets and took out a photograph of a little girl with the same description that Grace had just said. It was a recently taken school photo with Cheryl in it. She was wearing a white blouse and a long black skirt. Her short hair was nice and kept with a single barrette in her hair. She was cute for a little girl, but I noticed something: she looked nothing like her mother other than the fact that she was human. I guessed that she took after her father.

I passed the picture to the guys and spoke to Grace.

"We have a phone in the van if you want to call your husband, Grace."

But she shook her head.

"I'm not married. It's just me and Cheryl in the family."

"Are you a widow?" Bentley asked.

Again, she shook her head.


I didn't want to ask Grace anymore questions until Cheryl was in her arms. I could tell that she was worried enough already.

"Where do you think Cheryl had gone, Grace?"

Grace gave it some thought before she answered me.

"Cheryl is a smart girl. Chances are, she's gone to the nearest town to find help. I hope."

I turned to the guys.

"Murray. See if you can fix Grace's Jeep. Bentley, stay with the van and see if you can use anything that can help us find Cheryl."

"On it, Sly!" Murray spoke.

"I'll use my RC chopper to search the north."

"Then Grace and I will take the south." I responded.

This surprised Grace.

"You're willing to help me? Don't you have someplace you needed to go?"

I placed a hand on Grace's shoulder.

"Anything for a friend, Grace. Now let's find your daughter."

After retrieving my cane, I walked with Grace away from the van. We called out Cheryl's name, but to no avail. As we continued down the road, a fog slowly began to roll in. I had hoped that we'd find Cheryl and get back to the van. Now I just hoped that the binocul-com's communicator can work in it.

As we got farther in, my communicator in my ear and in my binocul-com began to static. I tried to call Bentley, but static was all I got. In the end, only the binoculars in my binocular-com still worked in the fog. But as Grace and I pressed on, I began to sense that there was something sinister about this fog. Oh, how I wish now that I was wrong.

After walking about a couple of miles, I saw what appeared to be a town sign making itself known in the mist. As we approached, Grace was the first to read the words on the sign.

"It says… 'Welcome to Silent Hill.'."

"'Silent Hill? Who would name their town 'Silent Hill'?" I asked.

Grace peered into the town as she answered my question.

"I don't know how the town got its name, but I do know that it is a resort town. I haven't heard much about it for a long time, now."

As we entered Silent Hill, one thing that we took immediate notice on was the emptiness of the town. Even though it was foggy, there wasn't a soul in sight. I didn't like this and I was about to suggest to Grace that we'd turn back and see what Bentley has found when we spotted a small figure down the street. As a thief, I wasn't used to being out in the open and since I was doing this for a friend, I ran with her down the street to follow the figure. From what I could see, it was child-sized with blue and pink clothing. The same outfit Cheryl was wearing when it disappeared.

When Grace saw her, she ran as fast as she could, with me trying to catch up from behind. But instead of going to her mother, Cheryl simply disappeared into the fog.


We called out. But Cheryl vanished completely into the fog, leaving us with an empty spot.

"She can't have gone far." I told Grace as we eyed an alley that was the only possible place where Cheryl had gone off.

I went through the small gate first, followed by Grace.

As we entered the alley, we were startled to find that there was a carcass of what appeared to be a dog all skinned and bloodied. But even though this was a gruesome sight, nothing could have prepared me for what we were to find down the alley. As we made our way down passed the carcass, we saw that there were more bloodied spots along the way, the sky becoming darker as we walked. When we turned the last corner, I nearly vomited.

The alley was a dead end with a metal fence blocking another alley. But on the fence was another corpse, one of a human look. The corpse was skinned and there was no trace of the organs, but there was a lot of blood. Grace had to cover her mouth to keep her from screaming, not that I would blame her.

"Wh-what in the world could have done this?" Grace asked.

Just then, the sound of something creeping towards us caught our attention. And it was just as horrific as the hanging corpse. Stalking toward us were two grey creatures about the size of a child. They had no faces, save for a mouth, and were wielding sharp knives. They hobbled over toward us as I lifted my cane in defense. The creatures then attacked us, with me using my cane and Grace using the lid of a trashcan to bash the creatures back. I managed to bludgeon one of the creatures skull open, but I turned in time to find the other managing to knock Grace out.

I was about to bash the creature when the sound of a gunshot stopped me. At first, I thought I was hit. But I then took another look and saw that the bullet hit the creature instead. I turned around and saw that it was a woman in a policeman's uniform, wielding the gun that shot the creature dead.

Like Grace, this woman was a human. She had blond hand and bluish eyes. Placing her gun back into her holster, she approached me and spoke.

"Are you alright, sir?"

I breathed a sigh of relief before turning to Grace.

"I am. But my friend was knocked out by that…thing."

The woman walked over to Grace and examined her.

"Just some stress mixed with fighting that thing."

She then stood up.

"Come on. I'll lead you to the diner where I was heading to. Can you carry your friend there? It's not too far."

I nodded in agreement and picked up Grace. As I walked, the officer held out her gun and kept her eye on the path ahead. As we started to leave the alley, I spotted a piece of paper written in crayon. It said 'To school.' I used my cane to pick the note up, figuring there was some sort of significance to it.

Once we made it to the diner, the officer allowed me to place Grace in a booth as she kept watch for any more of those things. I entered the kitchen and got a damp washrag and placed it on Grace's forehead. I then tried my communicator again, but still nothing. If I wasn't worried before, I was now.

As I watched over Grace, I decided to ask the officer for her name.

"So. What do they call you?"

She answered, "Cybil Bennett. I'm a cop from a neighboring town. And you two?"

With what's been going on, I didn't care that another cop knew my name.

"Sly. Sly Cooper. And my friend here is Grace Mason. We're here in search of her daughter. Perhaps you've seen her?"

"What does she look like? What's her name?" Cybil asked me.

"Human. Seven years old. Black hair. Blue checkered jumper with a pink blouse. Goes by the name of Cheryl Mason."

Cybil gave it some thought before shaking her head.

"Sorry. Haven't seen anyone like that. Can you tell me what's happened to you and how this girl went missing?"

I answered Cybil the best I could without mentioning my 'career' as a Master Thief. I told her about my friends driving down the road and seeing Grace's Jeep in a ditch. I also told her about our childhood at the orphanage.

And as I told her about Cheryl missing, I couldn't help but look out at the fog again, now that it's light out, and worry myself about the girl. After what had happened with me and her mother, I too was becoming worried. I didn't even want to think of what would happen if she came across one of those monsters.

This turned from a simple search-and-rescue, but a battle to search and survive.

This is my first horror fic and I'm sorry if this looks cheesy. But it seems like the right combination.

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