Chapter 3

Hell 101 and Pyramid Head

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Sly's POV

When we entered the school, I didn't know if I should be relieved or be more afraid. What was with this town? What was going on? Right now, I was hoping that Grace and I would find Cheryl and get out of this crazy town. I tried my binocu-com again, only to have nothing but snow. The radio Grace carried was emitting a dull roar to let us know that it was on and in working order. With what happened at the diner, it was best to keep the old hand radio close.

The first room was just the foyer of the school, with a map of the United States on the left wall. There was a map of the school on the metal heater under the U.S. map, which I took just in case, which happened a lot lately. After I grabbed the map, I lead our group into the next part of the school.

According to the school map, the school was built as a simple square with a courtyard in the center of the school. The first floor held only two classrooms, no doubt for kindergarten and preschool, a hall, a storage room, two teacher's rooms, an infirmary, and a pair of restrooms. Pretty simple for a school. My guess was that the upper floors were for the older students.

After passing the doors that lead into the rest of the school's interior, an idea came to mind.

"We better stop at the infirmary and see if there is anything we can use."

Grace agreed and we entered the room on the right at the end of the hallway. Inside, we found another one of those strange health drinks and a first aid kit. This was something I'd gladly keep in handy in this place.

After stripping the infirmary of its medical supplies, we looked around the foyer for anything else, especially a clue that could lead us to Cheryl. I entered a small office room that had a window-less opening to the foyer and I found something. On the table were an open book and three pages with words written in blood. The blood was dry so it must've been made long ago.


"A place with songs and sound"

A silver guidepost is

Untapped in lost tongues.

Awakening at the ordained order.


"Alchemy laboratory"

Gold in an old man's palm.

The future hidden in his fist.

Exchange for sage's water.


"Darkness that brings

The chocking heat"

Flames render the silence,

Awakening the hungry beast.

Open time's door to beckon prey

I didn't like that sound of those 'poems,' but I figured that it must be some sort of a clue. I rummaged through the drawers until I found a notebook and a pencil. I then wrote down the poems and then the time and place where I found them. After putting the notebook in my pack, I entered the room behind the office. Inside were couches and coffee tables. Probably the teachers' lounge. The only thing I found useful in there was a case of handgun bullets for Grace's gun. Although I did wonder why a school would have bullets. Maybe some unlucky sap left it here after the place was abandoned.

I turned around to go back only to notice a strange mural with two figures at its sides and three indents in the center. It looked like a door. I walked over to get a closer look, but I didn't dare touch it.

"A picture of a door. I don't know who drew it, but it is certainly in bad taste."

I made a mark on my map with a pen I found and returned to Grace. She was looking outside the courtyard warily.

"We have to cross." She said simply.

I looked out and I could understand why she was apprehensive. It was total darkness outside. With the "Fog World," we actually had some daylight. But out there, it was as if night had decided to come early and lightless. I handed Grace the bullets I found as I took out the knife we found back at the diner, agreeing that this was the only option. As we opened the doors, the radio went off again. Staggering towards the light Grace carried was another one of those "Grey Children" as I decided to name later on. Grace was the first to react as she started to shoot at the thing, drawing out a second one which I had to take out with the knife this time. I called them "Grey Children" because they were the size of young children.

I didn't dare tell Grace of what I was mentally calling them for fear of her going into shock. So I settled with "Grays" as we made our way across the courtyard and entered the other side of the building. The radio only died down a little as we left the courtyard, only to have the volume rise as we entered. Every hall we entered, there was more than one Grey.

After finding a couple of those mysterious health drink two of the third floor classrooms and a bottle of some sort of chemical called "Concentrated hydrochloric acid" in a lab equipment room, Grace and I both stopped for a rest in a large locker room, only to tense up by the sound of something rattling. I had my cane and my knife while Grace had her gun. So far, I was beginning to see who had a better chance of getting out of a fight with a stronger opponent. We looked around until we found a small locker door jiggling. I dared myself to open the door, only to find relief that it was only a cat.

As the cat wondered off, the two of us decided to take in some rest in a nearby science room.

"You're doing ok, Grace?" I asked.

Grace nodded, gave a half-laugh. Well, more like a quarter-laugh.

"Heh. Sort of. That cat scared me, though."

I laughed.

"I agree. I was afraid something was going to pop out and eat my face."

It was then I noticed something. On one of the lab tables was a severed hand. And it looked like there was something inside its flesh. Curious, I took out the chemical I found, remembering what it does, and doused it on the hand, revealing a gold medallion. I pocketed it after I washed it for safekeeping.

"What was that?" Grace asked, still looking at the hand.

"I don't know, but-!"

But I didn't get to continue as I heard something: Grace's radio spiking. At first, we thought there was something inside the lab. But the light Grace had showed nothing, so we shrugged it off.

But then we heard the scraping.

I couldn't begin to describe the event at first, but as soon as I heard a scraping sound, I could sense that it was a large piece of metal, being carried by something. And from the sound, it was bigger than a Grey. I motioned Grace to stand by the wall of lockers, telling her to shut off the radio and the light. Frightened, she obeyed and I dared myself to look out the door's window.

The hallway was dimly-lit, which was odd as it was completely black when we were out there. I waited for a few moments, and then I carefully ducked down as something walked past, the metal sound stopping. I then made the mistake to look up and out the door.

Outside was a sentient-looking being. His body appeared human, but like everything else in this crazy town, it wasn't what it seemed. It looked male and for clothing, he had a kilt of mortal flesh, which I could tell from the bloodstains and remnants of hair on several parts of it. The metal sound I heard was a ten-foot sword that looked like even Murray would have trouble lifting.

What really stood out was the thing on its head. It looked like an oversized helmet in a pyramid shape. It, as well as the rest of it, was covered in dried blood underlapping fresh blood. I don't know how, but just looking at "Pyramid Head" made me more afraid than anything I had ever encountered. More than Clockwerk even.

I was about to think on what to do when I see something come down the hall. I held my breath as I saw that it was a horde of Greys hobbling toward Pyramid Head. But what froze my heart for a few moments was when Pyramid Head took his sword and started hacking like they were a bunch of flies. Grace and I had trouble with them since the beginning of this hellish nightmare, so to see something take out a horde of them tells me that he was strong. But I didn't know at the time how strong he was.

As he turned the last of the Greys into mincemeat, I managed to duck down as Pyramid Head slowly turned his attention to the door. I backed away, using myself as a shield for Grace. But nothing came in the room. Nothing but silence. As a thief, I used to think silence was a good thing. However, this brand of silence was too much for me. Too full of anticipating fear. I was about to whisper something to Grace when I heard the sword dragging away.

I will admit that it was one of the weirdest things that relieved me. I waited until the sound faded before I went back to the door and looked out the window.

Pyramid Head was goneā€¦for now.

I know it is short, but I wanted to move on.

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