Hey guys, I'm back! My second story ever! And my first high school OOC story ever! (Cue applause) So before reading, I want to tell you all that this idea came from this show I watched, Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. And I really liked it, so I decided to make my own story out of it! Hope you like it…and by the way, I don't know if I'm gonna put all the characters from TMI into this story, too much work :P Please enjoy!

Chapter One: Wonderful News

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When you hear the words "high school", what comes to mind? Is it prom? Stress? Mean Girls? If you asked the students of Mortada High, you would probably get something like…bloodlust.

And bloodlust was all around the school, again. Mortada High was having their third "meeting" with Serpeto High. Most of the rooms and hallways were filled with high school students swinging and kicking at each other. Fresh and old graffiti decorated the walls. And this was why there were so few teachers who dared stay in this school for over a week. This high school had been considered one of the worst on the east coast of Idris (which in this case, is a small country somewhere in North America. Carry on.) Fights between them and other schools or gangs were frequent and usually don't end very well.

Jonathan grabbed someone by the hair and jabbed his knuckles in his face. The dark-haired guy flung against a classroom locker with a clang as dusty books fell from the top. The Serpeto rose from the dust and charged back at him with a shout.

Jonathan kicked at his chest and kneed him in the stomach a few times. However, he didn't see the bastard coming from his left.

To his surprise, the guy was thrown onto the ground, back first. Jonathan turned and saw his best friend smiling and examining his red knuckles. He made a disappointed sound. "What would you do without me?" His buttoned down white shirt, stained red and ripped slightly, exposed his chest. His blonde hair was perfectly perfect compared to his scratched up arms and cheek.

Jonathan let out a laugh and shook his head. "I owe you one, Jace." For a moment, they stood there taking in the scene, all the shouting and banging in their classroom and hallway. It fueled their fire.

"Alright," Jace said, taking off his black jacket and using it to slash at a Serpeto who tried to sneak a hit at him, "Let's go kick some Serpeto ass!" He and Jonathan charged into the hallway to finish off their prey.

Meanwhile, at Infernela High School

Clary gave a polite bow as the girls in her class applauded. She walked to her desk by the window and sat down. She felt a hand press lightly against her shoulder. It was Isabelle. "You did really awesome up there." She smiled.

Clary returned the smile, "Thanks, Izzy. But you pretty much wrote half of that speech for me. Take some credit"

Isabelle shook her head and waved it off, "Oh nono. Seriously, it was nothing, Miss Prez." She added the joking courtesy.

She was known as 'Prez' around the school because, you guessed it, she was the president of Infernela. Life at Infernela was great for these two best friends. Infernela High School was an elite, all girls' academy after all. They had around seventy of the smartest and richest girls in their region. Clarissa Fray, however, doesn't have the same luxurious privileges compared to her classmates. She and her mother spent her father's fortune donating to schooling charities. She actually earned a four year full scholarship to her school. That is why she is well-respected and friends with most of the people at her school.

Their announcement bell rang abruptly. The announcer's voice came out of the speaker, "Attention all students, please report to the auditorium by 1:50. Thank you for your cooperation." The speaker clicked off and the class was silent. Clary glanced at her watch, 1:43. Her teacher put down her chalk and rubbed hand sanitizer on her palms.

"Okay, ladies. Let's proceed to the auditorium." She motioned everyone to stand. Automatically, the girls rose at the same time. They walked down the hallway in two lines. Everyone filled in the seats starting from the front row. In a few minutes everyone settled down in their seats.

The head principal, Ms. Heather, stood with a man Clary was not familiar with. They both stood behind the podium. Isabelle nudged at Clary's side. "Any clue on what this is about?"

Without looking at her, she shrugged and replied. "No idea." After even more minutes of testing the microphone, the head principal spoke.

"Good afternoon to all of you." She smiled and gave an acknowledging bow of the head.

The whole auditorium said in unison as they always did during assemblies, "Good afternoon."

She adjusted her glasses. "You all are probably wondering why we had you gather here today. Well, the head of the Board of Education and I have a very important announcement to make. It will affect all of you here." Clary sensed a solemn tone from the Headmaster. Ms. Heather adjusted her clothes nervously. "The Board of Education has decided to combine Infernela Academy with Mortada High School." She choked a little on the name of the other school, as if it were painful to say.

Nervous and confused eyes filled the audience, looking at their classmates. She continued on reluctantly. "Now I know what you all are thinking. 'This is abrupt, it will never work out, it'll dent the Infernela reputation that has been soaring for decades'..." She spoke as if she were reciting her own thoughts. Even from the audience, Clary could see the pain in her smile. "But I know you ladies will continue to amaze and astound anything you come across." Ms. Heather seemed to have wanted to say more, but couldn't find the words. Next thing Clary knew, she was bolting out of the doorway. The nervousness turned into disagreements. Everyone was chattering. "Wait, what." "I heard it was an all-boys school." "We have very advanced classes, do they even offer them there?" (Italics indicate thoughts) This just doesn't make sense. How come no one knew about this? How come I didn't know about this? Doesn't being 'Prez' give you access to this kind of information before the whole student body finds out? If only I'd known, I could've prevented this.

"Enough, please. Settle down, everyone." The guy from the Board of Education spoke into the microphone. After a few seconds, the girls were silent again.

"I know there are some uneasiness feelings about joining a new school. But, over time, I'm sure you'll become great friends and will be glad this day happened."

Clary scoffed at his attempt to appease their worries. Some of the girls whispered agreements, but they sounded more like they were trying to get some relief. The president and vice-president, Clarissa Fray and Isabelle Lightwood, looked at each other and sighed. Maybe they aren't as bad as we think. We can give them a chance.

Back at Mortada High School…

Hollers echoed through the victorious halls of Mortada. The defeated Serpento students have left and the boys returned back to their classrooms.

Jace slumped into his desk and closed his eyes as he smiled. "Winning just never gets old."

Jonathan wiped his bare muscles, glistening with sweat, to his cut-up face. "It is always satisfying to see them running in fear, not gonna lie."

"WHO'S THE BEST?" Jace yelled, a routinely cheer when they won a fight.

"MORTADA!" The dozen people in his homeroom plus the other students who were outside in the halls cheered.

"MORTADA! Mor-ta-da! Mor-ta-da! Mor-ta-da…" The cheers grew with loud noises and the sounds of claps. Jace and Jonathan's homeroom 1A was filled with laughter and crude jokes, just like every day. As you probably guessed, these two eighteen year olds are the strongest people at Mortada. Jace is the leader of Mortada's top fighting clan, which has around fifteen people out of the one hundred ten in the school. Jonathan was always considered as Jace's right hand man. They had been best friends ever since fifth grade. Another close friend of the two was Simon Lewis. Despite his preference of "supporting from the sidelines" when the group was having a fight, he was a very important member of the group. And there he was, speeding into the room.

"Guys, this is really, really bad." He waved a piece of paper in front of the group's faces. Jace chuckled and took the paper from him.

"What is this, another warning note from the police?" Jace asked and began to read the letter. The boys laughed and gathered around him.

Simon swallowed, still panting from running. "No, even worse."

Jace curiously turned his head, "Worse?" After reading it through, Jace tossed the paper on to the desk in front of him and leaned back on his chair calmly. Simon, all jumpy-like, blurted out, "Well?"

Jonathan pushed back his dark hair. "I don't know who sent this to you, but it's just a prank. Infernela is a top-notch school. Someone would have to be at the basement of an asylum to even consider this." They guys muttered with agreements.

Simon replied, "Wha- NO! This isn't a joke! The principal handed it to me when I was hiding by the stairwell." Everyone skipped over the fact that he was hiding by the stairwell.

Jace shook his head. "The principal would never come back down to this building. After that little incident…" He trailed off.

Simon had a serious face on. "That's exactly how bad it is." They guys didn't like it at all.

Kyle, one of the clan members, sucked his teeth. "You guys know how bad it will be for us if these girls actually come here?"

Jace replied, "Relax, guys. We're not gonna let some prissy girls mess up our reputation. Listen, if this...thing...actually happens, we're still Mortada. We're still the strongest badasses on the coast, got that?"

Magnus patted Jace's back. "Wayland's right guys. We've done too much in the past to let some girls ruin this school."

Alec nodded. "Yeah, just gotta keep doing what we've always done. Give anybody who picks a fight with us a beatdown because its what we do best." He smiled, his lip wound reopened.

"MORTADA!" The group barked out as they headed to their hideout, once again with confident cheers.

… … … … …

… … … … …

Hi again! :) I hope you liked the first chapter. Again, I don't know if I'm going to put all important characters in the story, so you have to let me know. Oh, and by the way, if you haven't noticed I'm using Jordan's former name, Kyle. Just in case you didn't read the intro, if you like stuff like this, check out that T.V. show, Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. It's really funny, plenty of action and of course a sprinkle of romance ;) Review, favorite…follow?

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