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Chapter Fifteen: Resurface

Clary creeped into and out of the room she was hiding in, indecisively going back and forth. The feeling of anxiety brought out the goosebumps on her arms and the fact that her swimwear covered barely any surface area wasn't exactly helping. She knew if she waited any longer, Tessa and Isabelle would come storming in, probably with something worse planned for her, if that was even possible. With that thought, she quietly came out of the room.

There were still a few people hanging around inside the house, with everyone else hollering in the backyard, sputtering out drunk nonsense. Nonetheless, she still had to walk past some guys. She shuddered as she felt their gazes behind her.

The closer she got to the backyard, the more she felt the thudding of heavy-bass music against her bare feet and heard the loud chatters.
"Clary?" A slightly astonished voice came from her right. Jonathan was standing there already shirtless and in black trunks. She really wished that her friends at least left her a towel to cover up.

She tucked a loose red strand behind her ear and tried to keep her eyes from wandering. "Hey. Looks like you got the memo too. This, " she shook her head and gestured to her outfit, "is thanks to my asshat friends. I wouldn't willingly be wearing this…thing." She folded her arms against her as if she were cold, but obviously for other reasons.

Jonathan smiled and looked at the floor. "Well remind me to thank your friends." Her mouth slightly parted in surprise, but didn't quite form words. He continued, "Otherwise you wouldn't be able to join in on the best part of the night."

By the time she looked up at him, his eyes were already there, as if they were waiting for her. "Yeah you're right."

He put his hands in his pockets and tilted his head a little, motioning towards the pool. "So you gonna jump?"

Clary laughed nervously and replied, "I was actually hoping on getting away with tiptoeing in-" She stopped herself when she heard the rush of footsteps rapidly approaching.
Suddenly she wasn't standing. She was swept off her feet and heading towards the pool at lightning speed. She shrieked in panic as her captivator leaped with her into the air and she braced herself for the impact of the water.

They plunged into the deep end and slowly sank to a stop. She felt the person kick off from the bottom and they soared to the surface. She inhaled and rubbed the burning chlorine-water out of her emerald eyes. The sound of jeering and clapping was everywhere she turned.

Clary whipped her head back to see the face of her captivator. Jace Wayland. His normally perfect blonde hair was soaked and flustered in a mess. "Is it too late to say 'surprise'?" He grinned at his victory.

Well it could be worse; at least its not a psychopath who tried to drown me, which is what I originally thought. That would not leave the greatest first impression of a high school party. She smoothed out her wet curls with a single stroke. "Maybe. Is it too early to say that one day I'll make you regret doing that?"

Jace retorted, "Maybe. Clary, do you know how to swim?"

Clary scoffed, "Of course I can! Honestly, I'm not as hopeless as you think."

A devious smile crept over his expression. "So I guess you just truly love clinging to me, then?"

Clary caught sight of her treacherous arm which was wrapped over Jace's slippery neck. She quickly flung herself off, seeming to fuel his amusement. She folded her arms and sheepishly said, "Just so you know, I'm chopping this arm right the hell off tomorrow."

He pretended to be hurt by her words. Clary felt increasingly nervous as he walked closer. She backed up a little until she felt the rough wall of the pool. Jace reached out and rested his hand on her cheek as gently as he spoke, "Would you chop off your lips, too?"

The water splashing against her chest was freezing compared to the warmth of his hand. Without moving away, she retorted, "You'd be surprised." Suddenly, the dim sunlight over Jace's head which pierced her eyes was evaporated by a shadow. It was followed by a massive wave that shook the entire surface of the water. The crowd inside and outside the pool roared, just like they did for Clary and Jace. The power of the tide pushed Jace even closer, his abdomen pressed against Clary's body and she had no room to back away. Her spine easily trembled. Jace wasn't looking at her, but there was a hint of annoyance in his eyes, as if he knew exactly what was going on behind him.

Jonathan emerged to the surface and shook his soaked, dark hair aside. He grinned at the two of them and said, "Hope I didn't miss much."

Jace spun around to greet his fellow Mortada. "You almost did. By the way, you didn't need to feel pressured to outshine our entrance." Clary ducked away from his reaching arm.

Jonathan nodded at his best friend in agreement. "True, but you also didn't need to barge into our conversation and steal the person I was talking to."

Clary looked back and forth between the two, not sure what would happen next. She could tell that Jace was going to counter with more passive aggressive comments by his smirk. Thankfully, he was interrupted when a hand with red painted nails clasped his shoulder. A small brunette with sunglasses smiled brightly at him, clutching a volleyball in her arms. She yelled over the loud surroundings, "Hey, you guys up for a game? We're short of a few people."

Clary peeked behind her and concluded that her words were pure sarcasm. There were nearly 30 people on each side of the net. Among them were Isabelle, Tessa, and Jessamine who were bumping a ball around with Will, Jem and Simon.

Jace and Jonathan exchanged some competitively eager looks. Jace smiled back at the girl, "We'd love to, isn't that right, Clary?"

Clary's emerald eyes shone with utter confusion. "Hmm?" But Jace was already pulling her through the pool, inching towards the deep end. The water rose to her neck, a few waves actually going over her head. She grabbed Jace's wrist which was still leading her. "Wait, Jace! I'm literally already on my tippy-toes."

Jace kept trudging deeper and replied in a carefree tone, "It'll be fine, trust me."

"Trust you?" She echoed in disbelief. Jace spun around and picked her up nearly effortlessly. He sat her down on the ledge of the pool. He turned again and pulled Clary's legs forward so that she was sitting on his shoulders. "Jace!" She felt the fluttering in his body as a result of his laughter."

He walked over to the net. "Okay, we're ready." Clary's friends cheered at the sight of them.

Clary's legs lightly kicked against Jace's chest. "Who ever said I was okay with this, huh?"

"You don't even need to say it." Tessa responded.

She saw a few Mortadas on the other side, Jonathan greeting his drunk friends. Without any warning, Clary saw the shadow of a volleyball fly over her head and across the net. Feeling Clary's startled reaction brought out more chuckles from Jace.

A girl with purple hair swung the ball high up for Will to spike it down. The speed of ball was insanely fast, but Isabelle received it perfectly. She purposely passed it to Simon, causing him to spasm a little bit. When it arched over the net, the Infernelas and Mortadas clapped in surprise for their non-athletic friend.

Alec set it up tremendously high and off to the side of the pool. Clary watched the ball reach its peak and start to fall. Perfectly timed, Magnus runs along side of the pool to leap and spike the ball as he splashed into the water. The volleyball crashed beside Jem, who couldn't handle the speed. People applauded their host for the point.
Jonathan served the ball over, curving it to an unsuspecting girl. Will dove in front and reached his arm out. He got there just in time as the ball nearly took out her eye. Isabelle called for it and shouted, "It's all yours, Clary!"

Clary smirked and swung her arm down full speed. The ball made a hard splash on the other side. Impressed applause surrounded her. Someone shouted in the back "That's my Prez!"

Kyle shouted back. "Damn right she is!"

The game went on for more than an hour, no one actually keeping score. It was still going on when Clary tilted her head down to see Jace. "Hey, I'm gonna take a break. Maybe eat a burger."

Jace swam over to the ledge. "Aye aye, captain." She hopped off and shivered when she felt the difference in temperature. Jace pointed to a chair, "Use my towel for now."

She meekly picked it up and wrapped it around herself. "You're only letting me use this so I have to come back here and return it."

Jace backed away from the wall and said innocently, "No…I also did it because its cold."

Clary would never win against Jace's remarks. She walked over to the food bar while rubbing her red hair with the towel. She pressed her finger against a burger. It was cooked too long ago, all the heat having escaped. She put it on a paper saucer plate and made her way into the kitchen to warm it up. The house was emptied of the teenage drunkards, but their stench still lingered. She was surprised that she hasn't come across any pills, needles or cigarettes. But she knew they were here…somewhere… She shuddered and put her burger into the microwave.

Clary dazed off while waiting for her food, thinking about the fun she had today. Never had she imagined that she and the Infernelas would be going to parties, not to mention one of the Mortadas. She actually didn't mind it-

She jerked upright when she heard the crash of a bottle shattering in the house. It was followed by faint hollers and laughter. Chairman Meow scampered into the kitchen with his stripes stained dark red. Clary was about to kneel down and pick him up when another bottle came flying. It shattered and slid across the floor. The cat sprang up but continued running away.

The snickering approached as a few guys clutching beer loudly barged into the kitchen. They were not dressed in swimwear and Clary didn't recognize them at all.
One of them spoke with a raspy voice "I told you that pussy runs fast-" He stopped once he saw Clary. She hoped they could see the fumes coming out of her.

"Really, assholes? You came to a party just to drink and hunt cats?" Clary folded her arms.

Another one of them replied obnoxiously loud, "No that's just a bonus. We're really here to visit the Great Mortadas." He spat out those last two words. He continued, "Or at least they were once almost 'great'. And now they have cat parties and let girls join their frontline."

She glared at them, but they were unaffected. A tall guy with his arms all inked up smirked at Clary. "So what about you, little girl? Do you know how to punch?"
One of them behind her stepped on her towel, undoing the knot, and it dropped to the floor. She barely noticed it. She was too busy staring at one of the men. He had red eyes which were staring into hers.

She's seen him before. It was no mistake. Clary was unaware of her tightening fists and heavy breathing.

The last time she remembered those eyes was that night in the abandoned warehouse with the Raves. She was being whacked senseless and went into a rampage after that memory resurfaced. After seeing those red eyes in her mind…

"You." Her lips trembling violently with hatred. He didn't seem to recognize her, and it made her crazy.

She charged into him so blindingly quick that he slammed into the fridge. She didn't let him speak a word. She jabbed straight into those eyes, causing him to spit out curses. Two of his men broke her away from him and pinned her by her thrashing arms to the kitchen table. The red-eyed swiped his blood from his face.

He motioned his friends to release her. They hesitated, but obeyed. She immediately attempted to spring back up, but the bastard clenched her neck with one hand and forced her back down. He smirked but she saw his shaking muscles, "Now to what do I owe the pleasure of such a fine greeting?"

She gritted her teeth and spat menacingly, "Shut up. Shut up you bastard and fight me for real."

He enjoyed watching her get infuriated. "But it'd be such a shame if I accidentally killed such a pretty woman."

She screamed in his face, "You've killed before!" He paused in astonishment, allowing time for Clary to knee his chest and elbow his face. She got up from the table and grabbed his shirt. She spoke dangerously quiet, "By the way, what changed your mind? You called me a little girl before, and now you say I'm a woman. I haven't grown that much and my hatred for you has always been the same." He was not interested in her words no matter how many hints she dropped. He grabbed her fists and pried them off of him.

Tired of her fit, he ordered his guys, "Hold her down." They painfully imprisoned her arms in their grip.

"You really don't remember me, do you? You murdered my father!" She thrashed and clawed at the hands that restrained her.

Something switched in his red eyes. "So you're that girl who watched her father die in her mother's arms. My, my, you've grown up well."

"Why did you do it?" Clary asked the question that ate at her for months after her father died.

"Would you be disappointed if I said it was for initiation?" Initiation…My dad is dead because some gang initiation. "I wasn't even a big member, but everyone's gotta do it. I was tired of being a follower and now I have my own followers." He said with disgusting pride.

She didn't care is she had to spend the rest of her life in jail. She needed revenge. She needed to kill him.

He spoke to her again. "Unfortunately, I can't let you go. If there's a witness, she must be taken care of." He yanked on her damp hair. "So move along, bitch."
Something flung across the room, almost striking his head. It was a volleyball which bounced off a wooden cabinet and rolled along the broken glass on the floor. Clary used this distraction to twist from their grasp.

Magnus strolled in, his cat walking slightly behind. "Now I don't quite remember inviting the Ursidi to this party. Do you?" He turned around and the Mortadas and Infernelas came into the house. The Ursidi fearlessly walked toward them. Magnus' voice was intimidatingly dark, "So which one of you fucks hurt my cat?"

An Ursidus retorted, "Do you hear yourself, goth boy? Its a stupid cat! Mortada is a sad piece of shit nowadays. No one's scared of you, but a lot of people pity you."

Jace let his words out calmer than Clary thought was possible at the moment. "You know what? I really don't even care who hurt the feline. None of you are getting out of here without a few missing teeth." He leered at the red-eyed man who was holding Clary by her hair. "Starting with you."

The two sides collided.

Will ducked a swing and kicked at the guy's face. He caught his foot and twisted it vigorously, making Will buckle to the floor. Kyle came up behind the Ursidus and kicked his spine. He fell over in pain. Kyle took the guy's foot and bent it all the way, making him shout in pain. Will nodded and asked Kyle, "A foot for a foot?"

Kyle smiled at his friend who knew him well. "Exactly."

Alec was thrown across the dining room table, knocking ceramic plates and glass cups to the floor. An Ursidus jumped onto the table and launched himself at him. Alec quickly brought his hands back to grasp a chair and smashed it onto his head, completely breaking it. A plate came flying in his direction. He used his arm to block his face, but cringed on impact. The guy that threw it tackled him to the floor. He punched his face with both hands, each time collecting blood. Magnus hooked his arm onto the Ursidus' neck and fastened his fingers around his hair. He jammed the guy's head onto the side of the table, knocking him out. Alec looked at the red spot on the wood where the guy's head connected. "Shit, is that table okay?"

Clary was going to run to the girls to protect them. When she saw them, they were strangling two men with their towels. They're holding of pretty well. She felt the ground shake as someone ran behind her. She ducked his swing and kicked into his knee. She heard the snap of his bones as he hurdled in agony. Another one charged at her with a kitchen knife. She dodged the swing, but felt a little slice on her palm. He pinned her to the counter, and swung the knife down. She caught his hands with her own and tried to push the knife away from her chest. She was no match for his strength and the tip inched closer. Clary slid to the side and let the blade come down. The tip broke off when it hit the counter. Clary dug her elbow into his neck and knocked him out with a hard stomp.

Jonathan caught sight of Jem being held by two guys and punched by another. He grabbed a bottle in each hand and flung it forward, striking the guys holding Jem down. Jem headbutted the Ursidus in front of him. The Ursidus clasped his dizzy head and spun away. Jonathan was there, and ended his misery with another headbutt.
Jace was still brawling with the red-eyed Ursidus. Both men were drenched with sweat and covered in cuts. Jace kicked him into the living room. He bounced off the sofa and threw a flurry of punches. He dodged and blocked his swift fists. Jace caught his left fist mid-punch and flipped him over.

Jace was about to kick his face off when Clary loops a towel around the Ursidus' neck. "He's mine." She demanded and Jace let him go.

She dug her nails into his head and dragged him to a mirror. She used the towel and his head to hold him down. "Look up." He attempted to catch her off guard, but she made her grips tighter. "I wouldn't try that again. Now, look up." He didn't try to break free, nor did he move his eyes.

Clary moved him to the side and slammed his forehead against the wall, denting and leaving blood in its place. She brought him back to the mirror. He silently looked up and watched their reflection.

The sounds of police sirens were getting closer and the people outside in the pool were fleeing.

Clary growled close to him, "You have the face of a killer. There is no redemption for you. Sparing your life is not mercy and it will be worse than death. I will make sure no other people are scarred by your eyes because you'll rot in your jail cell."

His bloody and evil smile appeared in the mirror. "Your daddy's still dead. You think you've actually won something? That you got clean revenge?" He started cackling in madness and red oozed down his neck.

"You don't need to tell me if I won or not. I already know the answer." She forced his head onto the mirror and the glass pierced his skin. He collapsed onto the floor.
And the police marched in.

They arrested everyone in the scene, including the Mortadas and Infernelas. There was a lot of explaining to do. Clary knew they'd all be released, but the consequence for this one was sure to be far worse than ever.


Clary nervously stepped into the principal's office. She almost stopped in her tracks when she saw Ms. Heather, her old principal, sitting across from Mr. Starkweather. Ms. Heather stood up and took Clary into her arms. "Oh thank goodness you're alright!" She cupped her slightly bruised face with her wrinkly, veiny hands. "You ought to take care of yourself more."

Clary smiled and gently took her hands off. "It's been forever! Why are you here?" Ms. Heather's smile spread even wider.

Mr. Starkweather motion to one of the seats across from him. "Maybe you should take a seat. We have some things to discuss."

Clary's eyebrows furrowed, "If this is about what happened last week-"

He didn't like the mention of those events and showed it by cutting her off. "Not exactly. Imogen, would like to announce the upcoming event? I know you're ecstatic to tell everyone."

Clary looked back and forth between the two adults. "Okay, anyone tell me. Please, the suspense is killing me."

Ms. Heather took a moment to breathe and held Clary's hand. "It's official. Infernela No. 2 is to disband! Infernela will be its own school again!"

"Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you've seen the last of me."
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