Special A

(A cat for a day)

(Chapter 1: *Giggle*)

He felt an eye twitch as he saw her cuddle the little feline by her chest.

A vein popped on his forehead when she nuzzled its nose to hers.

He balled his fists when she caressed the soft pelt.

A growl escaped his clenched teeth when the kitten purred by her neck and gave her a small lick on the cheek

His eyes faded from gold to deep red and black... when she kissed the feline on the forehead... all hell broke loose.

Those who were by standing were cowering in fear behind their seats. The terrible auras leaking around the blonde sent shivers down their spine; and they swore they saw uncanny beings peeking out of the dark void every now and then.

The sun was setting and with a gulp, one of those who stood in silence spoke up.

"Hikari-chan, it's time for us to be heading home now"

"Awwww" she gave him a disappointed look. Hikari looked back at the furry white kitten that was playing the ends of her hair. "Looks like it's time for you to go home now Mimi" she gave the kitten a last peck on the forehead, which resulted another growl from the blonde, before handing it over to her owner, Ryuu.

"Ne, Ryuu" Hikari called "Can you bring Mimi again next time?" she asked, her eyes sparkling

"Sure thing Hikari" he smiled at her but pressed his lips together when a pair of black, blood red eyes glared at him

'Don't you dare bring that feline back' the blonde didn't have to say it for him to get the message.

Ryuu gulped and called to the twins before bidding goodbye to everyone, Tadashi and Akira followed.

Hikari stretched her arms and glanced over at the blonde, oblivious to the dark aura lingering around him.

"Ne, Takishima" she called out and his aura quickly disappeared and gave his full attention to her, happy that she noticed him. "Mimi is really cute isn't she?" she gave him an innocent smile

His eye began twitching again.

His Hikari, so innocent yet so dense... giving him hope for a moment 'till crushing it to bits... oh how he loved her so

Kei just nodded but flared up a silent 'hmph'


He lay on his bed, before taking out his phone and stared his latest stolen picture of her.

He was jealous

Why wouldn't he be?

He longed for her

Desired her

Always wanted to tell her how he feels

And now he got beaten by a kitten she just saw

Its honestly ridiculous

Kei Takishima, titled to be the man who can do anything without even lifting a finger, got jealous because of a cat

How dare that feline be so close to Hikari!

How dare that cat lick Hikari's porcelain cheeks!

How dare that kitten take all of Hikari's attention from him!

Kei sighed, kissed Hikari's picture, and then went to sleep

'I want Hikari to hold me like that. I want to feel her close to me. I want her attention. I want Hikari... I wish I was a cat'

He drifted off to a long slumber

However, unbeknownst to his knowledge, a blast of strong wind entered his room. It seems to have just passed by, its purpose to bring a slight pang of cold to his body. Kei pulled the sheets over his head to keep him from the unknown bitter cold.

At last the wind faded, it escaped through Kei's open window, mysteriously leaving everything untouched.

Just then, a faint giggle was heard from a distance.

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