Special A

(A cat for a day)

(Chapter 2: E-E-Ehh?!)

Just then, a faint giggle was heard from a distance.


He groaned when he felt the hot rays of the sun touch his face. He fumbled around the sheets before raising his head and letting out a yawn. Good thing it was a weekend, which means, he gets a day off from work.

He tried to get up, to not to fall for the alluring magnetism of the bed for another round of slumber. However, amidst from his heavy eyelids, he felt weak, Not literally, but rather... small. It gave him trouble to use his back limbs, and felt something sway behind him with each step.

And then it hit him

He landed with a loud thud.

He looked up, since when did his room become so big?

His eyes travelled to the mirror before him.

He was stunned speechless.

There, before him, was no Kei Takishima. Rather, a tom of ginger-bronze pelt, pointed ears, pink nose, whiskers, a pair of golden eyes, and a tail.

Yes, oh yes, the Kei Takishima. Turned into a gold furball of a cat!


He was still baffled

He thought he was just hallucinating but no, he wasn't. Not until a maid saw him and scared him away. he jumped through his room's window and jumped from tree to tree 'till he reached outside the gates, careful not to fall, again, every now and then.

Now, he's wandering in who knows where in the streets of Japan. Not knowing where to go.

He kept walking and walking, trying to get used to his current form. So occupied by his thoughts, Kei didn't notice he was crossing the road while the lights say green.

A running car was on his way. Knowing he wouldn't make it to the other side, he steadied himself in a position, crouched down, ready to pounce over the hood of the car for safety.

Kei's paws were ready.


Just a little closer


Before he even thought about it, a pair of arms wrapped around him and they rolled to the other side of the road.

Kei blinked a few times till gold met night blue eyes. It made his heart stop and opened a little jaw.

"Hey! Watch it!" yelled the driver behind them.

"Oh hit the road!" yelled back blue eyes and the car scurried away. she looked back at the wide-eyed cat in her arms and brushed her nose to his, which caused a sudden heat all over the feline's body. "You okay, little fella?"

Hikari smiled sweetly that totally melt his heart.

Well, not until she settled him back down to the pavement. Gave him a goodbye kiss on the forehead and walked away.


She smiled...

She smiled... at me!

I can't believe it!

She held me in her arms!

Oh I swore her eyes were twinkling

Heh, I always knew her lips were soft

She also smelled good! I bet her scent was like lavender


The golden feline snapped back into reality just when she was a couple of blocks away. startled, he tried to chase back after her. However, he lost her in a sea of people, crowded in the streets of the market place.

Drat he cussed. Just then, it hit him. He's a cat now! Which means he has a cat nose! Which means he can track her by scent.! And so he lifted his head up and tried to focus. Looking for the familiar, sweet, lavender scent that belonged to the girl he had always liked till now.

I got it!

He wasn't sure but he was confident enough that he got her scent. Therefore, he raced through the crowd, swam across the sea of people, picking up his nose every now and then to re-track the scent after getting it lost because of another odor.

Although Kei tried, he didn't know the sun was about to set, the sea of people getting thinner. He sighed

Great, just my luck. Stupid nose! Help me find Hikari!

And so he tried once more. Inhaling the air more and lavender scent hit strong in his nose.

Kei ran as fast as could but as he got nearer, he didn't only smelt one, not two, not even three, but five other scents! His ears caught a piercing shriek as he recognized the voice.

Hikari! She's in trouble!


They trapped her in a corner, forced to use chains to tie her hands and feet. A handkerchief was tied around her mouth after she let out a scream. She tried to kick and break open the chains but something was hindering her. she wasn't able to use her full strength... Hikari Hanazono was afraid.

The five figures drew nearer and unbuttoned her blouse. Just that action sent her down to the ground. Hot tears forming around her eyes and she closed them shot as one of them pounced.

However, all she heard was a thud. Hikari opened her eyes to see the cat she saved earlier by the road. It's fur was all pricked up, let out a loud screeching snarl and eyes once gold faded to bloody red.

Every attack the men made, only left them with either deep scratches or stinging bites by the cat. They tried to push, throw, or at least hit the cat's head but no... they have no idea who they're messing with. they don't know Kei Takishima; and NO ONE dares to touch his girl and leaves without a deadly punishment!


After the scene, Kei managed to scare them off. Running into the market streets with bites on their hands and legs and deep scratches on their faces. No matter what form he is in, he never fails to protect this one girl he absolutely adores.

Hikari removed the chains binding her and immediately hugged the feline and cried on his golden fur. Tears of fear, relief, and gratitude escaped through her eyes.

Kei was glad she was safe, although cursed when he saw the red markings by her wrists and legs; and feels her tears soak his fur.

Hikari felt so indebted to him, without knowing who he really is, even though it's an animal. She noticed the slight bruises and cuts around him and knew the only thing to repay the golden feline back.

She will take him home and take good care of him

She buttoned and adjusted her clothes back, ran across the sun set streets to her lovely little home.

As she got back, her family was frightened to death after hearing her story. But after hearing her being saved by this cat in her arms, they were hesitant at first, but agreed for her to keep it. She leapt up in joy as if nothing even happened to her back at the alley and went straight to her room.


Kei sat silently on her back and stared at her back as she rummaged through her things. As she got the first aid kit, she carefully tended his wounds. Like an expert doctor that graduated with colors on every medical degree.

After she was done, she smiled sweetly and accomplished to him and gave him a nice, long, sweet, kiss on the forehead.

If Kei were only in his true form, he would've fainted in pleasure.

"Hikari! It's almost dinner!" called out her mother from below

"Okay! I'll just get a shower first!" she answered back

The golden feline was still in such a daze he didn't realized she picked him up and carried him in the bathroom with her. She set him down and he snapped back in reality as Hikari started to remove her clothes... one by one...

'W-w-what the?! H-h-hikari-chan! Y-you can't be serious!' he wanted to look away. he definitely wanted to look away but he just CAN'T!

One by one...

One by one!

It was unquestionably a torture for him!

Once she took the last pieces of her clothing, he thought of the best solution and sharply closed his eyes. He felt her warm slender hands carry him up and gave him a hug.

'Oh Good Lord, Please!' he couldn't take it anymore!. He's starting to have perverted thoughts about her and especially when he felt her skin. Oh those smooth, warm, flawless skin. Oh how he always wanted to touch... he would've wanted to stay like this forever but...

'Kami save me!'


After giving the cat a quick hug she can't help but wonder...

Surely, she knew the cat was a male but that was no excuse

He was hesitant when she called him over

Had both its eyes shut tight

And especially on the few occasions of nose bleeds

Surely, this cat can't be a pervert!

After the bath, they had dinner. She stayed up for a few minutes to review her notes and chanting 'I will not lose! Defeat Takishima! Aim for number 1!'

But as soon as that ends, she jumped her back on her bed. The feline following next to her side.

She stared at it for a while and scratched behind its ear. Kei purred by her touch and felt her finger play with his little nose.

"You know..." she spoke "If it weren't for you... I wouldn't know where I'd be right now. Thank you" she smiled sweetly but a lone tear escaped through her eyelids. The cat leaned closer, licked the tear away and nuzzled their cheeks together with a purr.

She chuckled, "I can't wait to show you to my friends. You're absolutely adorable" Kei could feel the heat around his body- "I'm not sure Takishima would. I don't think he likes cats. Maybe that's the reason he was so cold to Ryuu's kitten, Mimi, earlier" –but shattered to glass and veins popped on his head

"He's such a kill joy" cracked another vein

"A narcist" and another

"An egoistic idiot" and another

"Mr. know. it .all" a big one there

"and a total jerk" and a menacing aura leaked through him "But..."

He stopped and stared back at her with eyes he never saw, an expression so new to him

"I can't take my eyes off him..." she smiled, giggled a little and stared back at the feline's golden eyes.

"Funny... you have the same eyes as his..." and her eyelids slowly closed her beautiful midnight blue orbs "Takishima..." she whispered and drifted off into a nice, and peaceful sleep.

Kei continued to stare at her for a while. Does she think what he think it is? All those words she just said... does that mean any other meaning? He looked at her lovingly, her beautiful and peaceful sleeping face would forever carve in his memory.

'Hikari... how dense can you be?' he mentally sighed

He touched their lips slowly and lightly to each other before tucking himself under the sheets, into her arms and stare at her face more before drifting off to sleep.


As it was, another gale of wind mysteriously engulfed the room just like the night before. It suddenly cooled their bodies but also mysteriously disappeared just as how it entered.

Once again...

A faint giggled was heard from the distance...


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