We were ten hours into our road trip and surprisingly nobody has attempted to kill anyone, yet. It was a little past 2 in the afternoon and we just crossed the Montana state line. Edward was taking his turn at the wheel and was about to pass it on to Jasper. Plus if we didn't stop soon, my bladder was going to explode.

"Okay, I got a good one!" Emmett said from the seat behind me. "Alice?"

She turned around in her seat, "Yes?"

"Would you rather wake up naked and sore and without a memory of what happened the night before, with the Burger King man lying next to you saying 'You had it your way' ooorrr. . . Wake up next to Ronald McDonald telling you that 'You were loving it'?"

Alice's face scrunched up in contemplation. "Ronald. That Burger King guy is fucking creepy. Where did that question even come from?"

"The inner workings of my mind."

"Glad I can't read it because that question was disturbing," Alice chuckled. "Bella?"

"Hmmm," I said, turning my attention to her.

"Would you rather," Alice pursed her lips. "Be sexually attracted to fruit or whenever someone said your name, you had to make goat noises?"

"What kind of fruit would I be sexually attracted to?"

"All kinds. Especially bananas." There was a round of throat clearing from the guys trying to disguise the laughter.

"Uh. . . the fruit." I said.


"Because I'd rather not spend the rest of my life making goat noises. " I shrugged, ignoring the suggestive tone in her why.

"Bathroom break!" Edward said from the front seat as he pulled off the interstate and drove towards the nearest gas station. There was a collective sigh of relief as he pulled the SUV up to an open pump.

Everyone climbed out and stretched their appendages. Emmett opened the gas hatch to fill the car up. I followed Rose and Alice to tiny building to use the restroom.

"I wish we stopped at a rest stop. I hate gas station bathrooms." Rose complained, walking into the little convenience store. We made our way to the back and into the dirty small room.

"I look terrible," Rose commented, looking at her reflection in the mirror.

"Riding ten hours in a car will do that to you," I replied back stepping into one of the two stalls. I was with Rose on this one. I hate gas station bathrooms.

"Have you talked to Edward yet, Bella?" Alice asked a few moments later when we were washing our hands. I sighed.

"No. I was going to wait till after. I didn't want to ruin anything," I dried off my hands and tried to put my hair back into some sort of order. "Besides, it's not important right now. And I was going to wait till he brought it up."

"Bella," Alice said looking at me through my reflection. "You can't wait till he brings it up. Because you are going to have to lie about snooping on his desk and as your best friend I can tell you that you are the worst liar ever."

"I am not a bad liar!" I stammered, crossing my arms.

"Please," Rose said, joining us at the sinks. "You are a dead giveaway when you lie. You either twirl your hair on your middle finger; look to the left the whole time or you stutter, a lot."

"I do not." I said, crossing over to the door.

"Bella, we are not criticizing you." Alice said, coming up behind me and opening the door. "We're just telling you why you can't wait for him to bring it up."

"It's not my thing to bring up." I followed Alice out the door with Rose trailing behind. I dropped my voice to a whisper. "But, I'll ask him about it later. I promise."

"Good." Rose and Alice said matching my tone.

It's not like this college thing had been bugging me. I knew Edward would tell me when he was ready. Since Alice brought it up again, I began to worry again. What if he never brought it up and just forgot about it and went to a state school? I know he didn't just want to play piano forever, but this was an amazing opportunity. I shouldn't be worrying about this right now. I had other things to think about right now. I didn't want to ruin this part of my summer.

"Whose turn is it to drive?" I asked, stepping out of the store heading towards to vehicle.

"MINE!" Alice chirped, racing towards the driver's side.

"And here is the part where we all fear for our lives." Rose muttered under her breath following after Alice.


It was beginning to get dark and it was about time to stop and find a place to rest for the night. Alice was still at the wheel, driving well over the speed limit. It was amazing how she managed not to get a speeding ticket. And since she was the driver, she got to pick the station. And Alice was into the Top 40 and all the current popular music. The guys were dying to hear something different.

"If I have to hear about how I have no fucking idea how beautiful I am, one more fucking time I'm walking to Orlando." Emmett muttered.

"Alice, please turn the station." Edward begged from beside me. He was itching to pull out his iPod, but we made it a rule that no one could use their iPods because then the car just gets creepily quiet for the one driving.

"You guys are such babies! I am educating you on the music of today." Alice said turning up the Nicki Minaj song that just came on, we'd heard it about three times in the past 5 hours. A collective groan was sounded throughout the car.

"How much longer till we reach the hotel?" Edward whispered in my ear.

"I'd say another hour or so. Sorry." I giggled, humming along to the song as if I knew all the words.

"Let's play another game." Emmett suggested. We had finished a rousing game of punch buggy twenty minutes ago. Some of us are going to have bruises tomorrow.

"If it involves physical punches, I'm out." Jasper said. He'd been mostly quiet this entire trip so far. I had asked Edward why, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

"No physical harm shall come to you, I promise. Let's play Never Have I Ever." Emmett's eyes lit up with excitement. This only meant one thing, whenever it was his turn he was going to ask questions he knew everyone would get a strike for.

"Can I pass?" Rose asked grumpily.

"Nope," Emmett replied, not looking at the glare she was boring into him. "I'll go first. Never have I ever, had to wear girls' clothing." He looked really smug.

Rose and I raised our finger. I was thinking this was a dumb one till I saw Jasper slowly raise one of his fingers.

"Jazz?" I asked. He sighed before launching into his story.

"When I was 10, Rose told me that it was opposite day at school and that all the boys had to wear girl clothes. Being a little naïve ten year old, I believed her. So, I borrowed one of her dresses and put it on. I made it all the way to school, before I looked around and realized I was the only boy in a dress. Rose was just being the pain in the ass that she was."

"It was so funny! I'm so glad mom and dad were busy that morning and didn't realize they let you leave in a dress. I was so proud of myself." Rose commented, smiling at her twin. "My turn. Never have I ever, fantasized about making out with one of my teachers." Everyone raised a finger.

"Never have I ever, skinny dipped." Jasper said after that. Edward and I were the only ones to raise a finger.

"I don't want to know." Emm said. I could feel my face heating up with my blush.

A few questions later, and some of us were down to our last few fingers. Rose had 7, Jasper had 5, Edward had 8 and I had 8. Emmett had clocked out 2 questions ago, knowing him it wasn't hard to believe he had done just about everything. "Gotta live while you're young!" He had said when he raised his tenth finger.

"Alright. Never have I ever, thrown up on a perfect stranger." I said, glancing briefly at Rose before looking away.

"Fuck you," Rose said before raising her eighth finger. I smirked at her. When she was 13, she threw up on the ice cream vender in Port Angeles.

"Never have I ever, made out with my pillow thinking it was my crush." Rose smugly said, knowing she had gotten her revenge question.

"You pretended your pillow was Edward?" Alice asked, looking at me through the review mirror. She had been watching our game that way.

"Actually, this was when we were 8 and it was the sleepover you couldn't come to because you were sick. Remember, Bella had a crush on Mike Newton back then?" Rose said, all too happy to bring up this time in my life.

"You liked Mike Newton?" Edward asked puzzled.

"For the record," I started. "All the girls had a crush on him back then. But, I did. For a brief period of time, thank you for bringing it up Rosalie."


"Never have I ever," Edward cut in. "thought my friend's mom or dad was attractive." Rose and Jazz raised a finger each.

"Who?!" Emm asked.

"Esme." Jasper whispered, looking embarrassed.

"Dude," Edward said, shoving his shoulder. "Gross."

"Mr. Brandon!" Rose shouted confidently.

"And it's still a little creepy," Alice muttered.

When we pulled up to the hotel, Jasper ended up being the winner with only 7 fingers raised. I came in second with 9. Edward and Rosalie both went out on the same turn. We all climbed out of the car and lugged our suitcases into the lobby.

I crashed on the lobby sofa right next to Alice and Emmett. Edward was up at the front desk trying to get us rooms. He walked over with two room keys.

"I got us a suite with 3 bedrooms after some negotiating," Edward said. "Unfortunately, there is only one room in the suite with a queen sized bed so if you want it, you'll have to fight for-"

"I CALL IT!" Emm yelled. The woman at the front desk looked at him disapprovingly. Luckily, we were the only ones in the lobby. We made our way to the elevators and rode up to the 4th floor. We walked past many rooms till we got to our suite.

Once inside the small living room and kitchen area, we scouted out the bedrooms. Emmett and Rose ended up taking the only queen sized bed. So that meant 4 twin beds for Alice, Jasper, Edward and I.

It was around 5am, when Edward crawled into my bed to wake me up. We had to start driving again and it was my turn. Once everyone was fed and showered, we piled back into the SUV and began driving down the highway.

The pattern continued over the course of the next 48 hours. Drive, eat, switch drivers, drive, eat, sleep, drive. It wasn't until we hit the Florida state line, that we all felt the atmosphere in the car lift. We were all going stir crazy from spending almost 3 days in this huge but compact SUV. Emmett was at the wheel again and when we saw the sign for Disney World he blared the horn.

"FINALLY! WE MADE IT!" Emmett cheered over the horn. We all erupted into cheers with him.

"Guys! I have a confession," Alice started. "I've never actually been here before. Like ever."

"You deprived child!" Rose screeched.

"We are going to show you what you have been missing!" I chimed in, wrapping my arms around her small shoulders.

We drove down the stretch of highway looking for the Epcot exit. Once we turned off, we had to stop at a gate to pay our way in. The man working the booth, who had a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on, gave us a tag to hang from our mirror to let people know we were staying here. He told us to have a magical stay before we drove off.

"I think I will have a magical stay, just because of that old man." Emmett said, sliding the tag onto the mirror.

We drove down a short stretch of highway before turning and driving toward our hotel's parking lot. We were staying at the Contemporary Resort in the Bay Lake Tower. We pulled into the very packed parking lot, ending up in a spot farthest from the hotel. We all climbed out of the car and everyone stretched out their bent limbs.

"I thought we'd never get here. That was the longest 8 hours of my life." Rose said, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Really," Jasper said, helping the guys unload the trunk and the car. "I've had to pee for the last 5 hours."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Edward asked, dropping my suitcase by my feet.

"Because someone said we weren't making anymore stops till we got here." He side eyed Emmett.

"Dude, you could have peed in a bottle." Emm said, slamming the trunk shut. "I mean, that's what I did."




"You were driving, how did you manage that?" Jazz asked.

"Well, while everyone was taking a nap I took an empty bottle and unzipped my pants and-" Emm started before he got cut-off.

"Never mind." Jazz picked up his suitcase and Alice's and started heading towards the hotel.

"I didn't leak. I promise!"

"It's your car, man." Edward clapped him on the shoulder, before following after Jasper.

It took us 10 minutes to hike up to the hotel. Outside of it were what seemed like hundreds of green trees. When I got a closer look at them, the trees were actually thousands of bamboo stalks. It felt very exotic. The lobby was just as amazing as the outside of the building. The lobby had giant steel pillars and potted palm trees. The floor was a sleek marble.

"I'm going to go check-in." Edward said before heading off to the front desk. The rest of us kind of just wandered around the lobby.

"You can see part of the park from here." Alice was staring wide-eyed out one of the windows. Her little brain seemed to be taking everything in. I still couldn't believe that her parents never took her here. This was on every child's bucket list. Jazz walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. I smiled at the little moment they were having.

"Come on, guys. We are all the way on the 12th floor!" Edward called from one of the hallways. I broke my trance like gaze and ran to catch up to Edward. I snaked my arm through his and we walked together to the elevators. We all wouldn't fit in one elevator, so we'd have to take separate ones. Edward, Rose and I all got into one with half the luggage. Jasper, Alice and Emmett got in the other one.

"Beat you to the top!" Emmett called before his door closed. Ours closed soon after and then we were zooming to the 12th floor.

Our elevator ended up beating theirs because Emmett hit 11 instead of 12. We walked down the hallway to the 5th door from the elevators. There were pretty big spaces between the doors, so we must be in a huge suite. Edward put the key card in the door. Once the door swung open, it led into a fairly large space.

The first thing you saw when you walked in was the huge glass windows at the other end that looked out at the monorail and the theme park. It was a beautiful view. We walked further into the room and got closer look at what else was in the room. There was a small kitchen, with a dining table. There was a loveseat with a TV, it wouldn't fit all of us but who watches TV when they are at Disney World? There was a door next to the booth at the table that led to one of the bedrooms. In it, there was a King size bed and master bathroom. We'd all be fighting over this room.

"Umm, where is there a window like thing next to the tub?" Rose asked, pointing to the bathtub through the bedroom.

"I guess if you get lonely taking a bath, you can open up these door things and talk to the person in the bedroom." Alice said from in the bathroom. We all kind of looked at it with confusion, collectively shrugged and moved on.

Across the hall, there was the other bedroom which had two queen sized beds in it and its own bathroom. This one sans the weird sliding doors. Both bedrooms did have access to a terrace outside and TVs on the walls.

We all walked back into the living area and sat down. We all just sat in silence for a few minutes taking it all in.

"Alright, who is getting the king sized bed?" Jazz asked, knowing this had to be addressed.

"Well, Ed's dad did pay for all this. So, I say him and Bella should get it." Emm said. There was a collective group of head nods. That was easier than I thought it would be.

We all stood then and moved the luggage to the respective rooms. I set my bags down on the floor before falling back on the big bed with a huff.

"Tired?" Edward asked, copying me. I turned my head to look at him and smiled.

"I shouldn't be because I've done nothing all day, but I am. And I'm starving."

"Me too. Would you believe me if I said I really hate chips right now?" He said.

"Oh yes. I can't look at another potato chip for the rest of this trip." I laughed and then sat up leaning against the bed. Edward grabbed my hand and held it in his.

"I want to make this the best graduation present ever." He told me as I stared into his beautiful green eyes.

"Well good thing for you it already is," His crooked smile lit up his face. "I'm with you and my friends at the Happiest Place on Earth. I couldn't ask for more."

He sat up then and joined me. He brought his hand up and pulled my face towards his. When his lips touched mine, it ignited that feeling in me. It was that feeling of two becoming one. His lips moved with mine in sync ever so perfectly. I eventually threw myself into the kiss and my hands wound up around his neck holding him to me. A throat cleared behind him.

"If you are going to suck face, at least close the fucking door! A man could go blind," Emmett joked from the doorway. "Just wanted to let you two know that we ordered pizza; should be here in 15 minutes. You may continue." And he shut the door.

Edward and I both looked at each other; I could feel that my face was bright with color. We smiled sheepishly at each other, before getting up and joining everyone in the living space.


"One more bite, just one morrr- Nope. I can't." Jazz threw his half eaten 6th slice onto his plate.

Emmett had ordered 4 different pizzas for who knows what reason. But, we ended up eating everything but a couple slices. We were sprawled out over the kitchen/living room. Emmett ended up on the floor at some point. Alice and Jasper were sitting on the stools at the island in the kitchen. Rose, Edward and I were in the booth.

"Disney World makes the best fucking pizza." Emmett said, finishing off his 10th piece. He basically ate a whole pizza by himself.

"Damn straight." Rose said. Nobody talked after that. We were all in a pizza coma.

"What time is it?" Alice asked.

"Errr," Edward said, pulling his phone out of his pocket. "10:30, we should probably call our parents and tell them we made it, like 3 hours ago."

"Don't want them thinking we got eaten by a wild animal or ended up going crazy and eating each other." Emm said, getting up off the floor. We all stirred after that. We threw plates in the garbage and put pizza boxes by the trash can.

"Do you want to call them, or should I?" Rose asked Jazz, walking into the one bedroom.

"Put it on speaker. They'll want to talk to us both anyway." Jazz said, shutting the door.

Alice went out into the hall, Emmett went into the bedroom after Jazz and Rose, and Edward went out to the terrace in our bedroom, while I stayed in the main room.

I found Charlie's number and dialed it. I curled up on the small leather chair and listened to the phone ring.

"Hello?" Charlie's voice rang through with its usual huskiness.

"Hey, Dad."

"How's it going down there? Did you make it okay?"

"Yeah," I answered looking out the window. "We made it three hours ago, but I forgot to call. Sorry."

"It's fine, Bells. Is it nice there?" Charlie, never good with small talk.

"More than fine. Edward's parents got us a really great room. Probably cost more than our house. And it's so warm here."

"That's really great. You going to the parks tomorrow?"

"Yeah. We got here kind of late, so we are going to wake up early tomorrow and go to Magic Kingdom first."

"Well, have fun," there was a short pause. "I better let you go so you can some sleep."

"Oh, alright. Talk to you later."

"Love you, Bells."

"Love you, too." I hung up the phone. I got up and went into the bedroom and grabbed my PJs and my bag of toiletries out of my suitcase. Edward was still talking on the phone, so I went into the bathroom and changed. I brushed my teeth to make sure I got every last bit of pizza out of my mouth. I heard the terrace door open and close. I then heard the sound of the awkward bathroom door/window things sliding open.

"Very sexy." I heard Edward say from behind me. I rolled my eyes at him in the mirror. I rinsed my mouth out before turning around.

"Ha ha." I said, walking out of the room. I was wearing a pair of cotton shorts and a ratty old t-shirt. "Tired Bella, is so very sexy."

"One of us thinks so." Edward said, smirking at me. I lightly shoved his chest, scoffing before going to sit on the bed. He went out into the living room to tell everyone we were going to bed.

"Please keep your sex noises down to a minimum please." I heard Emmett joke from the next room.

"You're an ass." Edward replied jokingly back before shutting the door. He stripped out of his pants and was left only in his boxers and a t-shirt.

"Very sexy." I said, quoting him from earlier. He chuckled before walking to the suitcase to grab his bathroom necessitates and closing the awkward doors. When he closed the actual door, I got off the bed to turn the light off.

I hurried back over to the bed, still not over the childish fear of something grabbing my feet in the dark. I yanked back the heavy blanket and the sheets. I crawled under them, and snuggled under the blankets. I rolled onto my side in the gigantic bed, finally letting the tiredness from 3 hours ago fully set in. I knew it was only a matter of minutes before I would be lost to the world.

A few seconds later, I heard the sound of the bathroom door open and the light click off. I heard his footsteps padding across the carpet. I felt the heaviness of the blankets lift off me for a fraction of a second before they rested on me again.

"Bella?" Edward's voice was laced with confusion. "Where are you?"

I giggled, a tired sound. I reached my hand out as far as it would go. "Reach for my hand."

A few seconds passed before his hand touched mine. "This bed is fucking huge."

"I know." I felt him pull me towards the middle of the bed and we met half way.

"There you are." He faintly whispered in my ear. He kissed the top of my head. I felt him wrap his arm around my waist and I curled into the shape of his chest. I could feel his heart against my back; it was beating a steady rhythm. His breathing was even with mine and it was very calming. I could feel myself slipping away.

"Good night, Bella." Was the last thing I heard before sleep took over.

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