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Chapter One: A Family in Trouble Part I

Alex Falcone, formally Russo, was a top Auror after a few years of training. While she grew up, she had a history of getting into trouble while doing magic when she was not supposed to, something that her husband saw first hand, as he grew up with her and got into trouble along with her while she was doing stupid things.

After growing up and marrying her childhood friend, David Falcone, she managed to become a top auror after some grueling training. She is now a proud mother of a twelve year old girl named Selena, who is a perfect mix of her and David. The one thing that she hates about her current career is that she is mostly gone away from her home on missions most of the time. Needless to say she really misses her husband and daughter a lot of the time.

One night, David was sound asleep in his bed, his hand laying on Alex's empty side of the bed. He subconsciously thought that this wife would have been there, and that she would have surprised him like that. He soon remembered that she was out of town on work, and that made him feel a little sad. He was awake now, so he decided to check on his daughter.

He started to get up, and he headed to his bedroom door. Before he put a hand on his doorknob, he heard something. Like it was someone moving around outside his bedroom and in the hallway outside his door. David thought that it was his daughter going to the bathroom, but he decided to check it out just to be sure...

Alex slowly walked up to her house with a smile on her face. She was exhausted from the mission that she was on, but she had enough energy to get home, she made damn sure of that. She soon thought about her daughter and husband, who both obviously missed her very much. Alex could only smile as they would get a big surprise when they would soon notice that she was back a week before she was supposed to be.

She wondered-


Alex stopped dead in her tracks as she noticed a loud bang coming from her home. She noticed the flash was right in front of her daughter's bedroom, and soon after the loud bang, there was a body dropping sound. She was so close to her home, she could hear it clearly.

Wand firmly in her hand, she ran towards her front door, quickly unlocking it, and stepping inside. She was going to take it slow because she did not know what she was facing, but the thought of her daughter being in trouble really caused her to abandoned that strategy rather quickly. She ran right towards Selena's bedroom, and in the hallway, she got a really big surprise.

"Hello, Alex."

She saw the face, as clear as day. The intruder in her home had a hold on her daughter who was struggling to get out of the person's grip. It was strange, this person, who was obviously a female with a white streak in her hair, but this was someone all too familiar to Alex.

"What's the matter Alex? It's like looking in the mirror, isn't it?" She said.

It was right, whoever this was, it was Alex, almost like looking in a mirror.

"Let my daughter go." Alex said, pointing her wand at the fake Alex.

"Nope." Fake Alex said. "I came here for your daughter, and I managed to take down your husband as well."

"David? Where is he?" Alex asked, her voice full of concern.

"Behind me." Fake Alex answered. "He MIGHT be fine, but as for Selena and myself, we are going to be taking our leave."

"Like hell you are." Alex said.

"If you take another step, I will kill your daughter." Fake Alex said, driving her point home by poking Selena in the neck hard. Selena let out a whimper of pain that pissed off the mother even more.

"Drop your wand, or I will kill her right here." Fake Alex said. Alex did not move for a moment, but when Fake Alex looked as though she was going to hurt Selena, she could not take that chance. Alex reluctantly dropped her wand to the ground, and stared at her with hate in her eyes.

"Good, now get the door." Fake Alex demanded her to do. Alex walked over to the front door, and slowly opened it. Fake Alex smiled and dragged Selena out the door.

"So help me if you hurt a single hair on her head.

"I am going to do more than that, count on it." Fake Alex smiled. Then, in quick succession, the door slammed, and there was a loud crack. Alex swung the door open, and ran out with her wand in her hand, but the Fake Alex and her daughter was long gone. Alex cursed loudly, and ran back into the house to check on David, who was lying on the ground, not moving an inch.

"David? David!?" Alex said, checking the pulse of her husband. She began to panic when there was not a pulse, but she soon remembered that some demons did not have pulses and heartbeats, and David fell into that category.

To make matters worse, a fake version of herself was out there, and they had their daughter as a hostage. Little did she know that this was an enemy that she met in the past...

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