AN: For the first time since she was smashed to bits by the Russos, Stevie finally meets Alex face to face after all of these years. But as they have a conversation, Selena soon finds out something really surprising.

Chapter Four: Wizards Return Part I: Ultimate Gamble

"So, are you going to invite me inside?" Stevie asked casually. Alex just stared at her, in shock that she would actually show her face here, after what she done. She was here for something, and that is what scared Alex the most.

Alex didn't say anything, and just motioned for her to follow her. Alex slowly made her way to her family, and they nearly jumped out of their shoes when they saw Stevie.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Justin asked, pointing his wand at her. Stevie laughed as if there was not a threat here at all.

"I have something to tell you all." Stevie said, taking a seat as if she was there for a friendly visit.

"What in the hell do you want?" William asked.

"I have a proposal for you all." Stevie said. "I will give you your Selena back, for one thing."

That was good news that they heard, but in this given situation, that might not be something good for someone. Now comes the hard question and answer.

"What do you want?" Lynn asked.

"I will give you Selena back, in exchange for Alex." Stevie casually stated.

The family exchanged a look, and just when they were about to say no...

"Deal." Alex said.

"Good, I will expect to see you soon." Stevie said. She handed Alex a piece of paper, and then walked out of the front door.

"Alex, have you lost your damn mind?" Lynn said, taking her sister-in-law by the arm and yanking her towards herself.

"I have to do this." Alex said.

"No you don't. We can find another way to get Selena back without you sacrificing yourself." Justin said.

"You just don't get it." Alex said.

"Really? What don't we get?" William asked.

"They are torturing her!" Alex screamed, catching all of them off guard. "They are torturing my baby girl! I have to go and get her!"

They sat there speechless as Alex left the room to get ready for Stevie's deadline.

She did not know how it happened, but Selena blacked out. It must have been due to the extreme pain that she was put through earlier. Selena was awakened by someone splashing water on her face. Her vision cleared to see that Xela was standing in front of her. Xela smiled as she stared at her.

"Wakey wakey, I have something to tell you." Xela said. "I just heard from Stevie, and it seems that your mom is going to play ball with us, and she is coming to get you."

"Good." Selena said weakly.

"Also, I take it that you know why Stevie did this to you and your family, right?" Xela assumed.

Selena shook her head yes.

"I'll tell you anyway." Xela answered. "When Stevie was leading a wizard revolution when she was younger, Alex was on her side at first, but then the bitch had to get all noble, and that lead to Stevie's demise. When Stevie was revived, she managed to get some of Alex's DNA to create me, and then we decided to extract revenge on Alex in the most painful way possible. What better way to hurt Alex than by torturing her only daughter?"

"Please, whatever you do, just do not hurt me anymore." Selena pleaded.

"I won't. Because we are going to kill you and your mother very soon..." Xela laughed, leaving her and locking her in the dungeon where she was held.

Selena cried, and prayed that someone was going to save her soon.

Alex tied her hair back in a ponytail, and looked at the outfit that she was wearing. It was the same outfit that she wore when she dueled Justin (from the WoWP movie) and when she won the Family Wizard Contest. This outfit brought her good luck, and she was ready to do what she had to to get her little girl back. She made sure she had her wand and was able to get it out at a moment's notice, if need be, before she went to the front door, she was stopped by William, Lynn, and Justin.

"We know that you will do anything in order to get Selena back." Lynn said.

"I know David, and his bravery has rubbed off on you, so I hope that everything will work out." William said.

"Alex, I hope and know that you will come back with my niece. I pray that you will come back safe and sound, both of you." Justin smiled at her.

Alex hugged all of them, and bid her farewells. As soon as she stepped out side, Stevie was waiting on her.

"Let's go." Stevie said, handing her a bag.

"What is this?" Alex asked her.

"Put it on." Stevie said. Alex put the bag on her head, and Stevie grabbed her arm. A loud crack was heard, and they were gone.

Alex fell as they landed at a cold and dark location. Stevie yanked the hat off her head and she looked around. They were in a dungeon, and what not. It was dank and it worried Alex that her daughter was in a location such as this, and what they were doing to her...

"Fine, we are here. Where is Selena?" Alex asked her.

"Getting to the point? Fine. Xela!" Stevie called. Xela soon brought up Selena, and Alex saw the state that her only daughter that she was in. Her clothes were torn, her face was bruised, and it looked as though she was going to fall over from anything.

"What in the hell did you do to her!?" Alex screamed at the two.

"Nothing that she could not handle." Xela said with a sick smile on her face. Selena ran and almost jumped into Alex's arms.

"Baby, are you alright?" Alex asked Selena. Selena shook her head no. As Alex rubbed her back, Selena winced, and Alex lifted up the shirt on her back to see the branded "Half-Breed" on it. Alex stared at it with white hot anger in her veins.

These bitches tortured and branded my daughter. Now they are going to get it! Alex thought. Alex pretended to be too caught up in hugging Selena, so that she pretended to not notice Xela and Stevie getting close. As soon as they got in position, Alex pulled out her wand, and a blinding flash lit the area.

Alex grabbed Selena by her hand, and ran up the steps. She heard Xela, and Selena right behind her, and that caused her to run faster.

"Mom, where are we going?" Selena asked her.

"I...have no idea..." Alex said casually.

"WHAT!?" Selena screamed.

"Just come on!" Alex said, grabbing Selena. Alex grabbed Selena and ran outside the dungeon where they were, and began running through a small wooden area with Xela and Selena on their heels. They ran to a clearing and stopped right as they hit a cliff.

"Damn." Alex asked. She began to look for a way to safely climb down when Selena noticed a spell heading right for her mother.

All Alex could feel was someone shoving her out of the way, and seeing Selena fall down right in front of her.

"Selena?" Alex asked, heading for her daughter, and feeling her cold lifeless body.

"Selena?" Alex asked once more not getting a response. Alex felt for a heartbeat and pulse, but there was none.


AN: An explanation is in order. The inspiration for this story is the TV special, "Wizards Return", which would premire at the time I am posting this chapter. Anyways, the final chapter is next. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!