I whip out my sPhone (Stark Phone) and call Sadie and minutes later she arrives. "Whats up, Kane?" "Nothing much, Rogers!" She says in her fading brittish accent. She grins as she enters my room. My room is anything but simple. With computers, TV's, bookcases(decoys of course, secret passage ways to my game room and lab.), a bed that sinks into the floor, different little plans strewn across the floor, and my electronic wardrobe/robot that always chooses exactly what I want to wear that day, it's about ten years ahead of all other technology. The one time Peter invited his best friend Carter over, also Sadies brother, he saw Peter and I's rooms and was so confused he had to sit in the living room to process this. Not knowing that Tony Stark was Peters father, when he saw him, he got really confused and had to leave. Sadie sits on my bed as I raise it, always loving to do this, considering her grandparents were highly old fashioned. I turn to her as it locks into place. "Lets go to the living room.", I say to her as she hops off the bed. She nods and smiles, " I like hanging with your folks. They're fun." I laugh and we walk out the door. As we enter the living room, we can already hear the excited chatter from the adults. My Uncle Bruce is visiting today, and none of us had seen him for a few years, so we were all excited. We enter and I see Pepper Stark(Potts), walk towards us. "Hey Cassidy! Hi Sadie! Bruce will be here in about 15 minutes, so everyones pretty happy, as you can see." I look around and everyone in smiling even Clint. I smile at Pepper and say, "Ok, Pepper. Thanks!" We walk over to Clint, my Godfather. "Hey, Clint!" He grins when he looks over. "Whats up, twerps?" I glare at the nickname, as I have been since he started calling me that when I was two. "Whatever, Birdbrain. Wanna come to the movies with us? Everyone's going." He thought about it for a moment, then replied, "Sure. Why not? So what movie is it?" "MAMA!" His eyes widen, "I didn't agree to a horror movie! I OBJECT I OBJECT!" "Put a sock in it!" I laugh as Sadie says this, and so does Clint. She smiles and we walk over to where Gwen and Peter are standing. Gwen is the first to speak, "Hey, ready for the movie?!" "I was born ready, Stacey!" I reply loftily. That's when everyone hears the front door slam shut. A deep voice rings through the tower, " IS ANYONE HOME?!" And all in unison, everyone in the room yells in unison, "BRUCE!" But, of course, Thor is the loudest almost waking his 2 month old son, Jordan. His wife, Jane, glares pointedly at him. Dr. Banner walks through the door, fresh snow still laden in his crazy dark hair. Peter and I nod at eachother and jump onto the rafters. We push off three cardboard boxes, each containing green and purple streamers and confetti. Then tie off a banner saying 'WELCOME HOME'. Then we jump down. Everyone is looking at the sudden decoration. Tony is the first to speak, " So those are the boxes JARVIS warned me about." He had one on his head, and everyone cracked up. JARVIS all of the sudden speaks up, "Sir, Director Fury is here to see, Peter, Miss Rogers, Miss Kane, Miss Stacey, and the Avengers. He is insisting." We all look strangely at one another, then walk to the conference room. Fury and Hill are standing at the head of the table as we all sit down. My father is the first to speak. "What do you want this time Fury? And what do you want with the kids?" " There's a new threat. And we need all of you."

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