((A.N.: Personally I haven't actually watched Ghibli's Kokuriko Zaka Kara, so I have no idea what that story is about. Written below is just what appeared in my mind when I heard the beautiful, beautiful theme song that I have absolutely no ownership of. Dialogue in Italics are spoken in Spanish, 'cause even after taking classes and self-studying, I can't speak it myself haha~ Chapters are short, but updates will be fast.))

Takao stepped off the small boat, looking around himself as he shrugged his backpack a little higher up on his shoulder. The ocean breeze smelled fresh of sea salt, and whipped slightly overgrown black hair in his face. Pinching a wisp of it, he started wondering if he ought to get a haircut.

"Say, where's the nearest place with a pub or something?" He began, turning to a fisherman fixing his net nearby on the dock. The man looked up at him, squinting from the sun, and after a moment of consideration, turned towards an area, slightly uphill, where there seemed to be visibly more hustling and bustling.

Takao's gaze followed the man's arm as he pointed towards the town. "Around about there, just go uphill towards the town centre and look for the first green house."

"Hmm... Alright, thanks." He mused, shifting his backpack again and preparing to head off, when the man spoke up again.

"Where're you from though? Not Spanish are you."

Takao chuckled; he'd heard the same question time and time during his long voyage. "Of course not, I'm from Japan."

"Oh, I know Japan, Toyota?" They both laughed as Takao gave his thanks, and headed towards the more densely populated parts of the town.

After all his travelling, the slight climb uphill was nothing. Making his way through townsfolk, Takao noticed they seemed to be surprised he wasn't looking around helplessly with a map in hand and camera around his neck. He started recalling the directions he'd just gotten from the fisherman; a green house huh, he mused. It'd frankly be funny as hell if he finally found Midorima there.

But, it was good that he managed to arrive at the docks before sundown; arriving after dark usually meant lodging would be harder to find, not to mention he wouldn't really want to search around town in darkness.

A little bonus however, was the amazing scenery that Takao got, simply by looking back at the docks from his vantage point. Mediterranean style architecture had always managed to captivate him; probably because Takao knew very clearly what he liked and wanted.

Midorima was definitely on the top of that list.