Renji pushed Isshin against the wall, pinning him tightly, his grip tight on the older mans waist. Isshin had his arms wrapped around the redheads neck, looped around his head slightly to pull him in closer. The younger of the two dove in for a passionate kiss, his lips pressed hard against his husbands. Opening his mouth he looked to deepen the already heated kiss and without surprise Isshin responded. Without a moment's hesitation Renji plunged his tongue in, taking Isshin's tongue softly between his teeth and sucking on it. A long, hushed moan escaped his lips. "Isshin." Renji whispered, pulling back from the kiss so that he could breathe down the long, exposed neck.

Isshin smiled and tilted his head back against the wall, his arms drooping around the firm shoulders. "Renji."

Renji nosed his way up the taut neck, poking at the jugular lightly before making a line for his ear and the crease between his ear and his neck. Slowly he let out a breath of hot air. Isshin's breath hitched. (Renji was aware, though still surprised, that this was a sensitive area on both men of the Kurosaki house.) "Can you believe it's been so long already? Five years, Isshin. Five."

"The five best years of your life, right?" Isshin joked, taking a deep, nosy, breath when he felt the moist lips press against his neck. His breath hitched again when he felt the large hands of his lover moving ever so slowly up his sides, tracing the contour of his firm body.

"Well, I wouldn't say the best but definitely not the worst." The redhead smiled and breathed in deeply. The scent of his lover never failed to intoxicate him. When a low growl came from him he quickly fixed his error and said, "I'm only joking of course." He felt the tug of fingers in his long hair. As quickly as he could he pulled the hair tie holding his hair up out and let the long strands cascade down his back. It had grown even longer than before. Perhaps it was time for a cut...

That thought was quickly discarded when he felt those strong, but gentle fingers, rake down his spine, twining with his hair. How could he get rid of something they both loved so much?

Renji's lips found their way to Isshin's Adam's apple and slowly took a light nibble. Not enough to hurt but enough to warrant a reaction.