Nick threw Zak against the wall, pinning him there with a knee between his legs, hands gripping his wrists against the wall. His teeth ripped into the supple flesh of the investigators neck, pushing hard enough to draw blood. The older man let out a sharp breath, and threw his head back against the wall, giving Nick even better access. His teeth skimmed across the tanned neck, one shoulder to the other, leaving little wounds on, and near, his collar bone. His knee brushed, intentionally, against the steadily growing hard-on, eliciting a short grunt from his partner. "You like that, huh?" He muttered gruffly, running his tongue over some of the bleeding teeth marks. "I bet you'll tell everyone a ghost did this, right? Came at you with their fangs? Or maybe you'll say it was a demon. That'd be great, and laughable." He moved so that both of Zak's wrists were gripped between one of his hands and the other was free to drop to the older mans crotch. "You wouldn't want anyone to find out your dirty little secret, huh? That would just break one too many hearts and you hate being a bully, except to naughty demons." He reached forward and gripped the mans now fully erect cock in his hand and squeezed. He felt his body go stiff. Every muscle rippled and he was biting his lip to keep from making more noise.

"C'mon Zak, let it out. I know you want to." Nick leaned in and began to suck on the flesh right below Zak's ear. His lips suctioned hard and when he pulled back, a very dark purple kiss mark was left.

"Nick don't." Zak mewled, knee's sinking a little.

"Don't do what?" Nick's mouth slowly made its way up the older man's jawbone and up to his parted lips. His hand, which was gripping the man's cock tightly, inched slowly up and down along its length. He was massaging it harder than was necessary but someone was obviously enjoying it.

Zak's legs squeezed inward as his senses were overloaded. He let out a short whine as he felt the muscular fingers worked their way along his erection. "Nick!" He breathed with that typical whine.

"Tell me you want more." Nick grinned a rather devilish grin. "Beg for it." He whispered into the older mans ear, sending shivers down his spine. His knees buckled and his weight rested entirely on the cameraman now. Nick barely supported it, letting the mans privates rest right on his knee.

"Hnnn. But I don't." Zak tried to force himself up again but it was impossible. "I don't like this, Nick."

The younger man chuckled as he ran his hand down the length of the other mans erection once again. "You body is so much more honest than your mouth." His fingers tweaked his balls, rolling them in his palm and gently squeezing them. This made the investigator flinch. "That feels good doesn't it?"