I decidied to start a new Swanfire story. I thought I'd try my hand at something that actually deals with the plot/universe of the show. I hope you guys like it :) Please review.

My Only One

Summarry: What if Emma had found Neal when she went to Tallahassee for two years?

Chapter 1

Emma Swan stood in front of the beige colored door, with her hand poised to knock.

It had taken her months to find him. After she'd gotten out of prison, she'd done some odd jobs to save up the money to come out here, she'd hired an investigator.

All that had lead her here. She'd been thinking about this moment for some time. Would he be happy to see her?

Wait, Emma scolded herself. Why do I care if he's happy to see or not? He's the one who abandoned me and had me arrested for something he did. And with a baby, no less.

As those thoughts reaffirmed all the reasons why she should hate him and not care whether he wanted to see her or not, another one hit her.

He didn't know I was pregnant

Emma sighed. Just as she was about to get her nerve to knock, the door swung open.

Neal Cassidy stared at his former girlfriend in shock. All at once a billion questions went through his mind. What was she doing here? How had she found him? Was she even looking for him? Did she hate him?

"Going somewhere?" Emma asked coldly.

"I was going to check my mail," Neal answered honestly, still in shock from her standing on his doorstep. "Emma, I can't believe you're here." The shock was starting to wear off as a smile came over his features. "I missed you so mu-" As he reached a hand out to touch her arm, his own reassurance that she was real and actually standing there, not unlike his dream versions of her, she pulled back as if his touch burned her.

"Don't," She said sharply. "I've thought of this moment for quite some time, Neal. It ran through my mind a lot those eleven months I spent in jail!"

Neal looked ashamed. "Emma, I am so sorry."

"No, you're not." Emma spat. "You're just sorry I found you. You're just sorry you've been caught."

"I should be sorry you found me." Neal admitted. "But I can't bring myself to be. It's selfish, I know…"

"You know what, it is selfish!" Anger was starting to leave her body, even though she was desperately trying to hold onto it. Tears stung her eyes. "You left me!"

Neal was anguished as he saw tears fill up her eyes. "Emma,"

"You turned me in to the cops! You let me go to prison!" She continued, as her voice became louder as it broke.

"Baby," Neal reached out again wanting more than anything to just hold her, but she stepped out of his reach.

"Do you have any idea what happened to me in there?!" She screamed, as tears fell down her face.

Neal didn't know. All he knew was that August told him that she would be ok and that it was good. He believed neither word that he told him. He'd been so worried about her, so scared that she would be hurt. "Baby, please just let me explain…"

"I loved you!" Emma cried out as she came at him and start punching his chest with her tiny fists. "You were all I had! We were gonna have a home here! You said you wanted to have a home here with me! You promised me!"

Neal stood there, as tears stung his own eyes and let her continuously hit him. He knew he deserved it. "I'm sorry." He choked out, his voice rough with tears. "Baby, I'm so sorry."

She continued to deliver punch after punch against his chest. "You knew! You knew what I had lived with! You knew how abandoned I was, not just from my parents but from every person I had ever trusted before! You promised you would never leave me!" She cried out, as her strength finally left her, she would have fallen, but he reached out catching her before she could.

Neal clutched her against him in a desperate hold. "I had no choice," He whispered. "I hated myself for what I did to you, but I had no choice. I ran into someone…" He really didn't want to do this out in the hall. "Come with me, baby.." He gently moved them both inside his apartment, never once loosening his hold on her. He closed the door.

"How can you say you had no choice? You couldn't not turned me into the cops. You could've not abandoned me." Her voice was soft, and rough from crying.

Could he really tell her the truth? He doubted she would even believe him. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," He finally settled on.

She pulled out of his arms. "Don't lie to me! I don't want anymore lies, I want the truth!"

"Emma," There is no way she would believe him if he told her about him and August's conversation.

"The truth!" She bellowed. "If we stand a chance at working things out, you're gonna have to be honest with me."

He looked at her stunned. Did she say what he thought she just said? "Work things out? You…you still want to be with me after what I did?"

Emma nodded slowly. "I shouldn't. I should want to get as far away from you as possible but I can't. I still…" She still loved him but she couldn't bring herself to say those words. Eleven months in prison had hardened her and she wasn't ready.

"I love you too." Neal had always been able to read her so well and a year hadn't changed that. He could tell that she was scared to be completely vulnerable with him, so he would be completely vulnerable with her. He could do that, he could do anything for her. "I never stopped."

"Why did you leave me?" She asked softly.

He couldn't tell her the truth about herself, she wouldn't believe him and she'd probably run thinking he was nuts. So he would have to settle for telling her his part of his truth. "I ran into someone. He knows who I really am. He knows….he knows my father."

"Your father?" Emma was confused. "I thought your dad was dead."

"He is dead," He whispered, still pained over how his father had abandoned him and chosen magic and being the dark one over him. "to me. He's dead to me, but he's not really dead. I've been running from him for a really long time, but he's looking for me. I couldn't have him find me or you." That part was true. He wanted his father no where near him or Emma. He could still be the dark one and have magic. He'd seen his father kill more people than he could count.

"This guy I ran into who knows my father….he told me that if I didn't send you to prison that something would happen to you." He hated that he was lying to her and sticking to these half truths but he knew that she was not ready for the truth. He didn't think anyone would be ready to hear that they are the savior and that they're the daughter of Snow white. She'd think he was nuts.

"You thought prison would be safer than whatever your dad would do?" Emma was skeptical, as none of this made any sense to her. Why didn't he just tell her? They could've just ran away.

"Without question," And that was the god's honest truth. Prison was a picnic compared to the things his father were capable of. "I know what my father is capable of and I didn't want any of that to ever touch you. I was going to come for you once I felt that you were safe." He would've come for her once he got that postcard.

"Well, I wasn't safe." Emma snapped. "Ok? I was beat up so much in there that it's a wonder our baby even survived!"

Neal took a step back, shocked. "What?"

Emma hadn't meant to come right out with that, but now that she had, she knew she had to be honest. "I was pregnant with your baby."

"Emma, I am so sorry," Neal felt disgusted with himself. Not only had he abandoned her and sent her to prison, but with his unborn child no less.

"It would've been a lie not to tell you." She continued. "If I'd had any other options I never would've given him up."

"Him? We have a son?" He felt mixed feelings. He was glad that they created a beautiful baby but he was sad that she'd been all alone and felt she'd had no choice but to adopt him out.

"Yes," Emma admitted. "Neal, I know that-"



He may not be able to tell her the truth about herself, but he could tell her the truth about him. And she deserved to know his real name. "My name is Baelfire."