Title: Unlikely Heroes: Redemption,

Pairings: LuciusxSeverusxRemus, CharliexBlaise, ViktorxGeorge, Pre-slash DracoxHarry, etc

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summary: With Harry, Draco and Dora in comas it's up to Lucius, Remus, Severus and Harry's ancestor Sirius to put the Wizarding World on a path to a world they would be safe in. Without Draco to hold Slytherin together, will it destabilize the tentative unity that Hogwarts hasn't achieved in over 100 years? CreatureFic Sub!Harry MPREG

Notes: Is compatible to the Selection of Triwizard Champions.

Chapter one- double blessings

Lucius and Remus wanted to check on Harry and Draco but the boys were in the care of healers. It was Severus they were forced to think of first.

Their mate who was acting very unlike himself…

They were delivered to Grimpound Manor, which was spacious and well decorated. Apparently, King Sirius, his mate or both had superior taste. The place was much more aesthetically pleasing then say Grimmauld Place.

Elijah met them in the Receiving Room.

"May I help you?"

Lucius bowed, "My apologies for our unexpected arrival. My son and Severus' nephew are currently at Château Grimaldi under the care of healers. We were told to floo there from here.

The door to the receiving room was throw open.

"I figured you'd show your ugly face sooner or later Snivellius! How much did you pay them to lock me up?"

Remus lunged at Padfoot, "You ungrateful bastard!" driving his fist into his former school friend's fast with a satisfying crunch.

Sirius Black III blinked at him, blood running down his face, "What the hell Remus?" It was more garbled then that with his nose broken but the gist was understood.

"You will not use that name to refer to my mate you idiotic bastard." Remus growled. "I am not in the mood to deal with you. Go away. Harry is on the brink of death as it is. I would think you would at least have some thanks for the men who pushed for an investigation of your case. Lucius told Fudge that it would be wise to investigate it because if he didn't and it came out that you were actually innocent then he would be found complacent in the miscarriage of justice and fired."

"I knew there was something fishy about him being my solicitor. What did you get for that Lucius? Merlin knows Malfoys never do anything without some sort of benefit for themselves."

"To be honest Black I hate you. You tormented my Severus in school and only because he asked me not to, I didn't hex you. I helped Andromeda, she asked me to defend you because I was the only one she trusted. It wasn't I who broke off contact with her; it was her mad sisters. I bribed St. Mungos to let them attend their Healer academy. I always liked Andromeda as a friend; I was thrilled when she eloped. If she'd asked for assistance I would have given it at once. If only for the minuscule sense of freedom no longer being her betrothed gave me."

"I don't like owing you favours."

Lucius sneered, "You don't. I helped Andromeda. You owe me nothing. I think you owe Remus and Severus an apology. Severus has done nothing to you recently. Besides, he's a Lord and you're not."

Severus sagged.

Remus hurried to his side, "Damn it! Andromeda should see him. Whatever he did to himself there has to be some sort of back lash."

"I agree."

Elijah summoned an elf and sent them for Andromeda.

It didn't take long for the healer to arrive.

Andromeda took one look at Severus, "Send one of your elves for one of his Calming draughts."

Lucius frowned, "I don't know if they are safe…"

Andromeda casting diagnostic spells at him, "What in the world? I thought he was under an infertility curse? He's now over ten weeks pregnant."

"He broke it. Draco is in a magical coma. The possibility of Draco and Harry perishing released a burst of wild magic that removed any foreign magic in his body. Severus no longer bears the Dark Mark." Remus said quietly.

Andromeda used a very precise sensitive spell that sent targeted sound waves into Severus' womb. It took two minutes before they bounced back into the water bubble above Severus' abdomen.

It was a bit fuzzy but there were two spots…

Andromeda leaned closer to get a good look, her eyes widened and she smirked, "Well, I see that they are entirely healthy for what they've been through. It seems the so-called infertility curse put them in a sort of stasis. I researched the spell after I heard it was cast on him. He was infertile because he was already pregnant."

Lucius was stunned, "He was already pregnant? I thought they were aborted."

Andromeda laughed, "No. It was created by a witch who was against abortion. She wanted her children but she was unable to care for them at that point in her life. The spell moved the foetuses into another dimension. Until she reversed the spell it protected them, they didn't grow or mature during the time she was under the spell."

She peered at the water orb. "Two distinct foetuses. Two placentas. Very high probability of being dizygotic, which is something to be expected with wizard couples. The dynamics of wizard conception is complicated. After all males aren't supposed to be able to conceive without a woman, it's the magic that allows sperm to merge and ensures conception. Severus must have been very powerful to become pregnant so young."

Remus frowned, "When did he concieve anyway?"

Lucius swallowed, "The winter of his fifth year. Sometime around the time he fought with Lily and Black nearly got him killed."

Remus snarled at Padfoot, "If I'd injured him and he'd been my mate then I would have killed you. That is if Lucius hadn't slaughtered me first."

"What would pretentious creatures like Veela do? Use their allure to drive the offender mad?"

Lucius snarled, "Let's use Ronald as an example. He stunned Harry, kidnapped him, viciously assaulted him and left him for dead to be food for creatures that live in the Forbidden Forest. Draco used the Vacina spider hex on him. He had to be reminded that Harry's life was in the balance and that the time for revenge must wait for a more appropriate time. I want to strip his flesh from his bones, carve out his heart and then slice his head from his shoulders. His head would be bronzed and put on a pedestal for our enemies and allies to behold and tremble at."

Elijah whistled, "And I thought Chuvash were bloodthirsty in their revenge."

Sirius III actually paled, "You couldn't get away with something like that. The Ministry,"

Elijah laughed, "One of the benefits of being mated the Leader of an magical race is that we know that our members can be violent in their revenge. They are also exempt from judgement of any Ministry. Every Ministry is required to sign an agreement to give any of our kind over to our leader for justice. If any Chuvash is found to have broken our laws they are summarily executed. If they have killed in vengeance and that act falls under the strict laws regarding it amoung our rules then they are released. The Veela have the Veela Accords which have been ratified by every Ministry and must be resigned every how many years?"

Lucius answered smugly, "Every one hundred. They are due to be reviewed by a committee of wizards appointed by the International Confederation of Wizards and a selected number of Veela. They maybe amended, expounded or renegotiated and rewritten to best suit the new century and its demands."

"We have the Chuvash Codes. The first is undisputable. The only Court allowed to try one of our Race is a court appointed or overseen by the leader of our race. At this point, it is my Sirius who serves as its king. Unlike the Veela who have always had a Queen, the Chuvash have very rarely had a Queen. The most powerful of our kind are nearly always male."

"If you are quite finished with this adolescent spitting match I would like to continue with my diagnosis."

"He's pregnant so what?" Siri growled.

"Oh do be quiet you fool of a Gryffindor." Andromeda waved her wand and he was under a silencing spell, "Now I see two very distinctly separate placentas. At this stage of development that is nearly 100% accurate. It is somewhat probable that since they are formed from different conceptions that they maybe of separate genders. However it is highly unlikely that both are female, there is a greater chance that they are both male. Wizard couples rarely have females; it is harder for two x chromosome sperm to be bonded together. It is theorized but unproven that female offspring are more fragile within a wizard and are more likely not to survive to birth. Whatever the reason, not as many females are born to wizard couples."

Elijah was thoughtful, "Sirius and I had thirteen survive to adulthood, ten boys and three girls."

Siri was stunned and mouthed the number.

Lucius had some knowledge of this but the number was unheard of in his generation.

Arthur Weasley's perceived seven children had been unusual but thirteen should have been impossible. Then one remembered that Sirius Black was King of a Magical Race, which made him very powerful and probably more fertile then a normal human couple.

"What would you recommend?"

"Try to keep his stress levels down as much as possible. I would strenously insist that he not brew. He can as long as he is well enough, continue his duties as Head of Slytherin House but he really ought to find someone to oversee his classes. With Harry and Draco is magical comas keeping his stress down might not be easy. If he has recipiets of safe potions then he can have someone he trusts brew them. I would be willing." Andromeda offered.

Remus sighed, "I suppose that our taking time off due to Harry's condition is irresponsible. I shall have to continue my duties as a Head of House and Professor as much as I don't want to. Replacing Minerva was hard enough. I suppose we'll have to ask Slughorn to teach for Severus. I know Sev disliked him but he would be flattered…"

Lucius growled, "Perhaps, throwing ourselves into our work will help us deal with this."

"I would focus on keeping your mate healthy as well." Andromeda cautioned.

Lucius nodded, "Yes…of course."

"It is too bad that the Black Family is in hiding. Tonks would have been a good choice as the Defense Instructor."

"With Severus unable to continue teaching Potions he could take that up." Remus observed. "With would make me free to teach something else."

"Transfiguration isn't your best subject." Lucius observed.

"No but Ethan Bones is decent enough at it. I can officially take over Charms if Severus is willing to take Defense. It would solve a lot of difficulties. Filius can then focus on his duties as Headmaster rather then trying to teach Charms as well."

Lucius nodded, "That would handle things adaquetely. We're about to release students for winter holidays anyway. It will make it easier to transition and make arrangements during the holidays."

"We won't be expected to be at the castle at all hours…"

"You will still have to attend the Yule Ball." Lucius reminded him.

Remus sighed, "Something I am not looking forward to…"

"At least we'll be presented with our Orders of Merlin that day."

Andromeda blinked and Sirius III flinched.

"It seems that they felt like we ought to have some sort of reward for 'capturing' Voldemort, although they only were able to punish Pettigrew. What is your mate planning to do with him?"

Elijah shrugged, "I don't know. That is for my mate to decide. He has not asked my opinion. He has brooded over the jumbled memories of the so-called Dark Lord. He has talked to with Veela Healers but that is all I know."

The floo flashed to life and the King of the Chuvash emerged.

"It seems that their conditions have stabilized but it will take time for them to recover. Draco's magical core was unstable and nearly collapsed. In Harry's case it was his body that was close to expiring. Harry has been cast into a healing trance and needed a large amount of blood to stabilize him. I am not quite sure what it is that the Veela Healers did to stabilize Draco but it seems to have worked. The two healers will continue to watch over your son and monitor him. They plan to take shifts. My son and his mate Merope will also do the same."

Lucius hugged Severus impulsively, "They'll live…"

Severus was still in shock and didn't respond.

Remus threw his arms around his mates and let out a sigh of relief.

"I'll take you to the Chateau soon so you can be recognized by the wards." Sirius I offered.

Lucius gave him a half-smile, "That would be appreciated."

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