Title: Unlikely Heroes: Redemption

Pairing: Pre-slash DracoxHarry, LuciusxSeverusxRemus, CharliexBlaise, ViktorxGeorge, etc

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summary: With Harry, Draco and Dora in comas; it's up to Lucius, Remus, Severus and Harry's ancestor Sirius to put the Wizarding World on a path to a world they would be safe in. Without Draco to hold Slytherin together, will it destabilize the tentative unity that Hogwarts hasn't achieved in over 100 years? CreatureFic Sub!Harry MPREG

Notes: Is compatible to the Selection of Triwizard Champions.

A/N: Really sorry for the lateness! But given the nature of this chapter it will only be posted on Aff .net and AO3.