Okay, I'm going to try my hand at writing some Fiolee fanfiction for all of you, so I hope you enjoy,

because they are my favorite ship right now. You can check out some pictures on my deviantart or tumblr, I use the same user name for both, this story will also be posted on deviantart as a once stop location for you all.

For the sake of confusion, I'm going to state the age's up front for all of you.

Fionna: 14

Cake: 28 in magical cat years

Marshall Lee: looks 17 or 18 but is... ya know, 1000+ years.

Prince Gumball: 18

okay here we gooooooo~

I do not own adventure time or any of these characters.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the land of Aaa, there were fluffy clouds floating in the sky, not to big and not to many. The grass was rustled by a gentle breeze, that also rustled the blonde bangs, of one very special 14 year old girl, right before they were splattered with blood and guts.

"Nice job cake! Hold the dragon still!" Fionna shouted as she regained her grip on her golden sword. Her adoptive older sister was stretched large, and holding a roaring dragon, that had chainsaws for teeth. It was large and grey in color, like steel. It blew a raging breath of fire at the young girl, who dodged it, escaping with out a burn. She ran towards the creature, and jumped high, before she slammed the golden sword into the creatures soft underbelly, and dragged it downwards with her weight, cutting open the creature. It screamed a dying death, as it's guts poured out over the girl, and onto the grass.

"Rhombus!" Fionna yelled as she saw the chest they were looking for, spill out of the dragons guts, "Cake come help me with this!"

"Mmm, that dragon had some serious indigestion." The cat remarked, as she picked up the chest with a large hand. "Lets get this chest back to your man, girl!"

"He's not my man, cake!" Fionna's cheeks were a firey red as the cat poked fun at her feelings for the pink prince. She always did anything he asked, because adventuring was all she was good at, not baking or science, like him... "Let's just get this back to him, PG said it was real important!"

The two headed back towards the candy kingdom, Fionna riding on her sisters back, holding onto the chest. When the two got there, they went inside straight to Gumball's Kitchen.

"PG! PG! We got it!" Fionna said, and Cake held up the heavy chest.

"Splendid!" Gumball said happily to the two of them. He was wearing a very feminine apron, with frills and bows. Cake had made it for him, so Fionna could give it to him for his birthday, but the young girl, even with her love of bows and frills, had to admit it looked ridiculous on the prince. "You two have saved my bake sale this weekend!"

"What do you mean?" Fionna asked curiously, and Gumball pulled out a key, and opened the chest. Inside there was a collection of large glowing cook books. "what the stuff...?"

"I kept them in that dragon for safe keeping, they are all secret recipes you know." Gumball said happily, "Don't want anyone stealing them!"

"Oh, well glad we could help!" Fionna said brightly and happily.

"As a thanks, let me give you both, these!" Gumball grabbed two cupcakes off the counter, and handed them to the girls. "They're very scruptious! It will taste how ever you desire, because the molecules get a reading off your taste buds, and change to suit your tastes!"

Fionna looked at the bright pink cup cake in her hand, that had a red jelly bean on top of the icing. She was excited to eat it, wondering what it would taste like when she did. Strawberries? Bacon? fish sticks? chocolate? She drooled a bit at the thought of food. "Thanks dude! This is awesome! I'm going to save it for breakfast tomorrow!"

"Good idea, it will give you lots of nutrition, a perfect breakfast!" Gumball said happily, "Haha, now then. I should get to work, I have a lot to do for the bake sale this weekend, the candy proceeds will all go to the children, for the Candy festival!"

"I can't wait!" Fionna said, and they both bid goodbye to the prince, before they left the castle, and headed home, to the tree house.

"Girl, you need to ask him to the Candy festival ball!" Cake told her sister, as they walked. "I have the most fine dress in all of Aaa for you to wear too! You got to look hawt for your man!"

"Cake!" Fionna blushed the brightest of reds at the thought of her asking Gumball to the ball as her date. "No way, dude. It wouldn't be a good idea." the young girl said, kicking a rock, before they entered the house.

"But just look at this dress! you have to wear it!" Cake said, as she ran to a closet, and pulled out a fabulously frilly bright red dress for her sister. It would go just past her knee's, and hang longer in the back, with fabulous light pink lace and frills under neath, to make it poofy. it had a sweet heart neckline, with see through pink short sleeves. but best of all, there was a big pink bow in the back.

"Wow..." Fionna said, as she stared at the dress. Her sister sure was good at sewing and cooking, girly things... things Fionna was bad at. "Just... wow..."

"I'm going to go hang it up on the line to air it out, get some moonshine and fresh scent into it." Cake said, as she took the dress up stairs. Fionna smiled brightly, as she went and put the cupcakes they got in the fridge. She couldn't wait for the festival in a few weeks, it was going to be so mathematical!

"Let's go to bed, sweety!" Cake said, as she came down from the top of the treehouse. Fionna yawned at the thought of bed, and nodded to her sister in agreement. The two retreated up stairs to the bedroom, and Fionna changed into her fuzzy orange pj's, and crawled into her pile of blankets for a good night's sleep.

Her dreams were filled with her candy prince, the both of them dancing at the ball, she felt giddy at the thought, as they swirled around the dance floor, before a stranger cut in, and took her hand, with a cold ice blue one. Just as she turned to look up at the new figure in her dreams, she was woken up by screams and hisses. The young girl sat up with a start in her bed, and looked around. "Cake?!" She shouted, not seeing her sister in her drawer. "CAKE!" she heard the cries coming from the boat outside the treehouse, and she made a dash outside.

"Noo! Your beautiful dress, Fionna!" Cake cried in horror, as she held up the once red and pink dress, which was now a drab grey. All the color was gone from it, including the pink, it looked like a funeral dress now...

"What happened to it? too much moonshine?" Fionna asked, as cake cried over her creation.

"Moonshine doesn't do this... I don't understand..." Cake said, but her ears perked up, "Tree trunks...?" She turned to look down, Fionna now picking up the faint shouting coming from below. The little yellow elephant and his girlfriend Ms Pig, were shouting at them about something, and they looked frantic. Fionna jumped down to the grass below with Cake, to inspect.

"Fionna, it's terrible!" Tree trunks said, looking distressed. "My apples... th-they're all grey! My pies will look horrible with grey apples!"

"Grey?!" the sisters both asked in confusion. "Ahem... Let me go change, and we'll go!" Fionna said, as she made a dash inside. They had a real mystery on their hands...

After Fionna jumped into her blue clothes, and she had grabbed her bag and sword. Cake grew large, and grabbed the couple and Fionna, before taking off to Tree Trunk's orchard.

It was terrible, all the apples, on every last tree, were a drab grey color, even the ones on the grass below.

"What is going on? First the dress, and now the apples are missing their red..." Cake stated, as Fionna picked up an apple, and took a bite.

"... It still tastes good, tree trunks." Fionna said, the apple hadn't lost it's flavor, jut the color. "They are still the best apples in all of Aaa."

"But, my pies... they'll look terrible... and the bake sale this weekend...!" Tree trunk said in distress.

"It's alright, the crust covers the apples, no one will be able to tell the difference." Fionna said, patting the elephants head. "They'll still be the best pies ever!"

"... If you say so Fionna..." Tree trunks said.

"If you make us a pie, we'll all be able to confirm it for you." Cake said happily, "The color might be gone, but you'll still be able to make amazing pies!"

"Hear that?" Ms Pig smiled brightly, "It'll all be okay sweety."

Cake and Fionna both looked away as the two kissed, and Fionna coughed.

"We'll go report this too Gumball for you, and we'll make sure this doesn't happen again!" Fionna said happily, and the cute couple both nodded, before they were to get to work.

"Let's go cake!" Fionna said, as she jumped on her sister's back, and headed off to the Candy Kingdom to go talk with Gumball...

The two looked around on their way back, they noticed that things that were normally red, were turned grey. Fionna wondered what could have possibly happened, was some one sucking the red out of everything? She needed to get to the bottom of this...

"Fionna, look!" Cake pointed at the Candy Kingdom. There was a sobbing Candy cane lady, who had lost the red in her swirl, and some of the pink frosting had been half drained off the castle walls.

"Fionna! I'm so glad you're here!" Gumball said, as he tried to calm his citizens down. "This morning, we woke up, and the pink and red was drained...

"What could do this?" Fionna asked, as she hopped off her sister.

"I'm not sure..." Gumball said, looking distressed, before something seemed to click in his mind. "Wait... all the red...?" He looked like he was thinking hard. "To the Kitchen Lab!" He said, pointing to the castle. Cake stretched the three of them up to the balcony, and they went inside.

"Here..." Gumball grabbed one of his large cook books, and began flipping through it.

"I'm going to see if my Mono is alright." Cake said, as she went to the door.

"Lord Mono is Black and white..." Fionna said, confused for a moment, before she clicked together, that Cake just wanted to go see her boyfriend... must be nice to have one...

"Here it is!" Gumball said, and put the book on the counter. Fionna walked over, and looked at the recipe.

"... Vampire Candy?" She asked curiously.

"Yes, it's like a jaw breaker, with a never ending red color in it. No matter how long you suck on it for, it never get smaller, and never looses it's color... this recipe was created, so Vampire's could feed forever."

"... What's a Vampire?" Fionna asked curiously.

"... It's an evil creature Fionna, they live in the night, and the reason these candies were created, was so that they would stop feeding on the blood of living things!" Gumball said, looking serious. "They're terrible! they can raise the dead, and they cause havoc and mayhem... they're favorite food used to be humans..."

"blood...? humans...?" Fionna asked, and she shuffled her feet a bit, before she puffed out her chest. "Challenge accepted! If there is a Vampire, I won't let it get me! I'll kill it!"

"Fionna, it's very dangerous!" Gumball said, taking her by the shoulders. She blushed softly, as Gumball looked into her eyes so deeply. "You can't... what if it hurts you?"

"But it's taking all the red and pink from everything, Gumball! and your kingdom is mostly pink! Soon this whole place will be grey, like my dress, and the apples at Tree Trunks! I have to stop this Vampire thing from taking all the color red!" Fionna looked proud, and deep down, she was excited to be confronting a new terrifying creature. "Don't worry about me! I'm tough stuff!"

"... Okay..." Gumball said, looking worried, "But be careful... Vampires are undead... which means it's almost impossible to get rid of one.. they can be burned by the sunlight, or staked in the heart!"

"Okay, I'll catch it, and tie it up, to let it burn in the sun!" Fionna said happily, and she took off to go find her sister. "See you later PG! I'll come by tonight with this vampire thing, and we can burn it together!"

"... Well... I don't know about burning it..." Gumball said, looking nervous as he stood in his kitchen. He looked at his cook book, and had an idea. He quickly got to work.

"It's almost night time, Cake." Fionna said, as she sat on top of her tree house. They had decorated it with red stuff they still had, and Fionna even wore a red sweater, hoping to lure this vampire thing to them, so they could catch it.

"... I don't get it... in all the books I read, Vampires are romantic, and sweet..." Cake said, thinking, "I guess that's fiction for you though..."

"Yeah, I trust Gumball way more than stupid books." Fionna said, as she gripped her sword in her hand. She was sitting cross legged on top of their house, ready to jump up at a moments notice. "He said they burn in sunlight, and that they're just evil!"

"You'd believe what ever Gumball tells you." Cake said.

"No I wouldn't...!" Fionna said, blushing a bright red, as she kept a look out.

The sun slowly set behind the horizon, and the moon took over lighting up the night sky, Fionna felt her stomach grumble, and she looked at her sister, who kept a well trained cat eye on the skies and ground, she sure could see in the dark.

"I'm going to go inside, and get something to eat." Fionna said happily, as she remembered her cupcake she missed out on eating this morning. "Will you be okay? Want anything?"

"I'm alright, you go eat." Cake said with a bright smile to her sister. Fionna nodded her head, and climbed down the ladder, and went inside. She headed over to the kitchen, when she heard a gust of wind. "... huh... a window must be open." She said, and looked around, before she walked over to the fridge. She pulled it open, and grabbed her cupcake out of it. She smiled as she smelled the sweetness of it. She pulled the wrapper off, and was just about to take a bite, when the candles were all blown out. "Huh...?" She heard another gust of wind, and something knocked over in the kitchen. "Wh-whose there?!" she shouted, and she felt her cupcake be snatched from her hand, with the brush of cool fingers touching hers. "HEY! MY CUPCAKE!" She shouted, and grabbed her sword off her back. It was dark in the house, but the moonlight streamed in through the window, lighting it up a bit as her eyes adjusted. "Show yourself you ugly vampire!"

"Hey... who you calling ugly...?" A cool smooth voice asked, a hint of laughter in his tone. it seemed to float around her, but she couldn't see anything. She stepped further into the moonlight, to see better, she could make out everything in the kitchen, but no monster. "You haven't seen me yet... how do you know I'm ugly...?"

"... Cause you're evil. Evil thing's are ugly!" Fionna said, and the cool laughter filled the room.

"That's not true... lots of things that are evil, and very good looking, that's how they lure you in..." the voice was in her left ear. It sent chills down her spine, but there was a fluttering inside her stomach, and her cheeks flushed red. "... My... what a pretty color in those cheeks... they look delicious..."

She felt something push her back down to the floor. Her sword fell to the side with a clatter, and she looked up, there was nothing above her, nothing around her.

"Sh-show yourself! What are you?! scared?!" Fionna shouted at the empty room.

"Not at all... It's just fun to tease cuties like you. " Something formed in the moonlight, it was a guy. He was tall and slender, dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, and a red plaid shirt. His eyes shone red, his cool blue skin reflected the moonlight, and he had shaggy black hair, but it was still styled. A smirk crossed the handsome creatures face, showing off sharp canines, that glinted in the moonlight. Her breath had been taken away by his appearance, and her stomach was still fluttering.

"Hey, My name's Marshall Lee, and you're in my house."