"Ouch! My cheek meat!" Marshall Lee yelled when Fiona threw a punch at him. She giggled and slapped him playfully.

"Ow, Fiona! Stop!" he flinched away from her and Fiona heard Cake giggling behind her. She flicked him on the side of his head and giggled, jumping down from the tombstone they were sitting on. "Hey, hold up!" Marshall called after her. "It's getting light out, I can't go anywhere!" Fiona stuck her tongue out at him and took a huge blanket out of her backpack and threw it to him.

"You're flipping welcome!"

Marshall sighed and held the blanket above his head, making a shadow over the skin that was showing so the sun would not touch him. He floated down to Fiona and ruffled at her hat. "You think I could stay over until the sun goes down?" he asked her in this stupid smooth voice that made Fiona blush but also want to punch him in the stomach.

"Yeah, sure, fine." she sighed and began to walk home with Cake on her heels, not even checking if Marshall was following or not. She could hear him mumbling under his breath whenever the blanket came close to falling off and a risk of getting some sun. When they got back to the tree house, he closed all the shades and windows, so the house could only be lit by artificial light.

Fiona fumbled around for light switches or any gas lamps, any source of light at all and groaned in frustration from not being able to find anything. At one point she banged her toe against... something, and stumbled forward. She felt arms catch her and she steadied herself. The lights finally turned on, she say Marshall standing in front of her, laughing. She growled and punched him on the arm. Jeez, he's such a jerk. But, he is my friend. Fiona thought to herself then sat down on the couch, asking Beemo to project the screen so she could play Kompy's Kastle, immersing herself in the game and paying no attention to Cake or Marshall Lee.

A few minutes passed and she heard Cake fumbling around in the kitchen, turning on the stove and humming a song. Who knew what she was cooking now? Fiona faintly heard a bass join into Cake's tune, eventually they blew into full on harmony, all the while cooking. The house began to smell like pancakes, and Fiona smiled, putting down her controller and staring at the batter that was slowly forming in the pan.

"Ooooh!" she giggled. Cake smiled and rubbed her hands together. "Heck yes!"

Fiona heard a sigh coming from behind her. She turned around, slightly annoyed, hands on her hips, and stared at Marshall Lee. "What's up?"

Marshall sighed again. It was a long, dramatic noise. "Oh, nothing. Just bored is all." he flashed her a devilish smile. "Could do with... fun." Fiona scoffed at that and threw an extra controller at him, knowing he'd catch it.

"I'll race you!" she said, starting up a racing game.

"I'll beat you."

They were only able to play long enough to cover the race track once, before the lights around them flickered and shot out. "Oh, glob dangit!" Cake said, peeking out the window. "There's a storm coming, I guess it shot out the power. Now I can't finish these pancakes!" she huffed and plopped onto the couch after Fiona got up and rummaged through the cabinets.

"Well, hey." she smiled, holding up candles and matches. "Lucky we got these!"

With the help of Cake, she placed the candles all around the room and lit them one by one, beginning to hear rain splatter on the roof and see small shocks of lightning far off in the distance. Marshall chuckled and floated next to Fiona, who was still lighting candles.

"Trying to seduce me now, are you?" he whispered in her ear playfully.

Fiona scoffed. "Yeah, you wish!"

Marshall played with the candle flame, twirling his fingers around the flame and touching it lightly. He was mesmerized by the flame for some reason, Fiona didn't know what. She stayed quiet and watched him. He looked so intense and junk, all playing with fire.

"I haven't been in the sun for so long." he said suddenly. "This is as close as I can get." he stared for a few moments longer then laughed it off, floating around the house in its new dim light.

Cake then mentioned that she was going to go to the bedroom and read, she wanted peace and quiet in the rain. While climbing up the ladder, she winked at Fiona and gave a thumbs up. Fiona had no clue what that was all about, but gave a smile anyway.

Marshall Lee began strumming at his bass again after that, humming the tune he had sung earlier at the party they had gone to. Fiona giggled and hummed along with him, swaying around the room. The vampire boy floated around her in circles, getting in close to her ear and he whispered "I'm a bad little boy." Fiona blushed slightly, trying to shake off what she knew he was doing. They had cleared this before, sort of.

Fiona sighed and shook her head, sitting on the couch. Marshall hovered next to her, chuckling. "You totally like me, just admit it, Fi."

Fiona growled. "Do not!" she blushed. "You so wish! Dude, I know you're trying to mess with me, because clearly, you like me!" Marshall Lee winked at her and floated to the bookshelf, where a few movies that they had found throughout the years were stacked.

"Let's just watch a movie, kay?"

Fiona growled through her teeth "Fine."

He smirked and put the tape into Beemo's video player, pressed the 'play' button and sat next to her on the couch as the light projected into a larger screen.