When Fionna was dropped back down onto the ground, she looked around for Marshall Lee. She saw him floating around, strumming at his guitar and humming quietly. Occasionally he would send her sideways glances that lingered for a few moments, before blinking and looking away. Fionna sighed and swayed to the music, rocking herself on her toes. Her eyes were closed and she hummed, reaching her hands up, up, up, twirling her fingers and pulling her hat off, letting her hair flow down to her knees. Fionna sighed and ran her fingers through the roots of her hair.

Fionna felt a breath on her ear, and she shivered. She turned and saw Marshall Lee behind her, he floated closer to her and whispered in her ear.

"Dance with me," he moved around her and smirked, making Fionna giggle and blush. He tugged onto her hand, pulling her around him. Fionna was frozen, staring up at him. Marshall moved and set his hand around her waist, resting them on the small of her back. He moved her closer and gave her a quick smooch on her cheek, making Fionna blush even deeper. Marshall Lee swayed her around to the music, now a slow, romantic tune. Fionna sighed and rested her head against his shoulder. It felt like they were dancing alone, as if nobody was in the room aside from them.

She was right, of course, they were dancing alone. They were in fact, the only two people who were dancing then. The other guests fanned out to give them room, watching and "aww"-ing at the couple. Marshall Lee and Fionna both payed no attention to those around them, immersed in each other.

"Oh my gosh!" Fionna heard one of the candy people gasp. She turned to see Prince Gumball standing behind her, a grave look on his face. Fionna let go of Marshall Lee, turning to face Gumball instead.

"Gumball..." she started, but was cut short.

"Fionna, don't." Marshall Lee interrupted her and stepped closer to Prince Gumball. He clenched and unclenched his fists over and over, narrowing his eyes. The Prince stood motionless, staring at him with a blank expression. "What do you want now?" Marshall spat at him.

Gumball raised his hands over his head, in an attempt to show mercy. "I do not want any trouble." he whispered, looking down at his feet. He seemed to be sobered up now after his little nap. Marshall Lee's expression softened, his muscles relaxing. The Prince continued to speak. "I am aware now that Fionna does not have romantic feelings for me. I think I may have known for a while now, but I chose to ignore the fact." he sighed and spoke to Fionna now. "I am deeply sorry for throwing myself at you, Fionna."

She smiled. "It really is okay, PG. I know you weren't in your right mind. It's totes cool now."

Prince Gumball looked up and grinned. "Awesomesauce!" he laughed. "I'm glad y'all aren't mad at me and such." he glanced at Marshall, who gave him a small smile. Gumball moved next to Cake now. "Sorry for the interruption." he smiled sheepishly. "Continue... dancing." he swallowed, taking a deep breath.

Marshall Lee smiled and wrapped his arms around Fionna again, twirling her around the room. The other guests laughed and danced too, the song changing to a happier tune.

There was a sudden amount of light in the room, more than there had been in days. Outside the window, the sun was just rising. The people cheered in excitement, finally able to go outside again! Marshall Lee winced and stopped dancing, moving into the shadows. Fionna was confused for a moment, then finally made the connections. She sat down next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

"It's okay," she smooched him on the cheek. All the other people in the house went outside, leaving the two of them alone for the time being. Fionna smiled brightly at him, and he sighed, leaning against her.

"I miss the sun." he whispered, twirling a strand of Fionna's hair. Light reflected off it, making it shimmer. "This is as close as I can get." he grinned at her, and she giggled.

Fionna stared at Marshall Lee, smiling. He chuckled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Fionna knew what was coming, but didn't move. She wanted to preserve this moment for as long as possible. They sat there, staring at each other, giggling and smiling.

Then, they kissed.

Author's note: so yay for crappy writing! I've never written any fanfiction before, I hope it was somewhat acceptable? I apologize for the quick ending, I just couldn't find anywhere else to do with it. I was going for a super overly dramatic ending. Hope you liked it?