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Chapter Ten: Pregnant: Mickey Smith

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"Well…. That went well." The Doctor said drawing out the sentence as he and Rose were walking in the park -hand in hand- near the Powell estate. Rose just snorted beside him.

"Suuuure." Rose Tyler said looking at the love of her life. "Of course it could have been worse." Snuggling up against The Doctor's shoulder Rose sighed in contentment. The Doctor walked to a nearby bench and sat down on it pulling Rose on his lap. Leaning back against the bench he looked up at the beautiful blue sky, for a split second he felt sorrow and wished he was back on Gallifrey, but that would never happen again, for his home planet was destroyed and he was the one who did it. The Doctor immediately snapped open his eyes and his hands went protectively to his sleeping lover and unborn child. Brown eyes locked with Brown eyes.

Sighing to himself the Doctor sat up and patted a spot on the bench next to him. Mickey Smith just shook his head. He'd rather stand.

"You ruined my life, Doctor. First you take Rose away from me for a year where I was a murder suspect. But did you care? No you did not. Second she leaves with you and that cheesy Captain dude, which I was alright with because even though he is Captain of the innuendo squad I trust her more with him than you. He knew to keep the hands of the blond. I thought there was still hope for Rose and me, but it appears not. You've not only made her fall in love with you but you also planted your alien sperm inside her. But she's happy and if she's happy than I'm happy. Even if she is happy with you."

Stunned at the sudden outburst the Doctor just sat there watching until he realized he should say something. "Thank you Mickey. It'll mean the world to her that you're happy." Mickey just nodded and turned around walking away. The Doctor just watched him walk away and disappear from view. The Doctor had a sudden feeling that that would be the last time he'd ever see Mickey Smith again, for he could sense something coming, a storm was coming and he hoped against all odds that he could protect his family and loved ones from it.

Looking down to where Rose laid sprawled on the bench the Doctor lent down and kissed his sleeping wife on the forehead. He leant back up and settled back against the bench and watching people walk by. Pulling Rose closer to him his thoughts went back to earlier that morning and Jackie's reaction to Rose's pregnancy. The Doctor couldn't help but get a cocky look on his face. Oh Jackie Tyler, wait until you find out that I married your daughter.

The End (This is the end of the Pregnant Saga)

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