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He still couldn't believe it. He was a dad, a father. He was responsible for another person's life besides his own. Danny loved his family immensely and he would do anything for any of them. But now he would lay his life down if he had to in order to protect this new life.

As he held his newborn son in his arms for the first time, he was in awe that he had a role (a very important one at that!) in creating something so amazing. The next 18 years were already being planned in his head. Where he'd be sent to school, what sport he'd be allowed to play, where he'd go to college or what he would do for a job.

He knew that his family would be begging to see the newest grandchild. However Linda had insisted that they stay home and they could all visit once the three of them arrived home. Danny knew his son would be doted on and spoiled and by his family. There was just no way he wouldn't be.

Danny's gaze returned to his beloved wife. The pregnancy hadn't been easy on her and it pained him to see hurt in any way. As hard as the past nine months had been on her, labor had been just as rough. He was by her side entire time. Now watching her sleep, he couldn't imagine loving her more then he does right now.

He is brought back to reality when he feels a tight grip on his fingers. As he looks into his son's eyes, Danny finds himself praying that he can keep the silent promises he is making.