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"I am never drinking ever again," Elena mumbled to Bonnie. The two had stayed over Caroline's house, who had left about an hour before the girls woke up.

"Shh," Bonnie groaned, clearly feeling the effects of last night as well.

Elena rubbed her eyes and stood from the couch, headed towards the kitchen for something to drink. As she poured herself a glass of orange juice, she found pink post-it on the counter and smiled, that had always been Caroline's signature. "Text me when you wake up. You're in deep shit. Deep," the note stated. Elena thought for a moment, wondering what she had done before panicking.

"Bonnie!" she called.

"What?" Bonnie groaned in response.

"Bon, what the hell did I do last night?"

Bonnie sat up, "Well, come take a seat."

"Oh shit," Elena muttered.

"Yeah, oh shit. So you were far past tipsy, and we were dancing. Some guy bought you a drink, you started dancing with him, and then all of a sudden he was on top of you and you didn't seem to mind."

Elena's jaw dropped, "Oh my God. I cheated on Damon! Damon! I have to go see him!" she nearly screamed, already looking for her car keys.

"Wait," Bonnie said, grabbing her arm. "Theres more."

Elena was on the verge of tears, "Well, just rip the bandaid off."

"Damon called you, and you were confused, and you told him you made out with whats his face. And then he called you a slut and hung up," Bonnie winced, not wanting to see Elena's face.

Elena broke. She sat back down and cried, feeling so beyond guilty. After about 5 minutes she collected herself. "I'm gonna go home and change and take a ride over. They don't have visiting hours today but hopefully they'll make an exception."


Damon woke up with a soreness in his wrist and had to think about why before he fully woke up. He had to hide it. There was no way he would let them find out, he was supposed to be going home in two weeks, this would set him back at least a month. He found the screw and put it back in place, and looked at his next mission, the white sheets, stained with red specks of blood. After contemplating for a few minutes he remembered something from his childhood. Stefan's bloody noses. He had one nearly every week in the winter, and it was the perfect excuse. Damon looked in the mirror, and punched himself straight in the nose, which began to bleed directly over the stains. He wanted to laugh at what his life had become, punching himself in the face to stay out of trouble. He would tell the nurses he fell or something, they wouldn't suspect a thing. When the bleeding slowed down a bit he went into the hall, going to the health office. "Damon Salvatore, fell on floor and now stuck with a bloody nose," he announced, walking into the room.

"Those damn floors," the nurse responded with a smile, giving him tissues and an ice pack.

"Can I bring my sheets in here to wash them? They're all bloody now, I sat on the bed for a minute," he explained.

"Just go to the nurses' station, they'll set you right up."

"Thank you," Damon said, exiting the office. "Lexie!" he called to the nurse, who was watching the clock tick. Her 12 hour shift had started at 11 last night, so she had about 3 hours left.

"Good morning sunshine! How you feeling?"

Damon sighed, thinking for the first time that day why he had done that in the first place last night. "I'm alright. She cheated on me."

"Ouch. Well, she's been calling all morning, she's hoping we'll make an exception and let her visit."

"Nope. Please don't let her; I don't want to see her right now."

"I think you should. Don't let it linger Damon, I'll only let her stay an hour or two. If she's trying to make this right you should give her a chance," Lexie pleaded.

Damon rolled his eyes, "You're right."

"Usually am! I'll give her a call back now," Lexie said, picking up the phone.

"Thanks. And can you have someone send me new sheets? Huge fight with the floor this morning, blood all over mine."

Lexie laughed, "Sure thing hun."

"Thank you," Damon said, walking away. He was nervous now to see Elena, he had never been upset with her, it was always the other way around.


Elena walked out of the shower and quickly pulled her hair into a messy side braid, she didn't care about being formal, she just needed to see him. She found yoga pants and one of his sweatshirts which she put on over a sports bra. After slipping into flip flops and leaving Jeremy a note, she was out the door. 20 minutes later, she walked to the nurses station to sign in. "Hi, I'm Lexie," the woman greeted her.

"Oh hi! Thank you so much for letting me come in, I promise it wont be too long."

"Not a problem, I get off at 11 and the nurse after me wont mind either. We just don't like too many loud people here. Good luck!"

"Thanks," Elena said, faking a smile before knocking on his door.

"Hey," he stiffly said before walking back to his bed.

"Hey back," Elena said in a flirty tone, trying to gauge his mood.

"Cut the crap. We need to talk. Close the door, and sit down," Damon said, motioning to the desk chair, he meant business.

Elena nodded, closing the door behind her. "Damon, I just need to say I am so so-" she began to choke up, tears welling in her eyes, "I am so sorry," she finished before surrendering to the tears.

Damon sighed, refusing to look at her for a minute. "Listen, you have no right to be crying right now, so you need to stop. Stop crying, and when you can do that we'll talk."

Elena pulled herself together, took a deep breath and nodded. "Okay, lets talk."

"So tell me what happened when you stormed out of here yesterday. Before you start I do wanna apologize for that. I was a dick. I just hate seeing you like that and I wanted you to smile but that was selfish and wasn't what you needed in the moment. I'm sorry. But what happened when you left?"

"Its fine, I totally overreacted. I was mad and called Caroline for a girls day. We went shopping and got new dresses and stuff, then we went to her house to get ready. I pre-gamed it with like 3 swigs of vodka, so probably the equivalent of 3 or 4 shots, all in 20 minutes. So I was pretty bad when we got to the club, where I drank more. I was dancing with the girls, a guy bought me a drink, I danced with him, and it all went downhill from there. We ended up making out on the chairs, and I was too drunk to care. I honestly didn't mean it. I just wanted a night to forget everything after the past couple of weeks, and I guess I forgot too much. I love you Damon, not Kol."

Damon had sat quietly, glaring at the floor as she spoke until she said the name Kol. "What did the guy look like?"

"Who, Kol?" she asked. Damon nodded, eager to know. "Why does it matter; its over."

"Just answer the question."

"Alright, well he was ripped. His arms were huge, he was a little taller than you, dark hair-" she managed to say before he interrupted her.

"Unbelievable," Damon muttered, chuckling to himself.

"Damon, I said I was sorry, I didn't mean it!"

"Elena, do you remember in the seventh grade when that new kid came for like a week, then transferred back to his little private school?" She nodded before her jaw dropped. "Wasn't his name Kol Mikaelson? And wasn't he tall and awkward with dark hair?" She nodded.

Elena burst into laughter before getting a hold of herself, "This so isn't funny! Oh my God! That was him!"

Damon laughed with her, "Its kinda funny that it was him, he had a thing for you then too. But alright, time to get serious."

Elena nodded, ready to see her fate. "I regret every move I made yesterday Damon, and I don't expect you to forgive or forget my behavior immediately, but I am so beyond sorry, and it was very alcohol controlled. I still love you, and I think we're crazy to throw this away just because I made one stupid drunk mistake."

"I love you too, but you completely shattered me last night."

Elena looked up and said in the quietest tone he had ever heard come from her, "Damon, can I see your wrist?"

Damon sighed, "I want so badly to be mad at you for asking me that, but I did." He rolled up his sleeve, revealing a series of short thin cuts, which were an improvement on what once marked his arms.

Elena began to cry again, "This is all my fault, you're not gonna be home for Christmas now-" she broke off in sobs.

Damon walked over to pick her up, and brought her to sit on the bed with him where he, let her head fall on his shoulder. He rubbed her arms up and down with his hands, trying to soothe her. "They don't know, and they don't need to. I want to forget everything that has happened in the past 24 hours. Please."

Elena looked up, still crying but now with a smile. "You mean, you aren't gonna leave me?"

Damon kissed the top of her head, "Nah, I'd miss you too much. You were drunk. Obviously you're sorry. I forgive you. But no more clubs for my Laney," he whispered.

"No more clubs for me is right," she said before pulling him into a kiss.

"Have I mentioned I love when you wear my clothes?" he asked, referring to his hoodie.

Elena blushed, "Only every time I wear them."

"Are you on the pill?" he asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

"Yeah, cause that would go over great. 'Hey dad! I have a boyfriend and now I want to take birth control. But no, we are completely abstinent.' He would flip. Why do you ask?"

"Because I don't have anything here and you are so hot right now and to be completely honest I just want to have sex with you right now Miss. Gilbert."

Elena laughed, "Well I'm sorry, but I am not risking little spawns of us running around. I refuse to be on 16 and pregnant."

"Would you ever want kids?" he asked.

"Absolutely, one day. I would want to be in a happy marriage and in a good financial state and everything, but yeah, of course I want kids. You?"

"Well, if you want them, of course I want them. Whatever you want, Little Gilbert."

Elena laughed, "How did I get so lucky?"

There was a tap on the door before it creaked open. "Miss. Gilbert, I'm sorry but you can only stay another few minutes, the manager is making the rounds and this is against the rules."

"Not a problem, thank you so much for even letting me come," she said, hopping off the bed.

"I'm just gonna walk her to the car," Damon said, slipping on his shoes.

"Don't run away on us Salvatore," Lexie said with a smile before walking away.

Damon wrapped his arms around Elena's waist, holding her to him. "I don't want you to leave," he whined.

"I know. Two more weeks," she said simply before picking up his wrist and kissing it, just as she had done before he left.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered, referring to the inside and out.

"I love you. Thank you for putting up with the shittiest girlfriend of all time," she said as they walked hand in hand towards the exit of the building.

"I love you too, and thank you for putting up with a mentally unstable, overprotective and extremely insensitive boyfriend."

Elena laughed, "We really are quite the pair."

"We are," he replied as they neared the car. He pushed her against her door, kissing her as deeply as he could. "One more week, then I'll see you again." She cut him off, kissing him again. His hands travelled lower and lower from their original spot around her waist until they rested on her hips. "Elena Gilbert, I am taking your virginity when I get home whether you like it or not," he said simply, in barely more than a whisper. "Okay well no, only if you want to. I'm not pressuring you into anything, that sounded like rape. I'm sorry I'm tying to be sexy," he rambled apologetically.

Elena laughed, "I'm yours, and you don't have to try. Goodbye Damon," she said, giving him a final kiss before climbing into the car.

While she sat and fiddled with her mirrors, he breathed onto the window, writing "I 3 U" before tapping the glass. She smiled, blew him a kiss and pulled out of the lot.

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