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Broken Vows and Broken Bottles

The room was dimly lit where he sat, and, he was ok with that. Though his eyes hurt from the tiredness that tried to claim him, he had decided to try and get drunk. As was evident by the empty bottles of rum that littered the floor around him. Not for the first time did he curse the special super soldier serum he had been given all those years ago.

He had thought life was ok, he had been happy, or at least he thought he was. It had taken him a bit to get used to living in the 21st century, it had been so very different, from his own time. But with the help of his team, he had learned to use cell phones, computers and the internet. He even thought he had fallen in love. Well, he supposed he had falling in love, just not with who he thought he had. Steve shook his head, how in the space of 2 years had his life gotten so fucked up? He had thought life had been bad pre serum, during the war, losing Bucky...Ok well losing Bucky was one of the worst things that had ever happened, but he would gladly go back to pre-serum Steve, if it meant the horrors currently plaguing his life would suddenly vanish.

So he sat, on the couch in Stark tower, wishing like hell to all deities, that he could get drunk. Just simply so he could dull the pain of everything that had happened. The worst part, and the part Steve was really trying hard, not to admit to himself, was that, whatever was going on, was about to get much worse.

The door to the room burst open, Steve raised his head to stare at the backlit figure, he had hoped it would be Tony, he needed his best friend.

So much had happened in the last few days, he needed to talk to Tony about, but he couldn't. Steve knew it wasn't Tony at the door. Tony was gone. Julie was gone, only Steve remained, and somehow that had turned out to be the way life went for him. His stomach turned at the thought, he was the only one left. He had somehow survived the war in ice, slept while every one he had ever known and loved had died. Steve was the only one left. He felt the despair take hold of his heart and made a grab for a half empty bottle of whisky, he had switched when the rum had ran dry, sitting next to him.

"Come on big guy," Clint said, grabbing Steve by the arm and hoisting him from the seat. The bottle of amber liquid fell to the floor and spilled out, Tony was going to be mad when he found out.

"Damn," Steve said, not really paying attention to Clint.

"You smell Rogers, time to get up and look for Tony."

"We already know where he is...The witch has him."

"Thats not where he is, that, is who has him. Now we need to find the witch, and get him back." Clint, didn't wait for Steve to say anything. Instead he threw Captain America over his shoulder and trudged rather laboriously to Steve's room. Steve was a super soldier after all, he wasn't exactly light, it gave him great pleasure to know that Clint had struggled to carry him. His pre-serum body would have been nothing for Clint to carry. He probably could have thrown him across the room, in all honesty, so even though Steve really wished he could get drunk, the benefits of super solider serum out weight scrawny sick pre-serum Steve.

Clint kicked in the door to the bathroom, turned the water on and dumped Captain America rather unceremoniously into the cold spray of water. Steve yelped at the icy spray, it may have been a warm october day but an ice shower was unnecessary.

"Clean up and get dressed, Cap. We have a mission." Steve heard the bathroom door close and knew he was alone. The sound of the shower filled his ear and he stood to remove his clothing. The sopping wet mess that they were, thanks to Clint, were thrown into the corner of the room. With Clint gone, the silence in the tower crashed down around him. The Shower having turned warm, with the twist of a few knobs, beat down on his shoulders, only adding more sorrow to the already heavy shoulders. He felt like Atlas, holding the world on his shoulders. At least Atlas had been a god, Steve was just a man, a man out of time and place, that the world felt really needed to be pushed to a breaking point. Steve had to admit, he was fast reaching his break, if the world didn't somehow right itself soon, Steve was going to lose it.

At least the shower felt good on his weary body.

Showered, shaved and ready for action, that was what Steve Rogers looked like. But that was not how he felt. They had been looking for Tony for a week. One whole week they had been without Iron Man. It felt like a lifetime to Steve. He missed his best friend. Tony and Steve had had a hard time getting on even ground in the beginning. It had been hard for Steve to look at Tony, who's eyes so like his father held nothing of man he had known. He had assumed the files that S.H.E.I.L.D had on Tony were correct, that he was selfish, self-center, self righteous, Self-entitled, pompous and pretty much stuck up and useless to world. Steve had made a rash decision on the man and decided he didn't like him. He had been very wrong, and learned that while he was indeed NOTHING like Howard Stark, he was so much better then the man of Steve's past. It had taken them a few weeks to overcome the hurtful things they had both said to each other, but they had. Their tempers for one another subsided and they found an easy camaraderie after a few months. It had been almost 2 years since they had become friends. Steve wanted his friend back.

The Events of the last month amazed Steve, some of it had lead up to the capture of his friend and some was just part of the shit storm Steve had somehow found himself in. To say Steve was having a bad month, was the understatement of the world.

One month ago Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye had met their match. A woman in a suit very much like Tony's only more feminine and green and silver, known now as the Iron Witch, had shown up. Her tech looked like Tony's; she had a reactor, the light was green though and in the shape of a sideways 8, Tony had said it was a symbol for infinity. Steve, had seen it before in his math lessons in school but didn't know much about it.

The day that she had shown up had been a day like any other, which was why they were light on Avengers. Black Widow was on assignment abroad, doing god only knew, well god and Furry. The Hulk was hidden somewhere inside Bruce who had taken off to parts of the world, unknown to Steve, and Thor was back on Asgard.

The Iron Witch had out matched all 3 of them fairly easily. Steve probably could have done some damage to her suit, if he could have gotten close enough, the ground around him had shook so much and moved every time he got close to her, Iron Man was out gunned and out technologied at every turn.

The woman in the suit had a vast knowledge of the working of Tony's suit and it unsettled him. Hawkeye's arrows couldn't penetrate a her suit, he had wasted a great number of arrows before Steve had called a pull back and tried to re-group. But that had been when the Witch vanished.

They didn't know who she was, where she came from, what she wanted, or why she appeared to possess Stark technology.

That day had been the day his world started to fall apart. They had returned battered and beat, and tired as hell. But the tiredness had evaporated as soon as Tony had started working on figuring out who the witch was. His crazed desire to find the woman responsible for their latest beat down, had spurred both Clint and Steve into not slowing down as well. But as the two more burtish Avengers, Clint and he hadn't had much to do. Steve wanted to help, but with his vast lack of knowledge in all things technology, Steve had decided that he would hit the gym and not only train, but help get some of rage out. That was perhaps the worst choice, he had ever made.

He had stood outside the door, frozen as if back in ice. Listening to the voices on the other side exchanging angry words. He knew the voices, very well. One was Clint, who had, it would seem the same ideas of training as he had. He had not been shocked to hear Clint in the gym, it had been the other voice that had caused him to stop.

"Steve around?" she had asked.

"Oh, Mrs. Rogers, no, last I saw, Steve and Tony were in with Fury." Clint had said after a rather loud clatter, giving Steve the idea that Julie had startled the assassin, it wasn't many that could sneak up on Clint.

"Good," she purred, her voice was low and seductive, a vibrato Steve only ever heard a few times, in the bedroom.

"Um, Mrs. Rogers, what are you..."

"Oh relax Clint, no one will ever know." Steve wished the door had a window so that he could see what was happening, but perhaps it was better that he couldn't. The blood that ran through his veins was ice cold as he stood rooted to the spot, marveling at how fucked up his day was turning out to be.

"But I will, Steve is a very good friend of mine, I won't hurt him like that." A small smile spread across Steve's face, lightly melting some of the ice in his blood. Clint was a good man, he was lucky to call him a friend. But his smile faltered as he heard Julie's laugh; high, cold and completely humorless.

"Steve would not be hurt," She croaked through her laughter. This confused Steve though, he did not understand why she would think he would not be hurt to find out that his wife and friend were sleeping together, because Steve was sure that was what she was after Clint for.

"He's too busy staring at Tony's ass and pretending he doesn't love a man, to be bother by my little indiscretions." Steve's brow furrowed at his wife's words, he did love Tony, very much, but not the way she was implying, and he'd never even noticed Tony's ass. Well, ok, maybe that was a lie, but he hadn't thought anyone had noticed.

"Why are you just now bothered by this?" Clint asked, "You and Steve have been married for almost a year, Tony and Steve have been ignoring their attraction for one another since long before you and he married. Nothing in that time has changed between him and Tony, and I doubt it ever will." Clint finished.

"So you know that Tony and Steve have feelings for each other?"

"We all know Mrs. Rogers, well all accept Steve and Tony. They do seem to be rather oblivious to each others feelings. But we also know how much Steve loves you."

"Loved." Steve said as he stepped out from behind the door. Clint looked happy to see him. Truth be told Hawkeye probably knew he was there the whole time. Julie had at least enough sense to look somewhat ashamed.

"Steve!" She gasped, feigning innocence with the bat of her lashes, a move that had worked on him in the past.

"We are done Julie," He said, dismissing her and walking over to the punching bags. Turning his back on the small woman he laid into the offending sand filled bag. He was trying not to lose his temper, but it wasn't working. Steve Rogers was angry, and he had every right to be. His wife had tried to cheat on him, with someone he had considered a very good friend.

Steve hadn't thought anything was wrong with his marriage. They talked all the time, they went on dates when they could, they both had very time consuming jobs after all. SHIELD kept Steve busy at all hours of the day and night when a threat to the planet was impending. Julie was an engineer at Stark Enterprise working on Iron Man. Tony had been trying to develop a stronger metal, one that could withstand the beating he so frequently got. Julie had been the head engineer which meant keeping hours like Tony, in the hopes of actually keeping up with the genius. Long nights and early mornings were normal in the Rogers house. But he had thought they made the best of it. Date nights when they had the time, lunch dates when they were on the helicarrier together and text messages and phone calls when physical contact couldn't be achieved. It had taken Steve a bit to grasp the concept of cell phones but with the help of Tony, he had learned and had been able to stay in contact with Julie whenever he wanted. He had loved texting because not only was his wife at his fingertips but so was anyone else he needed or wanted to communicate with.

Their sex life wasn't lacking either, at least he didn't think it was. He could be wrong about that, he had after all, never been very good at reading women.

"Steve, wait," Julie said, reaching out for him.

"No, Julie. You and me, It's over." Steve ground out, turning to look at her. Angry blue eyes met fiery green.

Something with in her face flashed for just a second before her face turned cold. Her bright red hair gave the illusion that her head was on fire. The look of cold determination worried Steve, but he was too angry to care. He had just gotten his ass kicked, by an unknown enemy, and found out his wife was trying to cheat. who knew, perhaps she had cheated on him before.

"You'll pay for this Steven Rogers." She swore as she stormed out of the gym. The door swinging and slamming. A heavy silence, punctuated only by the sound of fists smashing into fabric lingered in the air.

"Damn Steve, I'm sorry." Clint said as he gathered his things and left. Leaving Steve to beat out his anger and dwell on his thoughts.

That had been one month ago, life had gone down hill from there.

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