(My kids tell me I am to sweet and I am starting this new story to answer my children's challenge for me to find my inner psychopath. No one will die but by the end everyone will get whumped Muhahahaha)

Lassiter had been trying to get Shawn in the gun range for seven long years. He remembered his last partner claiming that he was an expert shot and he saw Spencer take an amazingly accurate shot at his kidnapper's radiator, while holding onto his hood. He couldn't stand it anymore. He enlisted Henry and Juliet to gang up on him and the three of them finally broke his resolve.

Shawn stood in the cubicle next to Lassiter sighing and fidgeting, he was actually nervous. He worked really hard for people not to see the real Spencer, and now he is going to have to either show them what kind of a shot he is or condemn himself to a lifetime of gloating from Lassie. He shook his head NOTHING is worth putting up with that.

Lassie offered to go first since he held the range record for best shot. He slowly and methodically lined up each shot and with precision unmatched by anyone(until now). He pulled the sheet back and admired his work. Lassiter smugly told Shawn not to feel bad if he cant get his shots as perfect as his.

Shawn rolled his eyes at the older officer and didn't even look at the target, he let of six shots in fast order. He tossed the gun on the table and said, "Can I go now." Lassiter snorted, "You didn't even look at the target, you will be lucky to if you hit it once." Shawn just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Maybe, maybe not, check."

Lassiter rolled his eyes and pushed the button to bring the target back, he could barely believe his eyes. Spencer's target looked exactly like his and he stammered, "What the.. How the hell?"

Shawn plopped down from the counter he was sitting on and said, "Lassie, come on, remember who my Dad is (wrapping an arm around Henry). I was more equipped to be a cop at 11 then most guys are when they leave the academy." Lassiter still couldn't get any coherent words out of his mouth. Shawn smiled at him and patted his shoulder and smugly whispered in his ear, "Hmm maybe that long standing record of yours is no more." He quickly (biting his lips to keep from laughing) left before Lassiter got control of his senses; they were in a gun range after all he didn't want to give Lassie the time to remember that fact and use him as a stand in paper target.

Henry chuckled at his son as they left he told him, "Don't feel bad kid, he is the one who wanted the challenge." Shawn just smiled.

Shawn waited for a minute for Juliet to follow him; he figured she was probably stuck down stairs consoling her partner and his bruised ego.

He looked at his Dad and told him he would see him later and he asked him to tell Jules bye for him.

He walked out of the station still chuckling at the evening's events. He started on off to his apartment on his bike. About 5 minutes down the road he noticed a large black van coming up behind him at a high rate of speed.

He thought to himself, "gesh man you don't have to ride up my butt, I will get over". He barely finished the thought when he felt the impact of the van on him and his motorcycle.

He slid, still on astride his bike, about 20 feet before he came to a painful stop. He tried to stand up but he couldn't. He pulled out his phone and started to text his Dad, HELP911 but before he could finish the message two men came out of the van and he pretended to still be unconscious. The men threw him in the back of the van and took off.

He quickly finished the text in black van, help hurt taken and he managed to touch send, before his captors saw the fact that he was awake and he had a phone.

They pulled to the side of the road. The big angry looking man threw his phone into the road and then bound him with duct tape. He forced Shawn's hands behind his back, causing his shoulders to erupt in pain. They bound his feet as well. Shawn was now completely at the mercy of his captors.

What did they want? What did he do to them? He leaned his head on the floor of the van and pleaded to the heavens for his Dad to have gotten that text and Lassiter not to be so mad at him that he wouldn't come to help.

Henry was about to leave for the night when his phone chirped, announcing he had a text. He saw it was from Shawn and what he read made his heart drop, "Help 911 taken in black van hurt." He was visibly upset. Lassiter noticed as soon as he came up the stairs and he rushed to the elder Spencer's side, "What is wrong? What is going on? What are you looking at?"

Henry didn't speak he just handed Lassiter the phone. "Oh sweet Lady Liberty what has that numbskull gotten himself into now?" He motioned to his partner, "Come one O'Hara we need to go and find your boyfriend." Juliet looked surprised and Henry showed he the text and said, "I don't know what this means detective but I am sure as hell going to find out."

They followed the path Shawn would take to go home and 5 minutes from the station they ran across a black motorcycle in pieces on the side of the road. Lassiter looked at the pieces of the mangled wreckage and just let out an anxious sigh, "O'Hara call for forensics we need to find Spencer now. He has to be seriously hurt after a collision like this."

Henry finally pulled in beside them, when he saw the mangled bike his knees gave way. Luckily Lassiter was there to steady him. Lassiter looked at Henry and assured him, "We will find him, I promise." Henry gave a weak smile to the detective; "I don't doubt you will find him, I just pray you find him alive."

Lassiter squeezed his shoulder, "So do I, so do I" and he walked back to the cruiser to begin to organize the crime scene.